Jul 11, 2019

A long day

You might say that we are almost back to normal.  For the first time since mid September Colin is working.  That means I won’t see him until at least an hour after it becomes dark.  We have been together every day and almost every moment since we left for Alburqueque last September 21st.

My day started early ( for me ) as I left around 9:45AM for a doctors appointment.  More on that in another post.  From there I had eight other stops, a combination of grocery stops and errands.  I did not get home until almost 4:30PM.  I was tired and Colin wasn’t there to help me unload.  The trunk and backseat of the car were full.  I missed Colin all day and even more when I got home.

Paper towels at Costco were $5.00 off so I got 4 packages of twelve. $20.00 saved.  Plus the ziplock bags were $3.00 off.  I have enough of both to last us a year or so I hope.  We usually take 24 rolls of paper towels with us to Mexico, so we should be good until next spring.

By the time I got to Save On Foods I needed to use the bathroom.  Wow, some funky lighting. I’m sure it has something to do with drug addicts shooting up in the bathroom. I could barely see my skin with the blue lighting. There is a sign on the door that you need to go to customer service to get the code to the lock on the door and that it changes daily.

Once home I unloaded, checked emails and had a quick two minute chat with Colin.  He was too busy to talk, in fact he was standing on a kitchen counter in a house.

It was my responsibility to check the garden and do the watering.  Today was one of our hottest days in a long while. That tiny line of green ( at the bottom of the photo ) that goes from left to right and stops 3/4 of the way to the end of the shot is our Swiss chard.  To the right of the green is a dark line in  the soil.  Something ate all the kale and the dark line is a wee trench in which I am replanting seeds.

The Swiss chard on the right has been nibbled down.  I suspect quail.  We just might not get some green this summer.

The only good thing was this new cucumber, just three inches long.  Nothing new with the tomatoes, still no flowers.

As I drove back home ( I was in the golf cart ) I stopped and chatted with a few neighbours.  Once I walked in the door, I was struck by how empty the house was.  No doggies and no Colin.  It took a few moments to adjust.  When we are home together we each do our own thing but we know that the other is in the area.  Tonight was different.

I decided to not do any desk work nor open the mail and instead sat with a glass of wine and my iPad.  I finished a book and then started on this post on the desktop computer.  Once I am done here, I will scrounge for something to eat and start another novel.  It won’t be long before I am once again used to being on my own most evenings.  I am happy for Colin that business had started up and looks to be a busy next month or so.  Soon I will be happy having my own quiet time and getting into a different routine with different projects.

It was a long day for me.  Time to eat and to relax.  But until Colin get’s home, I am just feeling like something is missing.





Jul 09, 2019

This and that

I have been meaning to mention that on this last trip to Europe the water ( other than in Marrakech ) was good to drink  right from the tap.  That saved us a good deal of money.  Oh and on the cruise ship we had to drink bottled water but we were able to get that from the various bars and did not have to pay for it.

Another thing we noticed is that none of the places we stayed had screens on the windows.  There are no bugs.  No flies, no mosquitoes, nothing.  Simply wonderful 😛 We came home to spiders webs and nests everywhere outside 😡  Colin has been washing them down for a few days now and he has only done half of the exterior of the house.  I dealt with my share on the inside.  And of course there are the mosquitoes waiting for their chance to feast on our blood.  Then there are the noseuums at sunset in Mazatlan 😥  Europe wins on the bug situation.

We picked our first ever cucumber this afternoon. I was happy to see that we have another wee one coming along. I think we lost a few potentials during the transplanting.

I sold all my plant caddies to one lady earlier this afternoon.  I had someone else who wanted them about thirty minutes later and then one of my local blog readers was also interested. So I made another $47.00 today and with what I sold on Sunday, I am ahead $127.00.  The best part is that all those items are out of our basement.  Pretty good with little effort on my part.  The only “free” thing that was not taken was the longer hitch and we put that in the park recycle area, aka Walmart.

