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Jan 03, 2014

The day stared with a huge bang…

…and went downhill from there. Seriously, we heard a huge bang first thing this morning, almost like pieces of metal clashing together or one extremely large and very loud firecracker.  Of course the girls were frightened and started shaking. Shortly after I found that one of the girls had upchucked in 2 places on sofa […]


Nov 27, 2013

Que pasa

N0t sure what the rest of the day will bring.  Certainly books, music, vino and a lovely ocean breeze.


Nov 22, 2013

Honored guests for happy hour

Emmy and Leo used to RV here at Tres Amigos RV Park for the winter but they are always on the move and will stay in Lo de Marcos this winter.  They always stop here for a week or two to visit with us all.  This year we managed to snag them for a good […]


Nov 21, 2013

Working in the garden

Because of the various storms the ocean came right into the RV Park and just sat for weeks.  Eventually the owner had to arrange to have  the wall broken open every so many feet to drain the water.  Meanwhile everything was saturated with salt water. I am so lucky that he is willing to do […]


Nov 18, 2013

Life on the Isla is great…..

…just not enough time in the day.  Which is why this is coming to you late.  But much better late than not at all, eh?  We are almost settled but with folks dropping in and high tides and hot temps the day seems to pass in a flash and the computer gets ignored.  A good […]


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