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Oct 25, 2013

More Que Pasa

So yesterday started with Colin calling halfway to his appointment in Kelowna.  “Did I leave my wallet there?”  Yes you did!  Don’t get caught by the police I suggested.  He got back home safely but what would  you do?  If you had a meeting in 10 minutes with an important client and 4 other people, […]


Oct 21, 2013

Who knew that celery could be so rich?

I certainly didn’t and have to thank my brother for pointing this out to me. Celery, that often neglected vegetable, because it has nothing but water in it, is very rich.  Rich in nutrients. It contains Iron, Vitamins A & C and even Calcium.  If you click here and once you are on the site […]


Oct 20, 2013

Que Pasa ?

We are supposed to be leaving a week today.  I am seriously doubting that this might happen.  There is no way I am going to get the groceries put away in the RV today.  I still have much too much desk work to.  Colin gets back from Winnipeg late tonight and is out all day […]


Oct 19, 2013

It is time for a few adventures

Colin left at 5 AM Friday morning to fly to Winnipeg to see his Mom.  She is turning 99 on October 28th, just 9 days from now.  She lives in a seniors home but not only does she shop for, she cooks her own meals. She is the oldest person in the building but refuses […]


Oct 11, 2013

Moments with my Dad

The four days with my Dad passed in a blur.  I never recorded our time @ Costco where he finally figured how to use his new hearing aid, nor our trip to the bank to open a safety deposit box, nor the multitude of stops here and there for necessary purchases and about 10 other […]


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