Feb 25, 2011

Cali update !

We’ve received a few emails from the Amigos de los Animales Shelter on our MexiCALI Rose. Here is the latest!  Looks like she will be ready for adoption next week so pass the word to your Mazatlan friends.

Hi Contessa

The little girl got her ears cleaned today by Aunties Carol and Sharon. Most of the fleas are gone and worms are being eliminated.  She had lots of both. She is getting a bit more energy and starting to act a little bit more like a puppy.  She is not mixed in with the others yet – not for another week when she could be vaccinated. Please refer anyone interested in an animal to the shelter. The puppies and kittens are just starting to arrive.


Carol and Amigos de los Animales.

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One Response to “Cali update !”

  1. Katie & Louie says:

    Greetings to you all !

    So nice to read about your daily activities . Looks like you are warming up .

    Both Louie and I were so touched over the sad store on the sweet little puppy .
    Please donate $ 50.00 dollars for us to have her spayed BEFORE adaption (we would not want her
    to land up having litter after litter of unwanted , unfortunate puppies , or worse land up in a puppy breeding mill
    after such a poor start –) We will refund you when we see you in April : -) .

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