Dec 30, 2020

More snow!

We awoke this morning to light flurries then the snow stopped. We did get close to 4.5 inches of snow overnight. The forecast was that we would have more snow all day today. I feel cheated. If I had a wish, it would be that I could watch the snow fall and walk in it from between 8AM and 8M.  Just not fair that it falls while I am asleep.  However I won’t complain too loudly as I am still very happy to see it all white and fluffy around me.

We were supposed to have snow all day today but that did not happen.  Now as you can see our next snow fall is from 11PM tonight until 9AM tomorrow. I guess I might have to stay up all night if I want to watch snow falling from the  sky. The next snow forecast after tomorrow is from 11PM Dec 31st until early morning January 1st. I guess I will just settle for what I get.

Such a view to see first thing in the morning.

I have heard people here complain about it being dark and cloudy over the winter. I love the monochromatic colour. Yup those are two spots on the lake. Someone did an ice test the other day and we only have  two inches of solid ice. Please excuse the reflections on the windows but there is no way I am going outside for each photo I want to take.

We borrowed another shovel so that we could both do the fun job of moving snow from point A to point B.

We noticed that the renter made an effort to clear all the snow from his skating rink. Way too much effort. He did not last long, quite an expenditure of energy.  Again apologies for the reflections.

We were making a crock pot of fish chowder for dinner tonight, when Colin spotted movement way out on the lake, just under the rail trail. This coyote did stop and lay on the ice for a while.  So difficult to take decent photos from so far away. However we are most delighted to enjoy any wildlife that we see.

Shortly thereafter we got a short snow flurry.

Does anyone know the differences between snow, periods of snow and snow flurries as mentioned in a weather forecast?

A winter Robin? Colin spotted a flock of these a few days ago while on a solo walk.

Some severe temporary changes just out late this afternoon. Makes sense to me. I only hope that it will help make a difference. Meanwhile today the Federal government announced that they are about to put into law, that anyone flying into Canada must have had a negative Covid 19 test dated three days prior to arrival.

I was truly surprised today to discover that tomorrow is New Years Eve. I think I lost a few days this past week. Really, 2020 is almost over!

Looking forward to a different new year. I really don’t believe that it will be a normal year.  I am hopeful that there will be some changes that allow us more freedom.  Sadly I see wearing a mask the ‘new normal’ for at least another year.

These are simple musings. Tomorrow we will be sure to have a special welcome to a 2021 photo for you all.




Dec 29, 2020

Que Pasa

The days pass by rather quickly. Something new to see everyday. We find it difficult to believe that we have had such a mild winter thus far. Others are complaining about the snow but we love it.

Last Saturday we tried out our new coffee maker, a gift from Santa. We seldom drink coffee and so a cup of decaf here and there is all we need.  Colin didn’t know about the new coffee maker but still tuning in with me he got me a new mug for Christmas. I love the colour. This Hamilton Beach single cup maker uses fresh grounds for each cup so you can brew it as strong as you prefer and also have a further choice of regular or bold. It takes up so much less space on the counter and it does brew a good hot cup of coffee.

A new visitor to our yard. We have never seen a Magpie around here before. Sadly it hasn’t returned but we are keeping our eye out for it.

Saturday was a perfect day for a walk.  It had snowed overnight until mid morning the 26th and there was deeper snow to walk through. So we attached my studded snow tires to my boots and off we went.

They worked great. Then on Sunday I used them with my runners and I felt very safe. It was mostly slush with ice underneath but I felt steady.

Anyone know who might have made these tracks. Colin thinks maybe a rabbit but we really have no idea.

A wee sunset Saturday.

Sunday morning we were surprised to see people walking back and forth along the lake. Likely easier to walk there than on the slushy icy roads. When we did get out for our walk, very few others were walking due to the ice. Love my studded ice grips. The roads have been plowed and sanded but still were icy.

Over to the right of the lake at Turtle Lodges a regular hockey game was taking place.

We were rather surprised to see the renter, next to us, shovelling out a skating area on the ice. He appears to enjoy shovelling as he is up at 5:15 AM scraping his shovel along the driveway, the road and his patio even if we get just a dusting of snow. Of course he wakes me up each time.

Monday the 28th, we woke up to low cloud/fog and perhaps an inch of snow. There were still a few flurries gently falling around us.

So beautiful to wake up to.

I was sitting at my desk mid morning Monday when I heard a loud thunk. I called Colin over and we figured out the area and he went up on the roof. It was a drip from the snow on the roof, falling down to the lower roof level.  Nothing serious but annoying.

I shouldn’t have said anything because Colin had to extend and set up the tallest of the ladders to climb up there. He did the job and I got him coming down.

I was very lazy yesterday and never left the house. I may have never actually got dressed yesterday  😕  These things happen from time to time.

