Mar 28, 2011

Good to go…..

It seems to me that many are leaving earlier this season.  Last week we had two unscheduled departures, one due to a family situation and another due to an earlier than expected arrival of a grand baby!!

Adios amigos!

Three RV’s from Tres Amigos #2 left yesterday and today another leaves as well as us but via Durango!  April 1st will see another 5 leave and by mid April perhaps there will be just another 3 left.  Hasta Noviembre everyone!

We are good to go.  Everything is packed, the final beach walk has been taken and the jacks are up and the slides are in!!  If you remember last October 30th we were having mucho problemas in leaving Arizona.  Yesterday afternoon we pulled in the slides and lifted the jacks.  The front left jack would not retract on its own as we had suspected, but with a good deal of prodding, Colin got it up into position.  We just hope the jack stays up there.  By 3:30PM we had moved the RV out of our site, backed in the car and then the RV and hooked it all together.  To err on the side of caution we will not be putting down the jacks or slides out till we get into the USA.

We plan to start the engine by 5:40AM this morning and leave soon thereafter. It will be a very very long day to San Carlos!

My garden gave me a final gift, I've been waiting months for my Desert Rose to bloom. It had a few problems over the past few months from bugs, to transplanting to someone falling on it!!

Thanks for the photo Terri, a great memory of a wonderful winter!

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7 Responses to “Good to go…..”

  1. Enjoy the trip and travel safely!

  2. Marty says:

    Drive carefully-can’t wait to hear of your travels through the US and into B.C. Now we’ll be closer neighbors, at least until November.

  3. Nancy says:

    Have a safe trip, hope you can update us along the way. See you in the fall!

  4. Heriberto says:

    Compadre Colin and Margarita´s singer:
    All the Soberanes family wish to us happy and sure travel; be careful in the way; resting always; good luck.
    Please you send me a message when you arrive to Canada.
    We reading the Contessa blog ; it´s very human and high quality (today we read here about San Carlos place for resting in the international traveler –three countries-, and a beatiful photo to Jewalls –guitar and smile-). Congratulations.
    Isela, Heriberto young, Chris, Payaso (Clown) and Compadre Heriberto.

  5. contessa says:

    Mucho gracias everyone for all the good travel wishes!

  6. Jason says:

    Boy you guys look good here!
    Safe Travels!


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