Sep 17, 2021

An unexpected event and 33F

Some of you might recall how much trouble we had last winter ( our first here in Canada for over 20 years ) getting propane delivered to keep us warm.  It was a weekly battle. We have been with the same company since 2003 with no problems whatsoever until this past winter. We use propane for our furnace, our hot water, the dryer, stove top and oven as well as the fireplace.  We love our fireplace which keeps us cozy but it uses a fair amount of propane. It is pretty obvious that we use more propane than most around here. We can go two weeks on our huge tank ( 380 litres/100US gallons ).

I continued to have problems with delivery and billing. Then I discovered that our company was charging eleven cents more per litre. It was time to make a change.

We switched from Superior ( who bought out Canwest  a few years ago ) to Pogo.  They delivered the new tank last Tuesday the 7th.

It was delivered with approximately 20% propane. Due to the layout of our site and the location of the propane tank they had to bring it in on a dolly. We were told that the tank would be filled at the beginning of this week and that 20% would be fine until then. As you can see it was a sunshine day and warm.

The blinds were down due to the heat but I opened them so that the girls could supervise.

And out with the old tank which will be delivered to Superior and I will get a credit for the remaining propane.

Fall is just around the corner.

It has been coolish for the past few days and we have had the fireplace on for the girls  ( and me  🙄 ). I also did four loads of laundry last Sunday which is about normal for the week. I called Monday the 13th to follow up about about getting our new tank filled. They said it would happen.

Just two days ago Wednesday the 15th, I walked into the kitchen to start dinner.  I also was running my bath when I noticed that the fireplace was almost without any flame.  I had no hot water for the bath and we had no propane to cook dinner.  It was 8PM.  We called the owner of the company and he couldn’t believe that we were on empty.  He said it was not possible. I reminded him about how many things we used propane for. We only had the one electric heater behind my desk. Our oil heaters were still in storage. It was getting rather cool outside. We were able to put in a take out order just before the Italian restaurant closed. Later Pogo credited us the cost of our meal.

At least we got dinner but no bath. Turns out that Wednesday was the coolest night in a long while. We got down to 33F 😯 Unusually cold for September. It was very chilly in our house yesterday morning.

The girls found a sliver of sunshine coming through a window to lay in. It was so cold that they both put on the brakes and came back inside.

The propane truck arrived just after 9AM as promised and delivered over 300 litres. We are good for a long while. They do deliver every two weeks and once per week once it gets cold out. Somehow our first fill fell through the cracks. Just our luck. I am thinking positive that this was a one time glitch. Interestingly enough it got to a high of 61F yesterday. Such a change of temperature in 24 hours.

It will definitely be a weekend of wine and cuddles.


Sep 15, 2021

A friend for Gus

I woke up last Thursday to see two geese out front. That was a nice surprise.

The two swam about for most of the day. Gus has a friend.

The next morning there were still two. So I named his friend Gracie. There are no other geese about at all, just Gus & Gracie. They appear to get on together very well. No bickering. Other than telling a duck to get off his preferred perch on the half submerged long so that he and Gracie could sit together.

She is somewhat smaller than Gus.

Saturday they enjoyed the sunset together. All is well in their world.

Meanwhile back in my world, the girls continue to do what they do best.

Carlie has eyes that have a way that reach deep inside me.

For newer readers, this is the only window into our bathroom.  Stained glass that lets light in during the day and is never so pretty when lit from the inside of the bathroom. I’m usually not looking at it from this angle later in the evening, I still love it as much as when we had it installed back in 2012.  This was designed to take in all the things that are special to us on the Isla plus the fact that we have herons from time to time here on our beach.

They really don’t like being apart.






Sep 14, 2021


Our weather has changed. Rain showers in the forecast for the week ahead with cool winds. There is a possible chance of sunshine on Thursday.  Yesterday was clear and warm so it was the perfect day for Colin to go out in the canoe yet again. I suggested he go on his own. But no, he wanted to take the girls –  one at a time.

Ciela was the first to go while Carlie looked on.

Heading towards the far end of the park. She is sitting on his knees.

Thanks Dad, that was a great paddle.

Carlie was next in the canoe and she seemed very relaxed.

She made not a peep, nor made any attempt to jump, Carlie just enjoyed nature.

A very big slurpy thank you kiss. What a huge tongue Carlie has.

