Jan 31, 2011

Just had to get it…

… a cold that is.  Seems like it has been going around the RV Park, first someone else in this house caught it and now me.  What are the odds of only one half of a couple catching it?

I snapped a photo of this poster the other day...I quite like it!

At least we only caught the one mouse…seems like it was a loner.

Carmeh the mouse sniffer gets her romaine ( she just loves the hard ribs ) as her reward.

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7 Responses to “Just had to get it…”

  1. Marty says:

    We had the flu run around our family over Christmas. Hubby, son and grandson weren’t too sick, although grandson sounded croupy. I got it, but didn’t miss any work (dumb, eh?) but I still have a whistle in my windpipe. The ones that got it worse were the oldest son’s family-one of the 15-year-olds had to go to the emergency room with a bad secondary infection. Everybody’s OK now-hope you are too.

    My mother-in-laws Dachshund loved carrots and celery, and my Westie (the mouse catcher) is nuts about raw potatoes and carrots.

    BTW-I put a link to your blog on mine. You have a lovely perspective on living in paradise.

    • contessa says:

      Still not well but hanging in there. We grate raw carrots and zucchini into the girls kibble at dinner time. Thanks for the link.

  2. Lise says:

    I just love that poster! How true – just think Titanic. As for the mice, you could get the cat critters back. That would help, too! It was -34 this morning. Hmmm,,,,now that’s a cold! Hey, sis, have you heard the latest about Dad? Bye.

  3. Mary says:

    The iceberg picture is always a good reminder…ehh? Drink lots of warm liquids and stay warm…hard to do when it is so cool that you can see your dogs breath in the morning …how can that be, here in Mexico?

  4. Plenty of fluids and lots of rest should help, but then how much more can you drink and rest???

  5. susie says:

    Yes the cold etc. is in Park 2 toooo!! Take care

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