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Oct 30, 2010

Nogales to San Carlos…

Quite frankly folks…we almost never got here.  Yesterday, Friday the 29th Colin decided to pull the slides in and lift the jacks so he could build some air to inflate our over weighted tires by 3-5 pounds each.  Very very interesting but the front left jack would not go up and then would not go […]

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Oct 29, 2010


We spent Wednesday the 27th doing nothing but relaxing in the middle of the desert.  Colin played with his new BBQ. He was delighted.  I  mostly slept. Enjoyed a lovely sunset followed by a great dinner and some good wine. Thursday we drove to about 40Kms north of  Nogales and are staying at the DeAnza […]


Oct 29, 2010

Mexico/Nogales updates, a mixed bag!

Folks….I add these comments to my blog for your information.  I am not trying to influence you one way or the other but rather hope to give you some facts I have gathered from different areas.  Colin and I are headed to Mazatlan no matter what but at the same time we can’t be responsible […]


Oct 28, 2010

Is it just us or do others travel like this??

We have a friend who just stays in bed when they leave very early in the morning.  He drives and she just stays in bed with the dog and the cat!  Not always but when it is very early AM.  Sounds like a great plan to me but we seem to have too much stuff! […]


Oct 27, 2010

Mexico update and RV update

Regarding the caved in piece of road north of Mazatlan, here is a bit more information I gleamed from another post… …Here’s a report from another forum: I hit it doing about 80 on Friday. Thought for sure I was going to bust a spring on my loaded van. Can’t remember exactly where its at, […]


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