Mar 25, 2020

Going home to Canada right now

Our stop for tonight is the Walmart in Omak, Washington.  Based on how fast everything is changing and how we will only be an hour away from the Canadian border we have decided to simply cross now.  We will stay somewhere near the border but I will have no data so I am publishing this just minutes before we cross into Canada.  You will next hear from me tomorrow.  We should be home by 10:30AM when the real work begins. Unloading 😎





Mar 24, 2020

Only 573 more miles to go

We were driving by 8:10 this morning. A cool 38F outside. Interesting clouds along the way. Nice to have a bit of sunshine in the morning.

Lots of snow between Ely and Jackpot. We dodged a bullet with our travel dates. The forecast for Wednesday and Thursday is 6 to 10 inches of snow along here.

I think this RV just stopped for a bit, he did not seem to be in distress. We did see lots of RVs today and many were from BC and a few from Alberta.  Back in Mexico last week when a BCer passed us they honked and waved. Today they just kept driving.

When we passed through Wells and later Twin Falls I turned on my ATT hot spot and downloaded the news and updates to read to Colin as we drove. So many things happening and so very very fast.  I am more than ready to get home. We made a quick stop in Wells for Colin to go in and pick up two coffees.  Loves had just put in a new counter in their beverage area and a server poured what you wanted and passed it to you.  This new area had just been competed a few days ago.  They are really trying to keep everything clean and protect their product from everyone’s  hands all over everything.

We got to Jackpot about 12:15PM.  Their sign says ” We miss you too”.

Sweet older Airstream trailer.

Nice view of the Snake River gorge just on the outskirts of Twin Falls. Today we drove through Nevada, Idaho and Oregon – just for a few miles.

As we drove west on I84 the weather changed. We did drive through some rain showers off and on.

Two things here. First that white Sandpiper 5th wheel on the left must have passed us at least five times today. We drove our steady 55 mph with only three stops the entire day and none more than 15 minutes.  He drove fast and stopped often.  I want you to notice the sign.  We saw this about four time today.  “It matters keep your distance !”  Referring to Covid – 19.

It kept changing and this message said ” Stop the spread Covid – 19 Pls stay home “.

We fuelled shorty before stopping for the day.  I screwed up by saying to take exit 29 when it should have been exit 28 where a Maverick station was selling diesel for 2.759 versus 2.999 at Flying J and other truck stops. We only lost about 15 minutes.  We saved $16.52 USD today, so with the $17.77 savings from yesterday we are ahead $34.29USD/$49.35CAD.  Enough to go out for a nice dinner once this self isolation ends in weeks or months 😯 We were only three miles from stopping for the night when a huge thunderstorm with blinding rain and extremely strong wind gusts came out of nowhere.

436.6 miles later we stopped at the Ontario, Oregon rest area ( exit 1 ) for the night at 5:15PM. The storm passed within an hour. Still not using the jacks nor slides.

I am tired. My knee is not happy with all this travel. This photo was from last night when I was finishing my exercises.  Despite being somewhat cramped I am still doing them once per day.  I should be doing them twice per day but that time is coming.

We really are more cozy than squeezed in.  Enough room to move and relax, eat, etc.

The bedroom slide comes in to the foot of the bed but still lots of room for sleeping.

Adios for tonight, time for exercises, dinner and showers.  It is already 8PM and we need to do this all over again tomorrow.






Mar 23, 2020

Update for yesterday and today

I am doing two posts tonight in one, so that my next nightly post will be for that particular day.   I think that as we head home it is a good idea to be in real time. So this post is for yesterday, Sunday, and today, Monday.

We did not drive down the Las Vegas strip but Sam’s Town is just down the road from us. Their sign says ” WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS & LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU SOON!”

The words in the black part read ” We continue to be #Vegas Stronger”.  The words below in the white area read ” DOORS CLOSED, HEARTS OPEN, STAY SAFE. WE’LL BE BACK. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU AGAIN”.

The entrance to the Boulder Casino as in all other casinos have been blocked off so that no one can drive into the property.

We have some  fresh produce, no idea how long it will last but we will enjoy every bite as long as we have it.  My Everfresh green bags help keep it last longer.

The guard at the Las Vegas RV Resort gatehouse made up this sign to give folks a chuckle. Very creative.

In a nutshell we did a few errands yesterday ( Sunday ) and then started to pack up for the trek north. Our freezer and fridge are almost as full as when we left in October to travel south to the Isla.  You may recall that we had three floods due to the toilet over flowing ( clean water ) shortly before we left Mexico last week.  Erik diagnosed it as a valve issue and he replaced that valve just a few days before we left.  Guess what?  You guessed correctly.  We have a slow leak from the foot pedal for the toilet.  Seems like we got a faulty valve.  It will have to be replaced yet again.  Meanwhile we just deal with it.

We had rain showers last night and yet again this morning.  Good thing Colin was ready to travel except for storing the electrical cable.  This has been a very cool stay ( as in cold ) here in Vegas. It might have gotten up to 60 – 62 F at one point. We were hooked up and driving by 10:15AM.  A late start as we were not going too far today.

