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Mar 03, 2014

Adios Colin!!

Yes, mi amor has left us girls.  We got back about 11PM last night from yet another fabulous Carnival parade.  Between us we took about 800 shots.  Lots of great photos to share with you all. Then this morning after our beach walk Colin just started to pack up.   After two very long days […]


Mar 01, 2014

Adios and Hola

It is time to say adios to Chris and Roger.  A week sure goes by fast.  They are flying off to their Baja home this morning for two weeks of R & R there. We have also had a few RVer’s leave this last week and a very special adios to Jacqui & Rolf and […]


Feb 24, 2014

Been busy again!

These past few months seem to be passing by too quickly.  I think that because I am feeling better and have more energy we are doing more activities which leaves us less to just sit and do nothing.  The days seem to pass in a blurr.  Please someone tell me how to roll the clock […]


Feb 20, 2014

Que Pasa

It has been a quieter few days, other than my usual Monday massage and another visit to the chiropractor we have been taking things slower. Loved all your comments about our intruder. That’s it for today.  I hope that you are enjoying yourself wherever you are.      


Feb 15, 2014

What did you do yesterday?

Did you do anything to celebrate Valentines Day?  Did you just stay home and nest?  Did you treat yourself to something special? Colin and I had no real plans for the day other than to open that bottle of champagne left over from the Tommie Awards.  Here we are later into the next day and […]


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