Oct 29, 2010


We spent Wednesday the 27th doing nothing but relaxing in the middle of the desert.  Colin played with his new BBQ.

He was delighted.  I  mostly slept.

Sound asleep. When I woke up, I went inside for another nap!!

Enjoyed a lovely sunset followed by a great dinner and some good wine.

Thursday we drove to about 40Kms north of  Nogales and are staying at the DeAnza RV Resort.  This is a lovely park with a locked gate overnight.  It seems safe, clean and is full of great Rvers.  We arrived a day early only to find 2 of our travel buddies already here.  It seems that Beaudry RV in the Tuscon area closed down 2 weeks ago with only 48 hours notice so they also arrived here early.  We shared a drink before sunset Thursday but I was attacked…by mosquitoes!!!

Today, Friday, will be spent with final preparations for the “big” trip. Things like finding a safe place to put the wine so the Mexican authorities don’t find it; things like putting away all the US maps, cell phone, etc and pulling out the Mexican equivalents; things like pulling out all the papers required to cross into Mexico; things like getting some quick meals organized!!!! And just a wee bit of sitting in the warm sun and absorbing all the good things of life!

Colin & John (one of our travel buddies) look like they are working so very hard at all the last minute preparations!!

Our  next post will be from somewhere in Mexico…stayed posted….

Caeli has created a nest under my driving chair, her new den!

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3 Responses to “40 KMS NORTH of the MEXICAN BORDER…”

  1. Hey its all coming together, enjoy the journey (and the wine), safe travels!!

  2. Mary says:

    Pull out your Buzz Away Bug Spray..ward off those squitos…. Love your sunset photo and the fact you are almost to your other home!!!
    Be safe and have fun!

  3. Good luck and safe travels, enjoy the sun and the warmth as well.

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