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Jun 13, 2019

Our final day in marvellous Marrakesh

It was great having three full days plus the evening prior to explore this magical place. Our plan for this final day was to explore the souks. Just as we were about to enter, a local fellow with good English stopped us to say that the area we were going into was closed because of […]


Mar 02, 2014

Breathtaking Fireworks

What a spectacular evening!  I can’t think of a better way to kick off Carnival.  Mazatlan certainly does things in a big way with over 79 thousand people crowding into the Olas Altas area to view the fireworks last night. The hotel had two areas they had sold tickets for.  We were on the very […]


Feb 24, 2014

Been busy again!

These past few months seem to be passing by too quickly.  I think that because I am feeling better and have more energy we are doing more activities which leaves us less to just sit and do nothing.  The days seem to pass in a blurr.  Please someone tell me how to roll the clock […]


Feb 15, 2014

What did you do yesterday?

Did you do anything to celebrate Valentines Day?  Did you just stay home and nest?  Did you treat yourself to something special? Colin and I had no real plans for the day other than to open that bottle of champagne left over from the Tommie Awards.  Here we are later into the next day and […]


Jan 28, 2014

Beach Party

RV2 @ Tres Amigos RV Park here on Stone Island hosted a beach party for all of the RVers and some friends. This is the group that we have been going into town to see and dance to.  They culminated my Enchanted Evening, a little over a week ago. The first fellow ( no name […]


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