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Nov 10, 2013

Not a perfect few days

Normally when we arrive, life is perfect here on the Isla.  However we have had some damage from Hurricane Manuel, the end of September and Tropical Storm Sonia which passed just days before we arrived.  They each caused some damage.  We have no internet right now as Sonia knocked out the internet lines in both […]


Oct 29, 2013

We drove through fog, snowflakes, snowflurries, strong winds and a great deal of rain!

That was our day Monday.  Oh yes, we did see the sun for 5 minutes a one point.  We experienced it all.  Actually the most amazing experience was being woken up at 1:00AM Monday morning by a fella blowing leaves.  He had a huge pack on his back with a large leaf blower in his […]


Oct 12, 2013

A walk in the park!

Yes a walk in our very own Holiday Park Resort.  The colors are so vibrant at this time of year.  With daytime highs of 14C and lows of -2C the colors are changing quickly. It has been a glorious fall, full of riotous colors.  We are so fortunate to live here.


Sep 19, 2013

Que Pasa???

Too much is happening, I can’t even keep up with my blog posting.  I received my new camera a few days ago and it has been taking photos just fine but when I went to download them into iPhoto they came up out of order and then totally disappeared forever.  I managed to edit a […]


Sep 16, 2013

Fall is in the air

Fall must be in the air because I have the desire to get the crockpot out and make soups and stews. A few days ago we thought that the geese were gone but yesterday ( Sunday ) the lake was full of them. Colin had the urge to get things cleaned up and put away. […]


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