Getting some tomatoes. However they were already on the vines. Less than ten new yellow flowers since the transplant. Hopefully the plants will pick up.  We noticed that something is eating our kale, so we will have to do some replanting.

Once again due to my lack of technical knowledge I spent close to three extremely frustrating hours on the phone this afternoon.  I may have mentioned that Colin got his first ever iPhone this past April before we left for Europe.  He had very little time to get used to it but he did have problems receiving texts. We spent a good deal of time trying to sort that out before we left.  Today he got a phone call from a client we have not heard from in several years.  He later texted details on a place to meet later in the day.  Colin never got that.  Heck Colin was not getting my test texts.  Colin even stopped in at a local Telus store and asked them to check his phone at my suggestion.  The fellow sent him a text and said that his phone was just fine and he had likely been in a dead zone 🙄  I certainly used my little grey cells today to get to the bottom of the continuing problem.

First I want to clarify that I have only had my iPhone for two years.  Colin has been using a flip Blackberry for almost forever.   When I got my iPhone we had no problems texting each other.  Now that we have two iPhones we are having communication issues.  Colin has unlimited texting and phone calls.  He had been with the same company since 1993, 26 years!  I have unlimited texting, 500 anytime minutes and unlimited after 5pm and weekends plus 1 GB of data.  It took a while to figure out that because Colin has no data ( even though he is paying for texting ) he can’t receive texts from an iPhone if the text is being sent via iMessage  😯   What the heck is that???? The help desk tech told us that a text is green in colour while the iMessage text is blue in colour.  So????  I ventured to ask what is the difference.  Simply answer, it is an iPhone thing!  Okay so why can’t I text my husband.  It took a while but it turns out that you need data in order to text with an iPhone. My mind was spinning by now.  So I asked why could I text with him for the last two years?  Impossible she said.  I tried again but was forced to give up  that train of thought or go mad.

So I next asked how could he get texts and why did it work sometimes.  Turns our that if you have wifi, which we do here at home, he can receive a text.  But while out driving or wherever he can’t receive a text if someone happens to be using iMessage.  Which I later found it is the norm.  So I then asked what can we do?  Well she said just tell your clients to go into settings and turn off their iMessage and then text you.  Yeah, right, like they are going to do that each time they text just this one person.  Obviously Colin needs to add data to his plan @ $25.00 per month for 3GB.  He only needs a small amount for texting and will never ever use his phone for anything but texting and phone calls. The only good news is that we can stop that $25.00 charge when we go to Mexico.  He does keep his cell turned on until we drive into Mexico and at that point he call forwards it to our business landline phone.  Once he gets a message, it is sent to us at no extra charge via email.  However we have a new headache of wondering what happens if he gets a text while we are in Mexico.  Will we get the message?

I could go into more details but you get the picture.  I figured that as my two year contract was expiring this month I might as well call Virgin with whom I have my plan and see what I could get.  Currently I am paying $55.00 per month for 500 anytime minutes and the rest unlimited plus 1GB of data, which I never ever use.  Well I guess except for texting.  I was offered 100mg of data with 500 anytime minutes, etc for $45.00/month.  As she was looking up the info I was also on line and saw that for $45.00 they also offered 500mg and 500 anytime minutes!!  Well I wasn’t born yesterday.  I then noticed that for $50.00 per month I could get the 500 anytime minutes plus 4GB of data.  Only $5.00 more per month.

My next question was about suspending my phone service while we were in Mexico.  Yes it could be done for $15.00 per month.  Brilliant.  For the past two years because of my contract I was paying the full $61.00 per month.  I do take my phone to Mexico and put a Telcel SIM card in it and pay maybe 200 pesos ( 13.70 CAD / 10.40 USD ) per month to have the privilege to call all over Mexico, the US and Canada at no charge as well as have data.  So for a total of $15.00 extra ( for 3 months until we leave ) I will have 4 GB should I ever need it @ $50.00 CAD per month.  Best part is that I can shut that down to $15.00CAD per month.

