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Apr 08, 2014

Too hot for us

We did cross into the US today, however we are suffering.  I have many photos and stories to share but it is too hot to think. I must start with my Dad.  I finally was able to speak with him tonight and he is doing well.  Yes he fell and it is a very long […]


Nov 06, 2013

Best border crossing ever!

Last year we were stopped at the US border into Mexico with questions and guns.  This year there was not a person to be seen.  Once we reached the Mexican part of the border we saw no one, just electronic signals to proceed.  Once we reached reached KM 21 we were surprised to find that […]


Nov 05, 2013

VERY stressful day and glad to see the end of the day

We got up early so we would be ready for our new Fantastic Fan install but…. Our RV repair was scheduled for 9 AM and it was the time the local Q vet opened.  We went for the RV appointment which didn’t start on time and only ended about 10:40AM  👿 The folks at the […]


Nov 04, 2013

Our last day in the USA

Tomorrow we cross into Mexico.  Meanwhile we have a busy day ahead of us.  First the new Fantastic Fan install at an RV dealership here in Quartzsite at 9:00AM and then more shopping.  Yes more shopping.  For us personally just a few fresh fruits and veggies but for others more.  We have received a few […]


Oct 14, 2013

Mexico and Mazatlan Tidbits

“Do you remember last year and the multitude of problems some people had crossing the Mexican border with various things in their freezers being confiscated?  We have a friend who also RV’s to Mexico and who decided to really check things out.  He called the border people.  The following is what Chuck found out.” Hi, […]


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