Jan 10, 2019

Yet another different day yesterday

We have been having overcast skies the past day or so.  Long zoom to the shrimp boat way out there.

Tuna boat coming into port.  To unload or for maintenance?  We actually saw four in port today when we went into town.

Longtime readers might remember Princessa who I rescued last winter along with her pups.  I was happy to see yet another RVer out feeding this Mom who had recently given birth.

So ends another great day here on the Isla.

Adios Holland America.

I choose not to do politics on my blog but this seemed so very very apropos.


Jan 09, 2019

It was a strange day yesterday

I have been watching this guy since Monday morning.  He appeared somewhat furtive to me.  I even saw him hide  two small gym bags in the middle of that bush.  He is on the property to our right across the small lane.  I was concerned enough to mention it to the park manager late Monday afternoon.

Despite having two cruise ships in port it was a quieter day yesterday.  It was fun watching these two play in the surf for hours.

Once per month we have a community spaghetti dinner.  We were going to go but things got in the way.  Turns out that it was a wonderful evening with a live group playing wonderful dance numbers.  A great time was had by all.

However the palapa on the property beside us caught on fire.  I was the first to become aware of the problem and called for Colin and then went running to the park manager.

The RV Park hose which is very long as it is used to wet down the lane was hooked up and Darwin set about putting out the cause of the fire.  The squatter had been cooking!  Looks like his flame got too high.

Charred beams and palmas.  We found out this morning that he had been trying to use the park electricity and water earlier in the day yesterday but Ismael had strongly turned him away and told him that he was not allowed here.  The fellow is long gone and will not be allowed back in the area.

The first cruise ship was leaving yesterday when we began having some electrical issues within our RV.  Isolated to only our RV and to our house batteries.  But for a short period of time it was a concern.  Colin eventually tracked the problem to a battery that was shorting out.

So we were here watching the second ship sail out.  In the end we stayed home and I was spontaneous enough to make us shrimp stir fry.  Morale of the story is to always have 1/2 kilo of cleaned shrimp in the freezer.  I did need to borrow a carrot from Ferne though 🙂



Jan 08, 2019

Miscellaneous photos from the Isla

As my camera is in for medical repairs as of noon today, I have no choice but to share some photos I took mid December.  I had posted back then some photos taken in the colonia and now these are some candid photos taken on the rest of the Isla.

Our main grocery store.

One of my favorite colors.

Interesting fence.  The pink building in behind is the new local gym.

No limit as to what you can carry on your bike.

All torn up for ???  Nothing has changed since we got here mid November.  This road is the link between the main road to the Isla and what you might call ‘Main Street”.  Still a major mess, we have no reason as to the why but I suspect it is sewer related.

An old style rustic fence and a newer rustic fence.  I like the newer one on the left.

Local construction.  A second level is being added to the structure on the left, similar to the brick addition in the middle of the photo.

I have to say that the Isla is unique.




Jan 07, 2019

Sunsets and camera issues

The best part of today was that it was my first massage since December 23rd.  Unfortunately it was not a photo day so I don’t have much to post about.

The sunset last night.

Today was an off and on sunshine type of day with lots of wind in the afternoon. Those winds blew the clouds away.  If you look closely in the top right quadrant you will see some grey dots.

Many more dots in this photo.  Those are dust spots.  I had my camera cleaned on November 30th and here we are, mere weeks later and my camera is already a mess.

Colin says that I could have had even more dust within the camera that recently moved down into the viewing area.  So very frustrating.  I love my small Canon SX600HS, but it has a weakness with dust getting onto the sensor via the zooming in and out of the lens.  So tomorrow my camera goes back to the repair shop.

Meanwhile I am interested in what types of cameras that you use.  I really prefer a small camera that will fit into a pocket or a purse.  I admit to using my camera off and on all day long.  Is there a better camera out there?  Something that might not invite dust onto the sensor?  What do you use?  Have you ever had a problem with dust?  You can check that by looking up at a blue sky.  If you have no dots or dust spots then you have a good camera.  But then do you even use that camera or does it sit in a bag all the time.  Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Jan 06, 2019

It has to stop

This was the sunset this past Friday taken from El Fish Market on Olas Altas.  We were meeting friends for dinner and I wanted to eat earlier so we could catch the sunset.

Lucky us, we were treated to a beauty. We sat there and chatted for over three hours.  We finally got up and walked over to our friends home where the party continued.  They graciously  gave us a ride to the embarcadero but we still only got home just after 11:30PM.  I didn’t get any other photos that entire day.

Saturday as well as the Friday were the nicest days we have had in weeks.  I enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine reading my novel.  These ladies are part of an African dance group and they stopped just out front to practice some of their moves.

Colin was playing but I moved over to Diane & Pierre’s to enjoy the sunset with them.  This boat was heading further south after sitting in our bay for the day.

Colin and I were going back into Mazatlan again last evening ( a few hours later than on Friday ) so it was time to get ready.

We were back at Gaia, just the two of us, to listen to ( and of course dance ) to Los Cryps.  Jim, the fellow with the grey hair joined in on some vocals for a bit.

But we were there for the band itself.

Colin had our favorite meal there, the fresh swordfish fillet with a tomatillo and pumpkin seed sauce served with a few veggies and jasmine rice.

I tried the panko and cilantro breaded shrimp served with a mango and ginger sauce with veggies and rice.  The shrimp were huge and I could not eat them all.  We both enjoyed our meals.

You may recall that I mentioned this lady who was there both times we went in December.  I spoke to her last night and found out that her name is Peggy ( Colin thinks Penny ) and she is 73, is on her own and goes to Gaia every Saturday evening to dance.  Isn’t that neat?

As danced we noticed this young boy come down to the dance floor from the Machado.  He was a great dancer and latched onto us.  Turns out that they were from Culiacan, his dad is taking the photo, we have to send it and others to them.  He told the child to call us his “Canadian grandmother & Canadian grandfather”.  The family spoke English perfectly.  Contact info was exchanged and we already received an email late last night telling us how the boy ( no idea his name/did we know it? ) was ‘fascinated by us’.  Colin told them about how he goes to Culiacan for the guitar festival in March and now we ( yes me as well ) will be visiting with them in March.  I mean, how can I say no to a visit with my Mexican grandson?  I have many photos but this will do for now.  I can’t recall ever meeting a child so polite.

So does this mean that this is my Mexican son, father to my Mexican grandson?

Here I am with Hugo in the white and Carlos on my left.  Hugo also lives in Culiacan and we will be spending time with him as well in March.  He only comes to Mazatlan once per week and often joins the band.  Carlos is going back to Mexico City to continue his studies but now only in early February.  They are the two that make Los Cryps come alive which is why we went back again last night.

February 17, 2014.  Hugo on my right ( left in the photo ) and Carlos, center with the thumb up.  So just  twelve days shy of five years ago ( when this photo was taken ), I am still in love with these guys.  What a great group.

Back to the peace of the Isla, again about 11:30PM.  Gosh we had so very much fun both Friday night and last night.  I want to live here all the time, I want to live in Kelowna all the time and I certainly want to keep traveling the world full time.

So what has to stop?  Going out so much 😯   When we had the girls we never left the Isla more than one to three times per month.  We are loving our current Mazatlan activities but I am missing my stay at home and relax time here on the Isla 🙄 I guess we shall just have to see how the next month plays out but I am hoping for more time here on our site.  February is going to be my research month for our next trip to Europe, well at least during the day.  We have special friends arriving here on February 1st in their RV 😎



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