Is it any wonder I needed a glass, maybe two, of wine afterwards 😳  I still don’t get why Colin really needs data ( I just don’t understand the why of it all  when he is using an iPhone and paying for texting )?

I feel a need to go pull weeds in my garden.

To lighten the mood and to show that things could always be worse…….

Sorry for the rant, but I really don’t get it………


Jul 08, 2019

We had a busy Sunday

The rains stopped yesterday and Colin decided it was time to get some chores done.  While the business is quiet and slowly getting up to speed he is using this extra time to get some things crossed off the list.  Just as he was doing that I of course added four more things to his list, one of which is a big to do and I will tackle that next spring.

One of the few wooden pieces on our home is the framing of our patio door. It gets direct sunlight a good deal of the day.  Sometime over the summer we need to sand it down and re paint it.

At one point yesterday I came outside and saw that one half of our basement had been moved onto the patio.

Shortly after we got home in April Colin had our patio sandblasted.  You can read about that here. It was a great success except that they blew the extremely fine sand beads under the house.  There is a photo in that blog showing how it even came through into the house.  It has been on his mind to get under the house and clean up the mess.

He is wearing knee pads and is rolling around on a board on casters.  We have tons of space under our home ( 44′ x 22′ ) and keep a good deal under there.  The kayaks are on the left of those support beams.  Further back behind Colin we have many bins full of Christmas decorations from our huge home, some of my ballroom dancing clothes and shoes, seven years plus of accounting information, suitcases, much photography equipment and who knows what else.  The last two years when we were flooded and almost flooded we moved all the cardboard upstairs and got rid of what we could and pretty much everything is now in plastic tubs.  However I believe that we have some oriental carpets as well original paintings under there as well.  No one wants to buy them and so because we have the space we keep them.  We have six doors into our crawl space making for easy access to our things.

Colin found these nice wrought iron plant caddies underneath and a few other items that we no longer used.  So I listed them on the park buy and sell page.

The compressor was purchased a few years ago at a garage sale and never used.  I sold it for the same price we paid for it.  I also sold a pair of new orthotic sandals than never fit me from day one and were never worn outside.

I listed these and the bike baskets as free. So we sold two items and made $80.00 with little effort. I am surprised that no one wants the plant caddies.


Jul 07, 2019

A bit of fun stuff

Based on the comments from my last post I am somewhat concerned.  It appears that many of us are shrinking.  Is it the water we are drinking?

Colin was looking through some older photos and came across this photo of Cheikka and me.  She was leaning over as far as possible to check out the contents of the fridge.

Cheikka was how we became the 5C’s.  Back in 2010 I was in a horrific car accident and because of that we had to give her up.  That story is here.  She was a character and we often wonder what our life would be like had we been able to keep her. There is a bit about how we found Cheikka in this blog post.  We are happy to have rescued Cheikka but sad that we lost her.  In the next photo you can see how she quickly became a part of our lives.

She even traveled to Edmonton with us once. Photos are wonderful things and bring back so many memories  and stories. Of course that is Caeli on Colin’s lap with Carmeh on the dash.

Photo taken today. As well as having a dog bed on the RV dash with dog toys in it, we also have one here in the house.

For those of you who know about Colin’s wild socks, you will find this photo apropros.

And to think that this post all came about from the first photo that Colin found and emailed to me.



Jul 06, 2019

Taking a wee break

Lots of of low clouds and rain the past three days. Today was a bonus as the thunderstorms never showed up, well a least so far.

Dealing with a nasty paper cut on the left hand and…

…a burn on the right hand. It appears that I am shrinking and it is a struggle at times to take things out of our convention oven ( which is also our microwave ).  Ouch!  I also now have trouble shutting our upper windows in the bedroom.  Time to invest in a stool.

I believe that this was taken July 2nd.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking the time to check in.


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