Just got onto I15 from I515 when this toy hauler came up beside us.  He came right up to that white car in front of him.  Colin was concerned that he was too close which he was.  We simply moved ahead to get out of the way.

As we drove past the exit to the Nellis Air Force base I caught these two coming in for a landing.  They were moving as we were and I only had a a few seconds to react. Not a perfect photo but a fun one.

We stopped at Loves just off of I15 and HWY 93 where they are charging 3.089 cash per gallon for diesel.  We did not stop for fuel but to have the Love’s tire shop check our front tires.  Colin has been hearing a different sound, something abnormal  since we left Mexico.  Sort of like a bump, bump , bump.  The Love’s guy checked and said that there were very very slight bulges on the tire treads ( not the  sidewalls ), which were creating the sound, but added that they were just fine to drive with. He said that truckers normally drive until their tires are almost bald before replacing them and that this is a very common problem.  We do need our tires replaced and have normally done so in the US but right now tires are significantly less in Canada.  We will get all the RV tires replaced once we are out of isolation. Colin is not exceeding 55 mph for our safety.

While fuelling up Colin noticed that the hydraulic fluid reservoir box was covered with oil and that the screw lid was loose.  He could not tighten it nor remove it, it just went in circles.  Hmm, so are we short of hydraulic fluid?  He thought that the slides and jacks had been making an unusual sound of late.  So yet another issue to resolve.

Not too far out of Las Vegas. Some snow up there.

Approximately 25 minutes down the road we stopped in Alamo to fuel up at the Sinclair.  For the third year in a row we saw diesel prices so much lower than anywhere else.  We fueled up for $2.699 per gallon, either credit or cash.  This was .39 cents per gallon less that Love’s. We saved $17.78USD/$25.63CAD on this fill.  Last year we saved around $12.00.  Excellent fuel stop with lots of room for RV’s to manoeuvre.

Ely, Nevada is just beyond those nasty looking clouds.

We were getting some snow showers as we drove closer to Ely. Ely is at 6435′ elevation.

Our view outside our front window.  The mountains are so majestic. The Valley View RV Park in Ely also has longterm residents.  Good for them, how else could they stay in business?  Most of us are just stopping for the night. They have great pull thrus for a reasonable price.  However this time their wifi is down.  Fortunately we have our own ATT hot spot device which for $50.00 we get 10 GBs of data for one month.  I only activate our account twice per year, once heading south and once heading north through the US.

We got here about 4:00PM and set up. Colin decided to not put our jacks down nor put out the slides due to a potential hydraulic issue.  The sun was shining through our windows and it was lovely and warm. That lasted about forty minutes and then the wind came along with heavy low clouds and some icy rain showers. It certainly was snowing up on the mountain tops. It is supposed to go down to 30F/-2C tonight but we are toasty warm with our new HearthRite propane heater, which according to Rick, from It’s About Time, only sips propane.  I really like that thought, about sipping!!  Yes we could use our electric heater here but are really enjoying the warmth and quiet of our new propane heater. It was a short 256 mile day today.  Tomorrow will be a much longer day. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and to comment when you can.  So looking forward to getting home.




Mar 22, 2020

Anxious to get back home

Sleeping was my priority and I slept for eleven hours, I was rather worn out and now feel somewhat better.  But I am more than ready to be in my home.  I spent Saturday doing laundry and odds and ends while Colin did some inside and outside things on his to do list.

Once the laundry was in the washer I went for my walk. Interesting set up.

This unit is in the storage area and they are from Alberta.

A huge vehicle towing a huge trailer.  I’m sure they enjoy their RV but not our thing at all. I think that both the first photo and these are racing fans.

A very special set up for their three pups, both the upper patio and the ground one as well.

Colin was working very hard to get the duct tape off the paint.  This goes back to our first day on the road back in October when he had to tape the fender in place because of the huge winds we encountered. We repaired it in Mazatlan but the tape still needed to come off and today was the the day.  WD-40 worked the best.

It’s not a hibiscus but is is still beautiful.

On my walk I noticed that there were only two RV’s here from Alberta, one from Saskatchewan and us from BC.  I guess all the Canadians heeded the request to head back home.  We see them coming in at night and leaving again the next morning.  I heard that the Walmart at Omak which is a popular overnight spot before using the border crossing that we do at Osoyoos was filled with RV’s the other day.  Many others from the Isla have returned to the US in the past two days.  We talked to Erik today and he said that he is very surprised at how all of the RV’s in Mazatlan have cleared out so quickly.

This is the first that I have heard about closing the internal borders within Canada.

We are so very very happy that we left Mexico early.  Posted on Facebook March 21st.  What a zoo.

 Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry made clear today, March 22nd, that while everyone is encouraged to get outdoors for fresh air — if people don’t start following her voluntary directives, she’ll have no choice but to impose orders.  Here is the link to the the DO’s and the DON’Ts about your responsibilities to stay home.

