Aug 23, 2020

A variety of musings

First off, just wanted to let you know that the fire is still not under control and that those that were evacuated remain that way and the 3,700 homes under evacuation alert continue to remain on alert.

BC Wildfire Service says 170 crew members, 16 helicopters and eight pieces of heavy equipment are fighting the Christie Mountain wildfire Sunday. 

“Fire behaviour has somewhat increased, but they continue to make great progress,” reads an update. 

The estimated size is still at 2,035 hectares. 

We are dealing with some smoke but that is nothing compared to those living in the Penticton area.

A neighbour and his friend cooling off when we had our high 90’s temps.  First time in the 17 years that we have lived here that I have seen someone on a float on the lake. The lake is not great for swimming but it is has improved in the past 19 months what with clearing the beaver dam at the far end of the lake and improving the inflow at the other end.  Who knows, perhaps in a few years we might be able to swim out there.

Our life continues to revolve around medical appointments, a bit of grocery shopping and working in our garden with a daily walk.  The garden is doing great and we are trying to preserve as many vegetables as possible. In the past week we had our massages again although she was too aggressive with Colin’s neck which resulted in a few problems. Two steps ahead and fours steps back.  Tuesday I had my veins done on my left leg. I need to do a thirty minute walk after the vein treatment and we ended up doing that at Costco as it was 99F outside and way too hot to walk with a heavy compression stocking on. Quite painful this time and I will spare you the photos of all the bruising I am enduring.  We did some local Lake Country errands on Thursday including my first time stepping inside a bank now that they are open. There was no one else there and with my mask I felt quite safe. Friday meant chiropractor appointments and a good shop at Superstore.  We are now good for a week or more grocery wise.  We have been looking for Clorox wipes for a month now and they are nowhere to be found, not even online.  Any suggestions?

Colin continues to make the best banana bread ever. Look how fat this loaf is – pushing out the sides of the new silicone loaf pan.

We watched a very good action/thriller movie the other evening called “San Andreas” based on the plate shifting and creating massive earthquakes. It was well done and obviously a huge production with a budget of 101 million. It was released in 2015.  Yesterday I finished the novel “Treasures from the Attic – The Extraordinary Story of Anne Frank’s Family” by Mirjam Pressler. The book was written based on thousands of letters written among the family over the years. It is a great read if you are a fan of Anne Frank and truly fills in the blanks. Now I need to reread the diary itself and perhaps try and find the movie online.

Our tomatoes are finally turning red. The glass on the sill is from Murano / Venice and the wine glass is from Guadalajara.

Our second zucchini boat meal but this this time we used canned tuna mixed with pesto and other yummy things. Another great success.

I am still simply drifting through the days. Not sure how I am going to get myself motivated. On the one hand I say why bother – especially if we are going be here this winter. I am not a fan of cold and snow and ice and suspect that the worst is still to come. My main inspiration these days is the garden but I won’t have that in the winter. We love our home and I know that I will he happy here if I am forced to stay. Colin has an idea that might make our home warmer over the winter but our carpenter is not being receptive to our phone calls nor texts. We have heard that all the RV rental sites in our park have been rented for the winter and that all the RV parks south of here to the US border are full as well.  I guess the prairie snowbirds are coming west where it is warmer with a less severe winter. On a positive note I still have all of our cupboards to go through and clean out, that should keep me occupied for a month or two. We have had Christmas on the road in the RV now for twenty years so if we are here this will be a novelty.

Thanks to a blog reader, Kay and her advice, we decided go buy a vacuum food sealer to help preserve our abundance of vegetables.

I already had a spiralizer that I had purchased perhaps 4 or 5 years ago but had never used. This is its inaugural use. We were grating zucchini. Next time we will try zoodles.

What a great little machine. I have zucchini chopped for additions to soup or a stir fry in the future and some grated zucchini for a loaf.

I had already frozen some green beans using a ziplock bag. The package is already getting some ice crystals in it. The vacuum sealed beans look much better.

Meanwhile Mother Nature does pay us a visit every now and then.





