Sep 26, 2010

A time for change….

With September comes a new beginning. Not just the kids going back to school, not just the beginning of fall but a time for the Snowbirds to head South.  The leaves are changing color, the annuals are fading and there is a chill in the air.  The geese are preparing for their long flight south and so are the Rvers.  It is both a sad time and a happy time.  Sad that we are leaving our summer home, saying goodbye to friends and to Canada. But also happy because we will be feeling the heat of the sun soon, meeting old and new friends and probably doing different activities.  It is as if we Rvers lead two lives.  Five to six months abroad during the winter months and the rest of the time back home where ever that is. If you think about it we have two sets of friends, one here and one there, we even eat differently, often focusing on local fruit, produce and seafood.  You won't find Freestone peaches in Mexico nor would you find those sweet baby bananas we seem to devour while there. The flowers and trees are different, the language is foreign, even the breeze smells different. It is always sad to leave home, sometimes we think we should stay here with friends and family.  Yet once we arrive at our winter destination we quickly become a part of the local community.  Once March/April comes around, we become sad again, not wanting to leave our winter friends, many of whom we won't see for 6 months.  Muy triste.  It is a cycle special to winter Rvers often called Snowbirds.  Right now the most often asked question is 'when are you leaving?', soon it will be 'how long are you staying?' And then the cycle repeats itself.  Change!

Colin and I are already counting the sleeps to departure day.  We leave 4 weeks today and in 5 weeks and one day we will all be dipping our toes into the warm Pacific.

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