This morning Colin was up earlier than I and captured this sunrise for you.

Again, strange happenings on the lake. You can even see the lines in the above sunrise photo. It can’t be melting snow as we have not been above freezing for a few days.

We found out that snow was in the forecast for the next few days so decided that today was our chance to pick up a few groceries. I was surprised to see in my daytimer that we have not left the house in the Jeep since the 18th. So we got a few errands done and as always were happy to return home. Surprise!  We now have a snowfall warning for our area. It appears that we may be getting up to 6 inches of snow in the next 18 hours 😎

I can only speak for myself!

Aren’t we all glad that this year is almost over? As you can see even Santa wasn’t happy. Only three more sleeps left…….







Dec 27, 2020

A story of golf balls and a coyote!

First thing Christmas morning Colin called me over to the lake windows. It was yet another coyote. We could both tell that this guy was different than the first one we had seen. He was intent on crossing to the other side of the lake.

Suddenly he stopped and turned, bending down to the ice. He was nose to nose with a golf ball.

He played with the ball, moving it about.

Then the coyote sat down, next to yet a different ball.

He sent this one flying out over the ice.

This certainly was an extraordinary start to our Christmas morning. We watched him for quite some time before he got up and walked back the way he had come from.

This is the third golf ball he played with. Our coyote looked so very relaxed laying on the ice.

Meanwhile over to the right of the lake we had one ice skater and two fellows playing hockey.

We could not have had a better Christmas morning. Who needed stockings and gifts? It took us a while to get back to sitting next to the tree. This staying home for the holidays isn’t so bad. I wonder if this happens here every year? Also where the heck do all the golf balls come from? That part of the lake was flowing water on December 22nd, as you can see from my Dec. 23rd post and the yellow kayak crossing the lake. Are the eagles dropping them on the lake?





Dec 26, 2020

Perfect Christmas

If we had to be home for Christmas then I wanted it to be white and it was. No need to have the snow actually falling, just to see it on the ground, on all the pines in the hills and on the lake was all we needed.

We had some special visitors on Christmas Eve.

This one looks like it is wearing a fancy holiday hat.

We pre made one of our Christmas dinner casseroles so it could sit in the fridge overnight and work its magic.

We put out suet for the birds and Mrs.Flicker came to say thank you.

Isn’t her hubby so very handsome?

A lovely Christmas Eve sunset.

That was followed by dinner and a surprise and most welcome phone call from extra special friends. We managed to watch a few holiday movies and finally got to bed so that Santa could come and visit.

Christmas morning & here we have opened our stockings ( all six of them!! ) and are enjoying a mimosa before tackling the pile of gifts still under the tree. Note to self to buy more of the Saint-Louis champagne from France.

We were very in tune with each other this year. We both wanted a 2020 ornament. And we ended up opening these gifts at the same time.  Usually Colin opens a gift and then I do. It took well over two hours. The two penguins on the right say “Our First Christmas – 2020”, Colin said he was referring to our first Christmas in this house. Actually come to think of it, we didn’t have a Christmas in the last two homes. The only penguin ornament I could find were of these five which of course put me in mind of the 5C’s and I had 2020 added at the bottom.

Huge surprise. An electric throw with three settings to keep me warm.  We hear that January is rather nasty around here. So far we have no complaints but I know that I will love this blanket.

It was so much fun. Mostly small gifts. Isn’t the dollar store great? Plus a very few special items.

Again we were in tune with each other. Colin purchased us each ‘studded snow tires for our boots’ while I got us LED armbands for safety walking at dusk or later.

The tree once again has lots of space around it.

There will not a be chocolate shortage this winter. I only purchased five of these for Colin.  What was he thinking? Oh well, I can’t be rude can I? But I will share.

I only purchased three of these! Colin got me the Brights port and I got him the Sandeman port, both from Portugal cellars that we had visited in June of 2019.  Again we are ready to be snowed in.

This has been our Christmas dinner for years and years, I even make it in the RV.  Served this year with an Italian, Cantina Tollo Pinot Grigio. Fortunately I still had 1/2 kilo of Mazatlan shrimp in the freezer.  Gosh I wish I had had more in our RV freezer when we had to return back to Canada so quickly last March.

We watched two more Christmas movies and that completed our first Christmas here in Kelowna.

It was a bonus when more snow started falling about 9PM. Not as much as expected fell but so nice to have a fresh white blanket over everything.

Thank you for all of your comments and lovely emails. It truly helped us feel connected during this Covid year.

Fortunately I won’t have to drink red!

Feliz Navidad. Please remember to stay safe everyone. Despite the vaccine it will be months, perhaps a year or more before we stop wearing masks. Hang in there.

I hope that you all managed to have a wonderful Christmas no matter how you celebrated.





Dec 24, 2020

Feliz Navidad


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