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Dec 10, 2013

Relaxing Monday

The day started with massages for both of us!  Then we met friends down the beach for dinner. We finally realized that we should go home so that he could shut down his restaurant and go home to his family.  Between us, Colin and I forgot to turn on our outdoor lights nor bring a […]


Dec 01, 2013

Party time…

…we’ve been having too much fun to post.  I promise to catch you up over the next few days.  Last evening we hosted a post luck for the RV1 group.  We started early and finished late, very late, more about that later. For the past day and a half we have seen signs of the […]


Nov 26, 2013

Just enjoying the Isla

The days pass so quickly.  There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  I’m up at 6:00AM and while I wait for the rest of the family to awake I read the news online, check some blogs and make some comments.  Suddenly it’s time to do our long beach walk.  By the time […]


Nov 23, 2013

Front row is full

We had two more arrivals the other day,  both RVers from Ontario who also tested the new Durango Mazatlan highway. It was the fresh spinach on the veggie truck that got me going.  I’ve asked him to bring it every few days.  Now if I could only find kale and beet tops on the Isla, […]


Nov 09, 2013

Catching up from San Carlos and the rest of the story.

South of Guaymas the roads were horrid, full of potholes and very rough.  Finally from C. Obregon we were on a new stretch of highway, a relief from the jarring potholes.  Soon the entire route from Nogales South will be an easy drive.  We are  happy to see the changes over these past years. I […]


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