Jul 26, 2010

Point Roberts!!

Many of you may never have heard of this place.  Even though it is in the USA you have to drive through Canada to get here.  If you were coming from Seattle  you would cross the border into Canada drive North towards Tsawwassen and then head South to the Point as it is called, where you once again cross into the USA.  A very unique town on a peninsula off the tip of B.C., Canada.  It is filled with quaint cottages, many artisan studios, a few restaurants, beaches, a huge marina (in which many Canadians keep their boats), a golf course.  In fact any BCers maintain cottages here  as do several of our friends.  The RV Park is not a thing of beauty but does offer wifi and 50AMP full service.  It is almost full of older rv’s left here year round.

The nicer part of this place

One of many artisan galleries

open for wine, organic produce and lunch

pedal pushers for rent

Lots to see and do here.  In fact 12 years ago we lived
just two blocks north of the border and would often
bike down for the day and enjoy a picnic lunch.  It
has developed into a lovely place to visit for the day.
We have spent the last few days visiting, eating and
drinking!  It has been great catching up with old

Friday nite, Judy, a friend of over 25 years!

Saturday walk with a view of Mount Baker.

The walk made me realize how much I loved coming here…but we both have realized that it is too cold for us.  It is about 23C here and everyone it talking about how warm it is and we almost want to put a jacket on.  Kelowna & Mazatlan have spoilt us!

Carmeh dominates Caeli!

Somehow the girls got caught up between the seats on the way back from the beach!  We enjoyed a visit earlier today from Jenafor who brought us fresh baked and still warm apple cinnamon muffins…yum!!  Her husband was working.
About 4:15PM it is time to head North across the border to visit Katie and Louie whom we call Gramma Katie & Uncle Louie….they adopted the girls many years ago, actually it was our first 2 doxies…these two are #3 & #4!  Gramma Katie loves any animal to death.  In fact she has been feeding raccoons in her back yard for over 40 years and we got to see the mamma and her babes.  It is always a joy to visit with them.  Lots of fun.

The reason the girls love Gramma Katie..me too!

Contessa..no more wine

Sorry I cut your head off Katie….must have been the wine!
Sunday morning we were joined by long time friend of Colin, Nathen and mine (once we married) and his new wife of two years….Sophena!  What a delightful lady….we hit it off right away and I just know that our future holds many more experiences with this couple…..first off they are in
the market for an older used RV, they have 2 cockatiels and are just very special people.  Less than a year ago they spent three weeks visiting the same places in India that Colin and I had about 18 years ago.  Many similar impressions.

Sunday lunch at Brewsters

……………at 4:30 we are preparing to head to Leah & Jenafor’s.  They have a cottage here at The Point and live
here full time in the summer and come for the holidays, etc.  Being Canadians they are not allowed to be here as much as they would prefer.  Jenafor loves to garden and we had fresh veggies and lettuce from her garden.  Leah grilled us some fresh spring salmon.  A superb meal with with superb friends.  The evening ended all too soon but we all had early morning commitments.
This morning we left Point Roberts.  No problems at the border, no questions asked!  We had an appointment at Walker Heavy Duty re the airbag problem.  Hopefully the new rod and lever mechanism will be all we need.  Off to Kelowna and home.

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  1. good friends good times, gotta love it!!

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