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Jul 31, 2010

Home safe & sound!!

The installation of the airbag valve mechanism was successful and we got back to Holiday Part about 5:00PM on July 26th..  We backed into the beach site and decided to just stay there in the RV rather than move back into the house.  It was good to be back in the dry heat.  Just before […]


Jul 26, 2010

Point Roberts!!

Many of you may never have heard of this place.  Even though it is in the USA you have to drive through Canada to get here.  If you were coming from Seattle  you would cross the border into Canada drive North towards Tsawwassen and then head South to the Point as it is called, where […]


Jul 24, 2010

I kid you not!!!

Remember the tomatoes that were taken away from us at the USA border on Thursday?  Well today I went to the local market to buy tomatoes and you guessed it…the very same Canadian grown label as the one on the confiscated tomatoes.  Do you think I can get the US government to pay me back?


Jul 23, 2010

Fresh squeezed orange juice…

..or is it.  We noticed something caught in the living room slide out…a luscious juicy mandarin!  It must have bounced out of the fruit bowl while driving and unnoticed by us…fresh OJ!!!!  The slide out was not injured..just discolored! And so began our pack up and move to Point Roberts, Washington on Colin’s birthday morning, […]


Jul 22, 2010

Feliz Cumpleaños mi amore!!!

Happy 60th Colin!!  Hope we can find some time together today.  Try not to work so hard. Tuesday he left the RV at 7AM and worked till midnight! Wednesday he left at 7AM and worked till 8PM. Today it is cloudy so we may get some time together 😉


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