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Apr 24, 2014

iMac surgery

My computer has been running slow and over the winter Lynne, the fearless solo traveller, suggested I increase the RAM as that would likely help.  She also shared with me an online site in the USA that sells parts and all things computer at very reasonable costs.  I just discovered that they have a Canadian […]


Apr 23, 2014

Things don’t always go smoothly

We have been working vey hard to get things sorted out and put away and get a grip on the company year end but there are aways glitches.  The other day after Colin’s aerial photo shoot he stopped in at Papa Murphys Pizza as we needed a time saving dinner.  They were closed, as in […]


Nov 20, 2013

Palapa repairs

Last week we had the palapa repaired.  Of course everyone who we had quoted suggested we needed an entire new roof.  We said next year but just now we only want the two holes repaired plus a new layer of palm fronds.  The fellow we hired finally arrived 1.5 days later, not bad by Mexican […]


Oct 20, 2013

Que Pasa ?

We are supposed to be leaving a week today.  I am seriously doubting that this might happen.  There is no way I am going to get the groceries put away in the RV today.  I still have much too much desk work to.  Colin gets back from Winnipeg late tonight and is out all day […]


Oct 17, 2013

Getting more and more done

Colin has since called them and only got their voicemail.  One addition to the bill was an added $25.00 service call.  Don’t you think that they should have told us that that was part of the quote?  Then they charged us 1.5 hours to do the service.  The owner quoted us the $90.00 ( one […]


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