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May 10, 2014

The final gift

Last September, a few months after Mom had passed, I travelled to Edmonton to help clean out Mom’s clothing and other items. We found a box at the back of her closet. When we opened it it was obvious that Mom had purchased this as a gift for me. Thanks Mom.  I love it, one […]


Apr 07, 2014

Not our best travel day

Mexico has a different time change date that the rest of North America.  It happened @ 2 AM yesterday, Sunday.  So we had planned to leave at 5:30AM but that, 24 hours later, now became 6:30AM due to the time change and light.  We actually left at 6:15AM.  We should have left earlier. It is […]


Dec 27, 2013

More holiday photos to share!!

I forgot all about this one…mostly because it was in Colin’s camera, not mine.  RV1 had both parks over for a bonfire December 23rd and lots of carolling.  We had a great time. December 24th was cloudy and we had a few showers.  Colin and I spent the majority of the day inside cooking.  There […]


Dec 16, 2013

Special Saturday and happy hearts

It all started with the observation of a family, walking back and forth along the beach several times a day usually carrying heavy bags of food and sometimes water.  This family lives a long way down the beach, over a mile or more.  It is the furthest point on our daily walk and that is […]


Nov 17, 2013

That was some Saturday

For us it started at 3:30AM with strong winds.  We were expecting rain showers but not the 35 KM/Hour winds.  Even though we had prepared for the storm we still had to get up and do a few things outside.  Most of the RVers had to take down their awnings.  It was muggy and warm […]


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