Nov 25, 2010

Ejido dispute semi resolved!

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers!

This guy roams the Isla as he wishes!


From the Mazatlan News today:

MAZATLAN .- Finally Barron ejidatarios reached a settlement with the tourist development Estrella de Mar, on the basis of three agreements.

The first was to remove the camp of the ejidatarios in Estrella de Mar and the commitment to not show up again, although the ejidatarios return if negotiations become a “standstill.”
Star of the Sea provided a budget ceiling of 18 to 20 million pesos, yet to be defined, the ejidatarios accepted as a second agreement covering the property that the complex used.
As a third said Estrella de Mar only negotiate with land owners, leaving room for bodies or persons outside Barron.
Tentative date was set Jan. 14 for an upcoming meeting between both parties, due in the holiday season the Land Court stops working for about 15 days.
After the interim agreement, the farmers, blocked up the afternoon, after two days of preventing the passage of tourists and workers.
Before lifting the blockade, the farmers, had several clashes with tourists trying to pass even a couple was almost an accident.
Although ejidatarios repeatedly explained the reason for the blockade, the American tourist couple was traveling in a vehicle with South Carolina plates, do not listen to reason and attacked the farmers.
He argued the driver, before the attack, was that his dog was sick and needed to feed.
The action left no serious injuries, just scratches, bruises and tears of tens of children that were in place.

At night, when he arrived in the entourage that had been sent to the meeting in the Land Court, the farmers, agreed to sue the perpetrators.
Ernesto Pérez Virgin, legal representative of the ejidatarios, highlighted the triumph of dignity and said rural progress was satisfactory for the process.
Stated that the next step is to ask the Supervisory Board to convene an Assembly to appoint the new board of the ejido.
Starfish staff filed a complaint made by ejidatarios blocking Barron on the road between that site and the Isla de la Piedra, preventing access to tourists and workers on their way to the resort.

The agreement
Interim Agreement between ejidatarios and Star of the Sea Barron
Unblocked installed in front of the Sea Star
Estrella de Mar offers to pay between 18 and 20 million pesos in exchange for a property of the ejido.
Estrella de Mar only negotiate with the landowners.
On January 14 there will be a further meeting between both parties.


...and so life returns to normal on Isla de la Piedra....this fellow just way laid back waiting for some business.....

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