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Mar 15, 2014

2 visits to town and 2 cruise ships

Last Tuesday it was time for me to be crowned.  We were off to Dr. Paty’s office for my final crown.  I have to say I have become even more impressed with this dentist.  Have you ever been in a dental office where the chair is wiped down with disinfectant between patients and the floor […]


Mar 07, 2014

Que Pasa !

~ the road into the Isla has recently been graded so those of you wanting to make a stop on your way North will find it a quick and easy drive. ~ on Wednesday, we had the first of 7 cruise ships coming into port this month. ~ the exodus North has begun, we have […]


Mar 01, 2014

Adios and Hola

It is time to say adios to Chris and Roger.  A week sure goes by fast.  They are flying off to their Baja home this morning for two weeks of R & R there. We have also had a few RVer’s leave this last week and a very special adios to Jacqui & Rolf and […]


Feb 18, 2014

Uninvited Intruder

Let me set the scene.  We were sitting next door at Val and John’s.  The girls really wanted to come over and Carmeh tried so hard.  First she tried to climb the fence and then she tried to bite through the plastic.  She looked so cute, she was just a few feet away but oh […]


Feb 16, 2014

Lively Saturday

We left the Isla at 8:00AM.  Once again I was off to the dentista. I thought I would be there for an hour and she would be doing my crown prep.  Instead she only put in the post and wants to let it harden for a week to be certain it will be very strong. […]


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