Aug 30, 2010

Month end!

Summers end or so it seems.  We have used the furnace the last two mornings to combat the 6C temps. The girls are in shock and shivering. Nasty!  It has been a hectic last few days. The dogs found this ugly huge caterpillar on the lawn, I assume it will eventually become some disgusting moth or perhaps something beautiful.

Colin got through the huge wedding (12 in the wedding party) last Friday despite a sinus cold and clouds, showers and wind.  It was as an outdoor event at a winery.  I also discovered that the renters on an RV site here that I am managing flew the coup!!  No notice!  My mom was interviewed on CTV in Edmonton about a bear wandering around the river valley because they had a similar incident 8 years ago in their yard but the bear was shot.  Dad is adjusting well to the hip rehab hospital but is worried about his leg being ‘twice the size of a football’.  I am concerned also and hope his body is not rejecting the new hip.  My sister and her partner visited briefly on Saturday.  They were on vacation (from Edmonton) and gave us 15 minutes notice before arriving on our doorstep.  We had a 4 hour visit before they had to press on.

Contessa, Denise & Randy

Our flowers beds are starting to look sad.  They need serious deadheading and lots of fertilizer but I almost think its not worth the effort so late in the season.  We are enjoying our tomatoes and will definitely plant some again next spring.  Last night I found paradise in the freezer.  One bag of  peeled and cleaned extra large shrimp just waiting to be thawed and sauteed in garlic, wine and butter.  Yum…and I also found one last bag of shrimp that is still in the shell and needs cleaning but promises another delicious Mazatlan dinner.

The icewines a gift from Denise & Randy, mucho gracias!

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3 Responses to “Month end!”

  1. Marjorie says:

    Just love your new little car!!! Very Cute.

    I have behind on reading your blog, so I was so very pleased to hear
    that your father came through his surgery well,
    in spite of minor difficulties. So I hope that his post-operative
    discomfort is under control and better managed. Hopefully he will be
    like a brand new “80” year old model!

  2. Oh yummy, garlic shrimp from Mexico, we just had our final Mexican shrimp meal last week , it was sooo delicious. Glad to see you dad is doing well and a nice visit with sister is always good.

  3. Judy says:

    I am so happy to hear about your dad Contessa…………………Hopefully the swelling will start to diminish before long………………………..You sound sooooooo much better I am so pleased. What is this 6 degree weather in Kelowna! Before you know it you’ll be heading south once again…….. You just came back!!!!!!!!!!

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