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Apr 07, 2014

Not our best travel day

Mexico has a different time change date that the rest of North America.  It happened @ 2 AM yesterday, Sunday.  So we had planned to leave at 5:30AM but that, 24 hours later, now became 6:30AM due to the time change and light.  We actually left at 6:15AM.  We should have left earlier. It is […]


Apr 06, 2014

The end of another winter season

It is hard to believe that we have spent five winters here on the Isla.  This place and the locals grow on you.  For the few months that we are here, we are welcomed into the island community with open arms.  The wonderful cosmopolitan city of Mazatlan is just across the channel and offers so […]


Apr 04, 2014

Our final visit to Mazatlan this season


Apr 03, 2014

There’s a new girl on the Isla!

In my last post I mentioned our adios dinner with some Isla friends.  Well the very next day we returned to the same restaurant, El Valero, with some Mazatlan friends for a final luncheon.  Renee and Greg love food and love to cook and really are quite the gourmet pair in the kitchen but we […]


Mar 29, 2014

Cerebral Renewal in Mazatlan

Thanks to friends, Renee & Greg, we were able to regain our sanity after a night fighting the bad guys.  The morning after the termite attack we had to cancel our morning chiropractic appointments while we mopped up the RV and we also debated cancelled our luncheon.  However a change of scenery is invigorating and […]


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