Jul 22, 2022

Another special day today

Thus far it has been a quiet relaxing day. But ever so hot. Looks we are in the midst of a heat wave. 94F this afternoon. Next week we will be touching the low 100’s. Perfect day for Colin to start his 72nd year on this planet. I honestly don’t think that anyone would guess his age, he doesn’t even have grey hair.

Well this is a surprise to me.  Looks like Colin took a few photos earlier this morning from inside the house. A juvenile eagle. It was hunting for fish. We always keep a sharp eye out on the girls if they are outside when we see eagles.

The girls are just having another relaxing day out on the front stoop.

Ciela has put herself into this tiny ball shape. All four of her feet are touching together. Carlie has a  lighter coloured foot on either side of her.

Colin did some work this morning in preparation for a huge aerial photo shoot in Vancouver next week. But he stopped to dremel Ciela’s toe nails. Her nails are much longer that Carlie’s and need to be done more often. He took advantage of her being sleepy from the heat, here he is using a nail file after the dremelling. We actually use a calendar to track toe trimming, teeth brushing, fur brushing, ears cleaning and baths and whatever else we need to do for them.

Then Colin decided to have a nap. Caeli joined him.

A bit later Carlie came along to check out what was going on.

They all finally fell asleep together.

This is going to be a low key type of day.  Colin gets to decide what he wants to do today and that includes Chinese food for dinner and a movie of his choice. Usually it is something that I don’t like to watch but hey a birthday only comes along once per year.

I myself feel like having a nap. Happy special day mi amore.




Jul 20, 2022

Sweet Ride Car Show

Someone here in Holiday Park arranged for a car show this past Sunday. This was a first for the park, it was held at the golf course. There were some nice vehicles. Here are a few shots that Colin took.

This was voted the peoples choice.

The judges voted this best in the show.


Thank you all ever so much for your wonderful anniversary wishes. It means a great deal to us as you are our family.




Jul 18, 2022

35 years today

35 years of immense happiness, love, devotion and trust. Marrying you was the wisest decision I ever made. I can’t thank you enough for these last 35 years you spent with me helping me through thick and thin. Happy 35th Anniversary mi amore.


Jul 17, 2022

Our road trip was to Tsawwassen

Colin and I got married in Vancouver in 1987 and lived there for 2 – 3 years. We then moved to Tsawwassen and lived there for several years before moving to Ladner for a few short years and then finally here to Kelowna back in 2003. In our 35 years together we have only lived in five different homes ( # 5 is where we live now and is directly across the street from #4 ) and all but the one in Tsawwassen have been brand new homes.

Someone wants to know where we are going.

We met Katie and Louie when we lived in Tsawwassen. Lots of great memories from our time there. Katie loves all animals so it was only natural that she would become gramma to all six of our dashchunds. So that is how Gramma Katie and Uncle Louie ( no idea why Louie is the uncle, ask Colin ) came into our lives at least 25 years ago. An aside here – about 3 days after we moved into our huge ( 5600 sq ft ) home Colin’s ex business partner  moved in next door.

Still a good deal of snow up there.

The damage from the November floods are still being repaired. Lots of one lane travel at times.

Heavy lifting.

Cute trailer as were getting into the Langley area. Shortly after I took this the driver make a quick lane change to the left and was so very very close to being wiped out by a semi. Good thing the trucker was a good driver.

They slept most of the way.

Gramma Katie has not been feeling well for a while now and lately has been feeling worse. So we decided to make the quick trip to give her some inspiration and pleasure. A million puppy kisses is bound to cheer anyones spirits.

We made a quick stop at the fish market in Ladner to pick up enough frozen tuna pot pies to last us for a year – we have one each every two weeks. As you can see the girls know that someone has treats.

It was so good to see Gramma Katie and get her ever so special hugs when we came in the door. Somehow we ended up with two pink collars, the green one was left at home. Ciela here has the one with the tiny white dots.

So began the wet face kisses that Katie loves.

A tender moment between us.

All too soon our limited time with Katie was over, we made the best of every moment and will never forget our visit. Looks like Carlie might need a nap, such a big yawn.

A very special memory was once the girls were in the car with Colin and I was given my final hug goodbye, Katie decided that she wanted to see the girls again. So in they came and smothered her with even more love.

And off we went to our airbnb in Walnut Grove. It was difficult finding something at the last moment mid July that would take dogs but it turned out okay. There was even a fenced in backyard for the girls to run in. Unfortunately we were not prepared for the multitude of mosquitoes.

Many years ago before out last trip to Europe we purchased a Cleansebot from a kickstarter campaign. It was delayed in delivery so this was the first time we used it.

Cleansebot is the worlds smallest UVC cleaning robot. It is supposed to eliminate 99.99% of germs and bacteria on hard or soft surfaces such as beds, mattresses, rugs, carpet, floors, etc.  Nice to have it and be able to use it in an environment like this.

We left at 9AM Friday morning to get ahead of the weekend traffic. We did very well and only had two slow downs.

We stopped in Chilliwack for fuel and I saw this unusual tractor go past.

Fuel here in Kelowna has been hovering around 2.07 – 2.09 per literal for the past week or so. We were surprised to see such low prices in our travels in the lower mainland. Colin was pleased to fill the tank for 197.9 per liter. Five minutes later we saw yet another Petro-Canada selling fuel at 1.949. We could have save another $2.83. Why are our fuel prices so much higher here in Kelowna ? I just checked Gas Buddy and even Vernon is only charging 1.97.9 per litre 😐

It took me awhile to realize that not all the construction is about flooding repairs but the pipeline is also being built.

We made really good time because we left earlier in the day. However once we got into West Kelowna we were driving ever so slowly. Soon we realized that there had been a three vehicle accident in Kelowna at Richter &  Harvey that slowed us down to bumper to bumper. It took an extra 80 minutes to get home.

I was wrong yesterday. We only drove 848km/528miles. But it took longer than the suggested travel time. We were driving for 11 hours. It was worth every mile we drove to see Gramma Katie and Uncle Louie.

This was the full moon from the night before we left.






Jul 15, 2022

Road trip

We left about 8:50AM yesterday and got back at about 3PM today. We drove just over 600 miles, maybe another 50 miles as we has some stops here and there with a bit of backtracking.

The purpose of this trip, which we took in the Jeep, was to see a very very special friend whom we consider to be our family. She is not doing so well these days and we wanted to give her some hugs and of course wet doggy face kisses.

We had no idea that we would be so tired despite spending the night at an airbnb.  More on the trip in the next blog post with lots of photos. Thanks for checking in.


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