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Apr 11, 2014

OUCH & OH NO!!!!!!!!

How does one live with 1% humidity?  We got through the night with minimal sleep.  It was just too hot and dry.  The best part of Friday was our 7:00AM  morning walk while it was still only 75F. The girls loved walking and running everywhere.  When it came time to pack up Caeli didn’t want […]


Apr 10, 2014

Shop till you drop….

…what else are you going to do when it’s over 100F out there.  We checked out of the Yuma RV Park about 11:00AM and drove to Walmart, about five minutes away.  By now we had the generator running and the A/C going.  So I shopped for things mostly needed but some not and of course […]


Apr 09, 2014

104 in the shade!!!

Hola from Yuma!  Do people really live here year round?  Loco!  It’s only early April. The past 48 hours have not been fun at all.  We stayed in a Passport America RV Park in Ajo last night and  I have to say that it was a very unpleasant experience.  The staff were rude and uncaring […]


Apr 08, 2014

Too hot for us

We did cross into the US today, however we are suffering.  I have many photos and stories to share but it is too hot to think. I must start with my Dad.  I finally was able to speak with him tonight and he is doing well.  Yes he fell and it is a very long […]


Apr 07, 2014

Not our best travel day

Mexico has a different time change date that the rest of North America.  It happened @ 2 AM yesterday, Sunday.  So we had planned to leave at 5:30AM but that, 24 hours later, now became 6:30AM due to the time change and light.  We actually left at 6:15AM.  We should have left earlier. It is […]


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