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Jun 12, 2019

More of Marrakesh

Yesterday was another warm and sunny day with 88F/31C.  We walk in the shade as much as we can.  Strangely in the evening as the sun is setting  the winds pick up and it becomes very cool.  Enough for me to wear the warmest clothes I have and for Colin to put on his thick […]


Jun 06, 2019

Two full days in Granada

Our first full day was spent at the Alhambra. You need to book your ticket as far in advance as you can and tickets go on sale exactly three months ahead of the date you want to visit. It was four in the afternoon in Mazatlan and midnight in Granada and I had both computers […]


Mar 03, 2014

Adios Colin!!

Yes, mi amor has left us girls.  We got back about 11PM last night from yet another fabulous Carnival parade.  Between us we took about 800 shots.  Lots of great photos to share with you all. Then this morning after our beach walk Colin just started to pack up.   After two very long days […]


Jan 28, 2014

Beach Party

RV2 @ Tres Amigos RV Park here on Stone Island hosted a beach party for all of the RVers and some friends. This is the group that we have been going into town to see and dance to.  They culminated my Enchanted Evening, a little over a week ago. The first fellow ( no name […]


Jan 27, 2014

Symphonic Sunday

Today I am in love with Mazatlan.  Such a cosmopolitan city with such a magnificent selection of cultural events.  Several weeks ago we purchased tickets to  attend a Viva Vivaldi concierto at the Teatro Angela Peratla in Mazatlan.  If you are readers of my blog you know that we have attended these mini symphonies over […]


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