Jul 01, 2020

Happy Birthday Canada

It is an extremely wet Canada Day here in most of BC.  We did get out for a walk and of course got rained on but it was great to be out for a bit. Sadly even here at Holiday Park, Covid- 19 has reared its ugly head and management cancelled our annual July 1st parade, luncheon and festivities. Of course celebrations have been cancelled almost everywhere in Canada although there are some virtual events taking place. We moved here in 2003 from Vancouver and this is the first July 1st that has been wet.  We have had a few overcast Canada Days, but not like this.

Some people suggested on our Neighbourhood Chat Facebook page that we decorate our golf carts and drive around today. Much too wet and cold for that.  Instead Colin and I checked out a few sites that were decorated.

A lovely patriotic display from our neighbours up the street.

A hedge on the main road.

Lots of large flags.

We got rained out on our walk yesterday and stood under my friends Cindys gazebo until it cleared.

Again on the main road. As you can see yesterday had some blue sky. From one extreme to the other.

I even did a bit of decorating on our cart. I was going to add more balloons today but didn’t because of the rain.  We never even drove it this Canada Day.

So proud to be a Canadian living in the great country and especially in British Columbia ( BC ) during these troubled times. Stay safe everyone.



Jun 30, 2020

Not so fun stuff

The rain continues and the weather forecast seems to change a few times per day.  It seems that we have one nice day and then five or so wet days.

Yesterday was vein day.

I have been receiving sclerotherapy mostly for spider veins and a few varicose veins every April since 2009.  The sclerotherapy solution is injected directly into the veins and causes the veins to scar, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins.  I took April 2019 off as we were going to be in Europe for six weeks and I could not fly after the treatments for several weeks.  We all know that April of 2020 resulted in most things remaining shut down including my clinic. My right leg looked pretty bad as it had been just over two years since I received treatment. I guess I should have done a before photo. Yesterday was the first day that I could get an appointment.  The clinic use to book a year in advance and the idea was to go in three weeks in a row, ie Monday for the right leg and Tuesday for the left leg, week after week. That also meant that I was wearing thigh high thick compression stockings for a full month which is why I always scheduled my treatments in April, after Mexico and before the summer heat. Covid has changed that.  You can only make one appointment at a time and so yesterday after my initial treatment, I was able to book my left leg for August 18th, the next open date.  Plus they are only booking over a two month period. I was told that September, October, etc were fully booked by patients who had appointments booked last year.  So what about me who booked a year in advance for this past April?  Not a fun situation.  Nothing I can do but take it as it comes.  On the plus side I only have to wear a stocking on one leg for seven days 😎  I almost forgot to mention, the doctor herself no longer does the treatment.  She has trained a few RN’s to do the injections and she comes and checks at the end. I was rather apprehensive and looked like a pin cushion but perhaps I received a more intense treatment.

Very rigid rules in that you can only enter at your exact appointment time, must wear a mask and use their sanitizer. I also had to prepay a month ago when they called to set up my time in order to limit the time in the office. Colin was not allowed to come in.  He has been with me for every appointment since 2009 holding my hand during the multiple injections. They can be painful at times. I called about thirty minutes before we arrived and asked yet again to have him allowed in based on my anxiety about having not having the actual doctor doing the injections. It worked. The RN was very good although I did cry out several times but I feel that I received a good treatment. I spent the rest of the day with my legs up in the recliner relaxing and reading and enjoying my favourite beverage. I had to leave the stocking  on overnight for the first night and ideally not take it off until I have a shower the next day. It was difficult sleeping last evening with it on. Fortunately I can take it off tonight.

While sitting there yesterday about 6PM,  I looked up and saw what appeared to be a Japanese couple out on the lake in a blow up raft.  Obviously they are visiting here in the park and using their own raft.  They had no control of the direction they were ‘trying’ to paddle in and were quickly being driven by the wind and waves.

As they were being pushed to the edge of the wind I asked Colin to call security. Sure enough, a Japanese couple had asked about going out on the lake the day prior.

There was a storm brewing.  Can you see them on the right, a small dot on the water ( about an inch to the left of the shed roof )?  It appears that they did manage to land on someones beach down there.  I’m sure that was more of an adventure than they expected.

Data for June 24th.







Jun 28, 2020

Garden update

Colin was able to find two large tomato plants at Art Knapps to replace two in our garden.  A hefty $8.99 price per six inch pot but they are larger type tomatoes which we need.  There are still a few plants struggling and we just have to wait for enough sun and warm weather to see it they recover.  We still have rain and mostly cool temps. Fortunately the strawberries are doing well.  The peas finally have flowers and we have some pods.  I have picked 4 beans from our patio bean plant and the ones in the garden are starting to come around.  The more I pick my kale the more it grows.  It is a monster plant.

Our patio pots.

We have two tiny tomatoes coming.

Our first cucumber is on our patio plate and as you can see it is large.

Since then all the other tiny cucumbers are dying, going mushy at one end.  We found two zucchini in the garden today that are rotting.  I would have picked them for dinner tonight.  I guess too much rain.  The cucumbers in the garden are just small plants so nothing there for along while.

Someone spent a good deal of money building this garden.

A very neat old gate on this garden.

Definitely large.

Beets, beet tops, carrots and the cucumber. We do eat well from our garden. This was just for one meal plus salad, rice and the main protein.

Hoping for sun and heat tomorrow.




Jun 26, 2020


One of the ladies here in the park basically grows poppies in her garden.  She doesn’t get much sunshine and lets her garden do its own thing.

This shot was taken May 25th. The poppies were just coming up.  They return year after year.

They are spectacular.

Difficult to see in this photo but the centre is a deep purple. Next time we get ( yes more rain showers ) a sunny day I will take another shot.

Interesting sky two nights ago along with the reflected sunset.

Any over 65 is getting a $300.00 cheque from the government on July 6th. Be sure to spend it wisely.




Jun 25, 2020

A very special gift from from Mother Nature

We have had very few sunsets this month and a good deal of rain.  So just this past Tuesday, the 23rd, we are treated to a spectacle.

I first noticed the various colours on the  contours of the hills to the north.

Then to the south with a lovely reflection.

I was focusing on the brightly lit clouds to the east, when Air Canada flew over.

….and towards the west.

Wonderful reflections to the south from the setting sun.

Back to the west.




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