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Dec 28, 2013

Sun, relaxation and sunsets

The past few days have just been spectacular.  The weather is hot and sunny.  It could not be more perfect. She is a friend of Lynne’s and also has a Winnie as Lynne and Evelyn do.  However she left her RV in Texas and bused down here for a few days.  More on that tomorrow. […]


Jun 02, 2013

We bought us a tree, a BIG one

Saturday morning was spent working in the yard finishing up a variety of projects including picking up at least 100 tiny pieces of stone dropped in the grass by accident by the landscapers.  Good for the waist I say.  When done it looked really really good but Colin decided we should get another tree.  He […]


Nov 02, 2011

Bit by bit…

…almost ready to cross into Mexico.  Just a few things to deal with, mostly the A/C which is today.  We so enjoyed our day in the BLM lands yesterday.  We will stay here longer, another time.  I now understand, Larry and Mar, just going along and stopping as they wish, to enjoy the here and […]