It is very difficult to fit these dogs with anything from harnesses to sweaters to coats to life jackets. They are long and have big chests. Once these two have completed their growth it will be easy to fit them with a life jacket. We just discovered that the winter coats we purchased in February aren’t able to cover their chests.  So now we have two new coats and two sets of harnesses that don’t fit as well as the onesies we bought for their surgery that we never used. I refuse to add it up other than to say that is was mucho pesos. This kind of thing does not do well on resale on FB Marketplace.

Taken from our garden a few nights ago. The first parsnips that we have ever grown.

I baked the parsnips along with the cod but they ended up overcooked. Six veggies from the garden, carrots, tomatoes, beet tops with butter, beets, green beans and the parsnips.  All six tasted so fresh and were delicious. Looks like I saved that cucumber for another dinner. Colin added rice to his plate but I was full just with this.

Just another adorable photo of our chocolates. They really have become outdoor dogs, so whatever are we going going to do this winter? At least in Mexico we can run them on the beach several times per day day. And there they can move from sun to shade as they desire.








Sep 11, 2021

First canoe paddle of the year

It  was overcast and wasn’t too hot nor too smoky so last Sunday Colin decided to take the girls for their first paddle. The had just turned 8 months on the 4th. They have grown so quickly.

Because she knows how to do stairs Ciela was soon on the beach. Can you spot her? She was so happy to be sniffing this and that. Before this day she had no idea how to get down to the beach.  We now have to fence off the stairs going down as well as the surrounding rocks so that she can’t climb over and go down.

Hard to see but they are in the canoe, you can just see two chocolate heads peeping over. We still have not been able to find life jackets that fit them but Colin figured he would just tie their leashes around and around a thwart.

There they are. Is it just me or do they look apprehensive? They have not yet been tied up.

Colin ended up tying them up to his seat.

I took this last photo and turned my back to go back inside and continue with my five loads of laundry. I wasn’t even asked to go with them.  This was a father-daughter outing.

I took my first two steps when I head a loud splash. I quickly turned back to the lake and raised my camera.

Dog overboard. Oops, dogs overboard.  Colin is holding Carlie by her green harness. That splash to the left is Ciela who is underwater. Carlie jumped first and of course Ciela had to follow. He managed to get her head above water quickly.

Carlie is in the canoe and Ciela is about to be lifted in.

You can just make out Ciela’s hind leg and tail as she jumps in.

Two drowned doxies. They are soaked and shivering.  Colin took this photo.

I heard the splash, turned and took a few photos. I thought that only the one dog had fallen in and so I carried on into the house as I assumed that Colin was going to keep paddling. I was so surprised when he showed up shortly thereafter and told me that they both had fallen overboard 😯  Of course he turned around and hurried back.  That was the quickest canoe paddle ever. Colin was almost as wet as the girls. We ran a warm bath right away in the hopes of warming them up and of course getting rid of that dirty water they jumped into.

Carlie shivered for the longest time. She is the one under the green blanket on the top right.

We even turned the fireplace on high. Ciela kept licking Carlie to try and help her. It was a few hours before Carlie warmed up.

Last Sunday was a crazy day but at least we had a sunset. A proper sunset not caused by smoke.




Sep 09, 2021

The lone goose

Towards the end of August I noticed this guy hanging around just out front. This is the first time that we have had a submerged log out there. There just hasn’t been enough water to move it and now it is bogged down in the mud.  This fellow now calls it his home.

He stood out because we haven’t had any geese on the lake for several days but he was always there.

Good morning Mr. Goose. The lake is so low that you can see the stems of the aquatic plants that the geese love to eat. There is a duck on each side of our goose, they tend to stick with him during the day.

Day after day he was on his own. I decided to name him Gus. Taken from inside hence the reflections.

I think it was around September 1st that a small flock of geese landed. Still smoky out there.

A few swam up to Gus to say hola. He wasn’t too friendly at first and didn’t lift his head.

He did get off his log and paddled around a bit.  But hours later when the flock flew off Gus remained. I am beginning to wonder if he can’t fly. I have seen him swim with the ducks but never fly. Perhaps his spouse died and he is sad, maybe even depressed  and refuses to fly with the rest of his friends.

A few days later and Gus remains on his own, other than for the ducks who seems to be loyal to him and keep him company.

Actually just the other day a few geese passed through and again said hola but left Gus behind. Now I have a goose to worry about 🙄

Yes I bring out their bed with soft blankets to lay on every morning. The bowl of water is refreshed every few hours. Oh and of course if it is too hot,  an umbrella is provided. If it is too cool due to the wind, warm blankets are provided.  If requested, a pool is filled and the sandbox is opened. I’m not just a doxie Mom but in charge of guest services and head of support staff.

And here we are 18 months later no better off. So many back to lock down.






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