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Jun 21, 2019

Last fun day in Lisbon

Very early Thursday morning Colin went on a three hour plus walk about. He wanted to get out before others were on the street. His primary goal was to check out the three ascensors which are old tram cars that carry people up as well as down very steep hills. The cost is 3.8EUR each […]


Jun 12, 2019

More of Marrakesh

Yesterday was another warm and sunny day with 88F/31C.  We walk in the shade as much as we can.  Strangely in the evening as the sun is setting  the winds pick up and it becomes very cool.  Enough for me to wear the warmest clothes I have and for Colin to put on his thick […]


Apr 17, 2014

Back on Canadian soil

We had a good overnight at the Marysville Walmart and met a fellow BCer who winters in the Baja. Our second international border crossing in 9 days and it was slow.  This is the first time in all our years of RVing that we had a 30 minute wait to get into Canada. Turned out […]


Apr 17, 2014

Our first rain of the year

We left our great overnight spot about 7:30AM as we continued the trek North.  It was 57F inside the RV.  Needless to say we are using the furnace these days. For the first time ever we blew it in Portland and missed a turn off on one of the hundreds of overpasses and underpasses.  I […]


Apr 16, 2014

The perfect overnight stop in Oregon

Before I share the secret of the perfect overnight stop I want to share Colin’s photos of the lunar eclipse.  While I went to bed early Monday night he stayed up and took some wonderful photos. We took out time getting going Tuesday morning and never left until almost 11:00AM.  It was a relaxing day […]


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