Aug 25, 2010

Cost of dog food

Ultra Allergen Free

I guess if you have designer dogs (that's what my 96 year old mother in law calls them) you have to buy designer dog food!  This 8 LB bag cost us $50.13CAD.  The very same bag can be purchased in the USA for $26.00!!!  A very big difference

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2 Responses to “Cost of dog food”

  1. Wow!! Sure glad we don’t have those designer dogs!!!

  2. Susie & Roger says:

    Hi!! Thank,s for info Costco U.S.A. cheaper Hill,s dog food… Are you getting Lepto shot,s for your dog,s?? Our vet said she doe,s just because she hike,s alot and with racoon,s and puddles of water that they can drink from… Keep in touch!!!