This is a link to explain the difference between self- monitoring, self – isolation and isolation for Covid-19. My understanding is that we are able to take a daily walk as long as we stay away from everyone. Truly a different world that we are now living in and it is up to each one of us to do our part.  We just opened our last bottle of Italian wine 😐  The world truly needs Italian wines.  Do your part and stay away from others.




Mar 21, 2020

More hunting for food products

Friday we were up early at 7:30AM with the plan to be at the Vegas Costco by 9AM for their 10AM opening.  We were there by 9:15 and the store was open with a line to get in.  Turns out that they decided to open the store from 8 to 10 AM just for seniors.  It did not matter anyway as there were no paper products other than paper towels and we already have a large package of that.  Turns out that there was not very much we could purchase that we would have liked to have had.  We did get some cheese, two veggie quiche and muffins for Colin.  We waited in line to check out longer than the entire time we had been in the store.

Next stop was Walmart just down the road.  It was packed with shoppers and was pretty much cleaned out.  We got a few things.  I had read that both Walgreens and CVS pharmacies had good paper products for now.  We stopped at both and there was nothing in those stores to buy.  There are few photos in this post as it is impossible to take pictures when you are wearing gloves which are now ‘dirty’ because you touched push cart or even the door to the store.  No way did I want to go into my ‘clean’ purse to get my camera out and then contaminate both the camera and my purse. We are even sanitizing our credit cards once we get back to the car.

Inside the CVS pharmacy there is a large table between the pharmacy window making sure that you are staying a good six feet away from the staff.  At the front of the store there is a well marked area as to where you need to stand to see the cashier.  Including standing a distance away from the till.  Very well handled in my opinion.

Most stores have sanitizer ready as you enter ( but not all ).  We carry gloves, masks and sanitizer with us.  Our third stop was another Walmart where we were able to get instant decaf coffee.  This store had no fresh nor canned and very very very few frozen veggies and no lettuce at all.  I fear that we will be going through romaine withdrawal soon. Next stop was Walgreens and they had nothing that we wanted. No shortage of junk food, candy, chips or soda pop. We asked the manager to recommend a grocery store.

So our sixth stop was at Smith’s just off of Flamingo.  Here people were lined up outside as they were only letting folks inside as others came out.  Plus everyone was  appropriately distanced from each other in line.  Well done!  Wonderful place, no paper products though but we managed to do well here.  I got a few cans of diced tomatoes for soups, etc and they did have a lot of soup on their shelves.  First store we have seen with soup but I prefer to make my own.  We were able to pick up some canned goods as well as two boxes of frozen eggplant parmigiana and another box of disposable gloves.  Still no rice and no potatoes however they had a very full produce section including romaine. Our seventh and final stop was the Dollar Tree which had nothing.

We were happy with what we were able to find but seven stores is about five too many.  It was cool here in Vegas and I had a long sleeved fleece on as well as a sweater and then my rain jacket.  Another long day.

Later as we talked about the day we both commented on how many Asians we saw in all the stores and they were the majority wearing masks.  Each one of them, including infants in strollers, all had the very fancy N-95 masks ( on my shop list for the future ).  Of course they also had gloves.  We did see a young man ( 19 -21 years of age ) tie a bandana over his nose and mouth as he entered Walmart.  Good for him.

This is what the N95 looks like as offered on Amazon but of course were all sold out a few months ago.  Those Asians were very clever to think ahead.

Another observation is that with the casinos, restaurants, bars and schools closed down there is very little traffic on the roads.  We are happy to have been able to get at least two things in every store.  All of what we purchased was only available in that particular store.  One store was selling vegetable seeds for your garden.  We purchased a few packages just in case we would not find any once back in Canada.  It is going to be so wonderful to get our garden planted and the sooner the better. One other thing we did  was make sure to stay a good distance away from others and I wasn’t shy to tell a few people to get stop crowding me and to remind them of social distancing.

Once we got back and put everything away I was surprised to see that I had walked 7000 steps, not as pleasant as walking on the beach but I got my walk in.  I then spent the next two hours trying to and finally succeeding in contacting Shaw to get our wifi turned on for the day we return home.  I always put it on suspension when we travel in the winter but we were coming sooner than our normal arrival time and it needed to be dealt with.  Good, one more thing crossed off the long to do list.

I also iced my knee and later did my daily set of exercises.  Dinner was easy, cooking one of the frozen meals ( that we can only get in the US ) we had  purchased as well as a lovely Caesar salad. At this point we plan on shopping again at Smiths before we leave Vegas.  I think some fresh produce would be lovely.  I use those green bags and produce lasts a long time.  I am thinking that we might even need to get a few more bottles of wine 😀

I had Colin take this as I wanted to see how far I could bend my knee.  As you can see my right knee ( top foot ) is not bending as much as the other.  I guess I have all summer to get it back to where it should be.

Below is from our daily provincial update earlier today.  Note that they are calling it a 14 day quarantine now as opposed to self isolation.  There is talk of enforcing the quarantine time.



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