Aug 19, 2020

Nearby fire

Sadly we have a wildfire burning about 43 miles south of us.  The fire appears to caused by a lightening strike and aggravated by the extreme hot temps that we are enduring along with winds to create a firestorm. The fire is out of control at this point. We are not in any danger but many others are. 319 homes have been evacuated and sadly one was lost today.  Another 3,700 homes are on evacuation alert. At this moment the fire is only 1 km or .6 of a mile away from the vineyards of Painted Rock Estate Winery. Animals, large and small are being evacuated right now. The fire is estimated at 1400 hectares/ 3500 acres.

Sadly, nothing left of this home.

All we can do is pray for the winds to calm and the temps to drop and for the firefighters to stay safe. We have had the lowest fire season in over a decade and now this.



Aug 18, 2020

Visits with friends

Back on August 6th Colin had a meeting in Peachland to check out something for a client. On the way back we went for drive along the main street. Peachland is certainly changing and there are so many neat looking homes facing the lake. However we could not stay for long as we were headed to visit friends who are “work camping” or “simply volunteering” at Bear Creek Provincial Park. We had never been there before and were looking forward to a walk around the park.  Just as we arrived it started to spit, then drizzle followed by a gentle rain. We ended up simply sitting under their RV awning and visited. The wine was wonderful and the appetizers were first class. Lucky us.

We also enjoyed a variety of birds feeding on their multiple feeders.

We had such a great time chatting with S & B that we were surprised that we had been there for close to four hours. I guess we will have to repeat our visit as we all had a wonderful time. As you can see we are well distanced from each other and appies were served appropriately for Covid.

A few days later on Sunday the 9th we were expecting friends for an afternoon visit and then a take out dinner.  Sadly they had to cancel and we had to reschedule. Not five minutes later I received an invitation to happy hour and a new home visit just around the corner.  How fun and I already had an appetizer ready to share. Perfect. Mary and Kim have been working on their lovely new home for some time and it was ready for the great reveal.

Colin and I did try and stay apart from the others as they are not in our close bubble and it never hurts to be safe. Their home is wonderful and I know that they will enjoy it for years to come.

We had a busy week but were able to have a final visit with Jan and Paul last Thursday, the 13th, before they returned to Alberta. They did spend two weeks here in our park but had to move to a park in Vernon as we were full and they were unable to extend their stay. Again we are very careful in our social distancing.

We always have so much fun together. Looking forward to seeing them next summer. Normally we would see them in the fall in Edmonton but because of Covid we are staying home and not going to see my chiropractor there.

I saw this somewhere and just had to share. Isn’t this bird magnificent? Nature is truly amazing.

This is not Mazatlan but still a beautiful sunset.

Even fish have their bubbles of friends 🙂

I just recently discovered that two sets of close friends who live full time in Mazatlan have had Covid. Both have recovered with one lady still having a few issues. That couple can pinpoint exactly when they were infected.  Since early March they have been masking and social distancing. Once day in early July they went for a walk and hubby decided to not wear his mask. They ran into a male friend and chatted with him for a very brief period of time.  This friend is known as an anti mask person. My friend felt that she should tell her hubby to put his mask pin but she did not want to be ‘a nag’ so she said nothing. A few days later they found out the the unmasked friend had tested positive for the virus.  Eight days later my friends husband came down with Covid and then a few days later so did she. It has been more difficult on her and is taking much longer to recover. They spoke with the Covid infected friend for less than ten minutes and that is all it took for the virus to transfer. Moral of the story is to wear your mask, no matter what. There are no excuses.

So you get the virus but you are only immune for six to eight and possibly a few more weeks. You can still get it again. Covid – 19 has mutated 80 times already. Will a vaccine be the answer? How do you know which strain of Covid that you need to be protected against? This is a very interesting article about that. the only thing we know for certain is that wearing a mask and social distancing do help.



Aug 14, 2020

Que Pasa

Muchas gracias to all who shared a zucchini recipe either in the comment section or via email.  I plan to try them all and if I have a question I will email you.  You might want to go back to the last post and checkout some of the suggestions. We are still looking for the perfect zucchini bread recipe  😉

Last night we tried a recipe that ended up in my inbox the other day from one of the many sites I get emails from.

