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Nov 19, 2013

Massage Monday

Ahh the bliss of it all. 90 minutes of  relaxation. It just can’t get any better than that.  While I have my shower and wash my hair Colin gets a 60 minute massage.  Just one of the reasons we come here and travel with our own massage table.  Maria is a RMT, a registered massage […]


Apr 30, 2013

Follow up…

I spent countless hours on the phone with UPS on Monday.  It seems that all of our tax information went missing!!  Our accountant called and said he had received nothing!  I called UPS and then the games began.  As I sweated thru the process I was contemplating what would happen.  All the original information was […]


Mar 04, 2013

Family Sunday & hats!

Many of the locals are trying to learn English.  Part of their assignments are to interview Americans and Canadians here on vacation.  Afterwards we fill out a form rating the student. Photo for Kevin and Ruth..


Nov 27, 2012

The last leg of the journey!

We did have a bit of a problem again with the airbags at the Pemex in Culiacan but after several attempts we were good to go and go we went but not until 7:45AM, a bit of a late start.  There is quite a bit of construction on the Autopista mostly before Celestino and after […]


Jun 07, 2012

Mexico 2011/2012 statistics

Its been a long time coming but here is part one of some of the details of our trip to Mazatlan/ Stone Island. We left Kelowna on October 25th, 2011 and returned here to Holiday Park  Resort on April 14, 2012.  We were gone a total of 172 nights of which 144 nights were spent […]


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