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Dec 27, 2013

More holiday photos to share!!

I forgot all about this one…mostly because it was in Colin’s camera, not mine.  RV1 had both parks over for a bonfire December 23rd and lots of carolling.  We had a great time. December 24th was cloudy and we had a few showers.  Colin and I spent the majority of the day inside cooking.  There […]


Dec 12, 2013

Another cruise ship and another party!



Nov 13, 2013

Holland American ~ we thank you!

Thank you fro being the first cruise ship back to Mazatlan in over two years.  The city appreciates your return and so do all of us even here on the Isla.  It is a great boost to the local economy.  Here is a link for the booked cruises for the next year.  We look forward […]


Oct 18, 2013

Mazatlan Tidbit Updates

There is an actual Arts and Entertainment Calendar that lists all of the events to be found in Mazatlan year round.  Click here for the line up over the next few months.  There is something for everyone. Sadly we are going to be paying much much more for shrimp this season due to a virus […]


Mar 15, 2013

Ships, shrimp and sunset

Looks like it is becoming more official. The cruise ships are coming back to Mazatlan. http://mazmessenger.com/2013/03/13/cruise-ships-return-to-mazatlan-2/ Both Holland America and Norwegian cruise lines plan at least 10 arrivals by the end of 2013 and between 25 – 30 arrivals over the  first half of 2014. So now you can drive/RV here, fly here and now […]


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