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May 01, 2014

Breathing easier

We never heard back from the vet until 8:00PM last night.  They were swamped and then she had to go out on a horse emergency.  Meanwhile we waited.  Carmeh is responding to the Metacam which is great as she is not in as much pain and it is helping to reduce the pressure on her […]


Mar 16, 2014

Carmeh has a big problem :((

Saturday night of yet another long weekend in Mexico and we discover that Carmeh has a huge ouch! What to do?  We couldn’t find any vets that were open.  I spent a lot of time googling the situation.  We had no idea what to think, an ant bite ( no she wasn’t in agony with […]


Dec 09, 2013

A face to fall in love with!!

I have to admit that other than a decent beach walk I laid low on Saturday.  My body was dictating rest, rest and yet more rest.  But that smile stayed on my face, I will never forget Friday night. Looking forward to the week ahead.  Can you tell I’m doing better?


Apr 04, 2013

Who knew about Wednesday?

We didn’t!  Well we knew a small part of it! We knew that Vinicio Camacho, another guitar maestro from Culiacan and his new bride, Anaid, were coming to visit for two days.  We knew that they wanted Colin to take a few photos of them. What we did not know was that… By dark we […]


Mar 06, 2013

Not doing well…

Well Colin is alright and having a fabulous time in Culiacan other than the fact that he can’t get the laptop beyond the password needed stage to send out an email.  So other than the comment section of my blog we are unable to communicate. It is Carmeh, who really is her Daddy’s little girl, […]


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