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Mar 31, 2011

Lukeville US Customs!

I am sending this from a ‘borrowed’ internet connection somewhere in the town of Quartzite, Arizona.  We spent yesterday shopping in Yuma and last night & tonight will be on the BLM lands @ Mile 112 on HWY 95. So to continue my last post, after turning in our Mexican paperwork, we fueled up in […]


Mar 30, 2011

San Carlos/Lukeville/USA!!!

We slept in!!!!  We only left San Carlos at 8:25AM but the rest of our Tres Amigos friends stopped for fuel & Terri & Mike just kept visiting, so adios amigos!!  We passed the prison on the far side of Hermosillo about 10:00AM where we saw a ?? Transito Policia  take down a ‘surfer van’ […]


Mar 29, 2011

Mazatlan to San Carlos!!

We hit the road at 5:55AM and took an hour to do the dreaded road from Tres Amigos to Estrella, 60 minutes for a mere 10 miles or so!!  All the concern re the Mazatlan construction seemed a bit overdone.  The work is just north of Pemex #5432 on HWY 15 near the Ley store. […]


Mar 28, 2011

Good to go…..

It seems to me that many are leaving earlier this season.  Last week we had two unscheduled departures, one due to a family situation and another due to an earlier than expected arrival of a grand baby!! Three RV’s from Tres Amigos #2 left yesterday and today another leaves as well as us but via […]


Mar 27, 2011

Leaving behind…

We noticed Pierre on the beach last season but only got to know him recently.  Pierre is a Canadian from Montreal and has been coming here for about 33 years, since his daughter was four.  His family spent 6 weeks here that first year.  In those days the jungle came right up to the beach. […]


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