Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Isla!

The residents of the RV Park have contributed over the past few weeks to enable that most residents on the Isla will have a happy Christmas.  From financial donations, to the purchase of raffle tickets, to bringing toys & clothes and to volunteering their time we have created  much happiness.  First many candy stockings were made and distributed by Santa and his elves.

The toy crew gathered the donated toys and separated them according to gender and age.  Families in the need were selected by the locals in the know.  62 children received gifts from Santa!

Another crew of rvers purchased food, sorted it and filled hampers ( in this case reusable tote bags) with dry goods, a chicken, fresh fruit and 50 pesos to spend as they wish. 30 families received food hampers.

Food crew

I think the Tres Amigos residents did an outstanding job.

Tonight the RV Park celebrates with a Christmas fiesta & dinner at a local restaurant.

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  1. Looks like everyone there has dine fantastic job with the Christmas Hampers!

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