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Apr 29, 2014

CRAZY 23 hours

I have been back from my Mother’s memorial service for only 23 hours.  It was more than I expected and I was extremely touched as were many of the speakers.  Many many tears were shed.  I will fill you in on this another day.  I really would like to. I arrived exhausted yesterday and while […]


Apr 11, 2014

OUCH & OH NO!!!!!!!!

How does one live with 1% humidity?  We got through the night with minimal sleep.  It was just too hot and dry.  The best part of Friday was our 7:00AM  morning walk while it was still only 75F. The girls loved walking and running everywhere.  When it came time to pack up Caeli didn’t want […]


Mar 26, 2014

Dead mouse and Murphy’s Law

Did I not just post yesterday that we have not had a mouse or rat this season? We had a wee odor and during the day yesterday the odor became overbearing.  Then we saw a mouse turd on the bed.  Then a light bulb went on in Colin’s mind.  He stared a search and in […]


Nov 22, 2013

Honored guests for happy hour

Emmy and Leo used to RV here at Tres Amigos RV Park for the winter but they are always on the move and will stay in Lo de Marcos this winter.  They always stop here for a week or two to visit with us all.  This year we managed to snag them for a good […]


Nov 19, 2013

Massage Monday

Ahh the bliss of it all. 90 minutes of  relaxation. It just can’t get any better than that.  While I have my shower and wash my hair Colin gets a 60 minute massage.  Just one of the reasons we come here and travel with our own massage table.  Maria is a RMT, a registered massage […]


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