Jul 23, 2010

Fresh squeezed orange juice…

..or is it.  We noticed something caught in the living room slide out…a luscious juicy mandarin!  It must have bounced out of the fruit bowl while driving and unnoticed by us…fresh OJ!!!!  The slide out was not injured..just discolored!

there has to be an easier way to make OJ

And so began our pack up and move to Point Roberts, Washington on Colin’s birthday morning, yesterday.  Once again we had air bag problems and stopped in for a consult…bottom line, repairs on Monday.

No problem crossing into the USA but they wanted to do an agriculture check and being as we are so large and long we ended creating a line up for those coming behind us.  Such a small crossing and not equipped for large rigs.  They  took our tomatoes!  Some new pest has been found but only on tomatoes grown in Canada.  If they are from the USA  you can bring them in.  Apples and eggs are okay to bring in.

Back at the Pacific Ocean!!!

After setting up we took a birthday stroll down to the beach.  Yes the same ocean as on Isla de la Piedra but so very chilly, even the air is cool.  At least the sun came out and we had a good walk. The girls were uncertain as the beach is more rock than sand.  Whales have been spotted along here but not today.  Soon it was time to go back to the RV for some serious partying.

CAUTION! 60 year old SENIOR moment

We were just finishing our dinner when we had unexpected company.  Gramma Katie & Louie came down to wish Colin a special day.  They were just in time for the birthday cake (good thing I got one)!

Today is Katie’s birthday.  Happy July 23 Katie.  May your special day be as special as you are.  Thanks for coming to surprise us last night.

Today Colin left at 7Am to complete his jobs here.  Once he gets back in the early afternoon we plan to start enjoying the rest of the weekend and some well deserved time off. Fortunately for us, our cell phone doesn’t work here.

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  1. Ken says:

    Hi Colin, the silent partner in the Jewall Blog.

    Read this morning that you finally reached the grand old age of 60, SIX ZERO! Well I would never have guessed it, you are aging well. Hope you had a great day and will have many more years ahead of you.

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