Mar 12, 2018

He’s back :)

Colin returned late last Saturday afternoon.  That is his lancha coming over from Mazatlan.  I had to guess at the time he was arriving and it worked out perfectly.  When I took this photo I didn’t know if he was on this boat but I thought he was 🙂

He has no idea that I was there. He is the one in the hat at the front on the right.  He had emailed me earlier in the morning, about 9AM telling me that he only got to bed at 5AM!

I walked down to help him with all his bags.  I got to carry the guitar.

I saw this sweet dog laying in a pile of sand as we drove by.  He was sleeping very soundly despite all the noise and traffic around him.

We talked for a bit and then a few friends came over to chat and see how the trip went.  They keep calling  Colin “rock star”!  Funny.

I had quite the adventure going to pick Colin up and discovered just how much of a mess the Isla is.  But that is for another post.

Homecoming sunset.

Colin went to bed about 9:30PM and slept a full eleven hours.  He is back to normal now.



Mar 11, 2018

Adios Happy Hour

Friday about 5PM there was a happy hour at RV2 for three of the RVers who are heading North.  Two here in RV1 and one in RV2.

I was so busy having a good time chatting with everyone that I only managed one quick photo.  Usually our happy hours end up being dinner and this was no exception.

Very long story about wearing the chicken. It is the award for doing the stupidest thing.  If you get it you can only pass it on when someone else does something really stupid.  In Dave’s case he had to be home in Utah to sign for a delivery of a free bladder for his fishing boat.  So he flew home to sign for the delivery but missed his flight by ten minutes and had to overnight.  It all cost him and extra $500.00 plus for a free item!!  I may not have all the facts exactly correct….it was a very complicated situation.  It just may be that the extra $500.00 was over was he was already paying to fly home!!!

Nice sunset from RV2.  Different perspective.


Mar 09, 2018

Changes on the Isla

For some reason I never posted these photos taken on February 10th.  So many events have taken precedence in my posts in the last month.  I am certain that once we do this walk again we will see even more change.  Hard to believe that we only have just over three weeks left here in paradise.

Just at the end of the beach towards Mazatlan and the Playa Sur embarcadero is a very small parking lot.  This RV from Michigan is dry camping there.

What a view!  These folks have been here for months.

The path between the embarcadero and down to the beach.  You can see the trailer mid shot on the extreme left.  They must have made some sort of agreement with someone ?? for banos and showers.  Only people I know who would fit here are Juan and Chris.  Actually Croft I know that you could manage it but would Norma be happy dry camping for months on end?

Our goal on this walk was to check out two new casitas built for two ex Tres Amigso RVers.  They are located on the causeway along the shipping channel.  This is the narrow channel that the cruise ships and freighters enter and exit the port.

What a great view of the shipping channel behind the casitas.

Also a magnificent view of the beach we are on.

Standing in the backyard and looking towards the embarcadero/Isla you can see the amount of new construction happening.  There are also sidewalks and street lighting been added.  Who is paying for that?  None of this was developed a year ago.  Just behind the white tower ( imitation lighthouse ) a tall ( 3 -4 four story ) apartment building is going up and to right just behind Puesta del Sol is another new tall ( 4 – 5 story ) housing project going up.  The Isla is changing.

This is the causeway and the two casitas are being built on this side of the ship and before the water.

Got back from our walk to see a caravan coming into RV2.  Bit of a traffic jam as it was a Sunday of a long weekend.

Wee bit of a traffic jam.  I stepped in and did some traffic directing and that sped things up.  They had been stalled for a very long time.

The usual weekend vehicle stuck in the sand fiasco.  I think I counted ten people pour out of this truck.

After a few hours of digging themselves into a worse situation they did eventually get out when Ernie ( ex RVer living next door to the RV park ) hauled them out with his Jeep.

We call that RV TV and it happens a lot.  Just this morning a gringo female got stuck in the sand ( which for some reason seems deeper than ever ) .  Ernie and a friend popped up and helped push her motorbike onto the hard pack area.  But just before Ernie and friend showed up, a Mexican truck went past and slowed to watch what was happening but never stopped to offer help.  Not two minutes later that truck got stuck.  Took a long time to get unstuck.  As I said RV TV 🙄


Mar 08, 2018

March Calendar Girls

This was taken by Colin last March.

Tonight’s’ sunset. Amazingly similar to last night’s.


Mar 07, 2018

Que pasa

I just want to thank you all so very much for your input into the black tank post. There is so very much to absorb ( is that a pun??) and hopefully some of you picked up some pointers in addition to us.  You truly inspired me with your comments.  We will be sure to let you know what path we take.

Today was my weekly 90 minute massage session.  I think that I am finally making progress with a serious issue.  Only three more sessions to go before we have to say adios to the Isla.  It is very obvious to us that we will be coming back to a different Isla next season.  Looks like many more roads within the village are going to be paved.  No idea how the sewer situation is going to pan out.

Colin is living on about 5 hours of sleep.  No further details as he is so involved in the competition, master classes and the evening gala that I am last on the list.  Ours hours just don’t mesh.  Actually after the evening performance the performer, entourage and special people ( Colin included ) go to a late 11PM dinner.  Once Colin gets back to Heriberto’s home, they start to play guitar until the wee hours of the morning.  But he is very happy 😆

You might remember my post not too long ago about Mama Pi.  She was taken to the shelter about a week before she was due to give birth.  She delivered 11 pups two days ago. Two were white and six were black and three were born dead.  Someone sent me this photo.  I think that the Mom looks exhausted and overwhelmed.

One of my hibiscus decided to give me four huge blooms at the same time.

Lovely huge blooms but they are so heavy that they turn inward.

I planted my poinsettia and it is flourishing.  That is swiss chard on either side.

It was a two cruise ship day today so the beach was busy.  Thankfully it was a great day weather wise with little wind.  Yesterday the wind was so strong that no umbrellas were able to stay put and you could see the sand flying along the beach.

However the waves were strong.  It took several minutes to get this boat out over the waves.

On my walk this morning I was surprised at the number of fish that had been thrown onto the beach from the very high wave activity.  Sadly I did not have my camera with me.  I also saw my first yellow/back water snake.

This is from Google as I did not have my camera with me.  It is a yellow bellied sea snake and they do bite and are poisonous.  We usually see then the end of February for just a few weeks.

As I was searching through my files for the snake photo which I know that I have somewhere, I came across this photo of the girls.  It was taken in June of 2015.  Such sweet girls.  Gosh they sure did have a good life.  Taken on our lake in Kelowna.

A Princess ship, first one out this evening.

The second ship was from the Norwegian cruise line.  They were both headed for the Baja.

There was a mere moment when both ships were in the same frame.  You can see the outline of the Princess ship ( a blunt up/down box shape ) on the the left of the Norwegian ship’s curved prow.

Meanwhile back on the beach we had some serious fishing going on.

So ends another wonderful day on the Isla.  Gosh all of this and I did not go anywhere except for a walk on the beach.






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