Slice 2 lbs of medium or small  zucchini into 1/2″ thick rounds. Mix 2 Tbsp olive oil with garlic, Italian season, salt and freshly ground pepper and pour mixture over zucchini and toss well until coated.Top with 1/2 cup of grated ( I only had flakes ) parmesan cheese and bake in preheated oven @ 350F for 7 – 9 minutes and then broil for 2- 3 minutes. Easy clean up by covering cookie sheet with foil. It was very tasty.

The first of our tomatoes and possibly the last of our strawberries.

After all the problems we had with our newly planted tomatoes they are now out of control.  We have to tie them back so we can walk thru the garden.

Sadly rats or mice finished off our peas. The ate the inside of every lovely pea pod that was almost ready.  However we did have a great feed of peas this year.

No idea why this guy was rushing from one side of the lake to the other.  We thought that he might be going to rescue a swimmer but he just got there and stopped.

Almost every night the majority of our plate is full of produce from our garden plus a protein in this case Gardein Turkey cutlets.

Yesterday, which was the only day of the week that I was home all day, turned out to be very noisy around here. The one neighbour across the road in our old house was trimming his hedge.

Between him and the new neighbour on the one side it was loud enough that we had to close the windows and put the A/C on. Plus it kept the dust out.  This guy is levelling his lot and slowly getting ready for a new park model home to be delivered in the new year.

This was planted as a cucumber seed. Looks like some kind of squash. I can’t imagine how that packaging mistake was made.

Monday we had our massages, still trying to get our necks sorted out after being rear ended in Vegas back in November.  Having to wait until we got back here for treatment in the spring and then with Covid keeping most businesses closed until May our soft tissue injuries are not easily adapting to treatment. Too bad we could not find a good chiropractor in Mazatlan. I had my annual eye appointment on Tuesday and the eye that I had problems with the week before has healed.  My eyes are in great shape and my prescription for corrective lenses has barely changed.  So I don’t need to get new glasses at the moment which is good as Colin still has not worked since we got back.  Wednesday was another chiropractor appointment. Colin is doing better than I am. Thursday we had company and today I finally saw a medical specialist that I have waited 18 months to see.  She is the only dermatologist here in Kelowna.  I have had spots on my chest for three years that come and go, get red and itchy at times and just bother me.  She treated my chest, the top of my right arm and my nose as well as a mark on my face which was not pre cancerous. I had to pay $75.00 for that one.  So over the next few weeks I will look like a mess.  Pictures another day. It has been a very full week for us.

We have neighbours whom we have known since we moved here in 2003 but a few years ago the wife was moved back to Edmonton by her children and placed in a special facility for people with Alzheimers.  Her husband remained here on our street and visited her from time to time. She sadly passed away Wednesday morning from Covid – 19. Lorraine you will be missed.

Thanks to Sandy for sending me this.  If you really need a hug, this is the way to do it safely.




Aug 10, 2020

Zucchini and more zucchini

Thank you for all of your comments and support regarding my last post.  I did make a point of giving more of an explanation to questions and some of your comments. Please feel free to go back and check.


We only planted two seeds and those two zucchini plants are almost out of control. They have overrun their garden bed in all four directions.

Almost every three days we have to cut back the large leaves so that some sunlight gets inside.

This was our haul last week.  Three have been given away and we have eaten two.   However today I picked two more.

Last weekend we took one of the large ones and created zucchini boats. A first for us but it seems that many of our fellow gardeners are really get into creating new fillings every week.

I mixed veggie ground round, finely cut onions and carrots from our garden, mushrooms, bits of raw kale and chopped tomatoes and stuffed our zucchini boats.

I put some cheese on top and then wrapped each one individually in foil.

We baked them on the BBQ for about 20 minutes but I think 15 would be enough – I guess it depends on how high the heat is. I sprinkled parmesan on top and voila!  They were so tasty  Looking forward to trying something different for a stuffing next time.

Colin also made a zucchini loaf but neither of us cared for it.  Much too much cinnamon. We are in the market for the perfect loaf recipe.  Actually I am open to some favourite zucchini recipes that you might have.  Also if anyone can share some ideas on how to preserve zucchini for the winter that would be great 😀


Looking forward to your shared zucchini recipes 😎




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