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Jan 24, 2013

….the rest of the story!

After we dropped the bird off on Tuesday I did a quick grocery shop at Soriana.  We are expecting our Culiacan friends on the 9th of February and I took advantage of our car being in Mazatlan to stock up.  Because we had spent extra time with Martha and Chiquito we were an hour late […]


Jan 23, 2013

A new beginning

Adios Chiquito! Over the past weeks we had come to realize that we could not let Chiquito live in a cage for the rest of it's life.  It so much enjoyed the freedom of roaming around and even flying a bit inside the RV.  This bird had a strong spirit and a strong body and […]


Jan 22, 2013

A lazy Isla Monday !

What a perfect day….yes another one.  Blue sky, sunshine and wonderful heat on the old bones.  The surf crashing, the sun shining on the water and the parade of a few people up and down the beach.  Paradise!


Jan 19, 2013

Flawless Friday

Yesterday consisted of the usual beach walks, reading and relaxing and making some decisions. It will be a step by step process.  As of today we are no longer handling the bird nor letting it fly around the RV.  When it gets to where it is going, it will be happy to be free as […]


Dec 27, 2012

Who went swimming?

No photos today just a short story! The girls, Colin and I were outside enjoying the day yesterday when I decided to go in to get something.  Some days we take the bird outside in his cage but today it was inside.  I automatically looked at the cage and the bird was not there!  I […]


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