Jan 06, 2022

Snap shots

Our version of a shrimp burger. Yummy!! We have not been to a restaurant, not sure that we will.

I was asked to trim Colin’s hair. I just keep snipping. He doesn’t mind it and it will grow.

This gecko was climbing up into the RV via our bug screen. He was about seven inches long and very fat. Good thing the girls never saw him.

Our lavenderia is on this street in the pink house.  That is a huge mango tree on the right. We always head north before they are ripe.

Most homes are small in this area of the Isla, called the Colonia. On the left a small turquoise home and on the right a pink home. The middle house is expanding upward, no other place to go. To the right of the ladder is the area of the original house, looks like they might be building over their side yard to the left of the ladder. Possibly an apartment. building.

I finally made pizza last week.

Looking out the window.

As you can see by the nose prints, they use this window a lot.

Ciela looks rather relaxed as I try to read. She loves to sit on me when I am outside. Sometimes I say no and she keeps trying to get up on me but after a few no’s she leaves me alone – for a short while. It was cool as you can see by the sweater and fleece dog blanket.

Off to make a new shrimp skewer recipe on the grill.


Jan 04, 2022

Today was a very special day for us all

Our girls, our very special chocolate stash were born on January 4th, 2021. Carlie was born first, followed by Sequoia ( the third sister and triplet ) and Ciela was born 2.5 hours after Carlie. Other than a few extra treats there was nothing special. We did think of hiring a mariachi band to play and to invite a few friends over for a glass of vino but in the end it was just another day but a very special day. Happy first birthday to Carlie and to Ciela and to Sequoia.

Just born on January 4th, 2021.

For the past few days I have met Colin and the girls on the beach and then we do the “go see your mom” and they get a treat from me and then ” go see your dad” where they get a treat. Actually they are only getting a half treat.

They beeline right back to Colin.

Then back to me.

Not at all distracted by anything and they are off leash with their leash dragging in behind. Getting them ready to be on their own but perhaps not until next winter.

Once back from the beach we tried to get some special birthday photos.

Comical. Yes they were being offered even more treats.

Well it is their birthday.

Enough already!!


******This is my second post within four hours!



Jan 03, 2022

The final photos taken in 2021

This is yesterdays post which did not go out because we had no internet last night evening.  So I am backdating this to yesterday, January 3rd.

Sadly there was a tragedy on December 28th here on Isla de la Piedra just out front of our site.  A young Mexican from Chihuahua died as a result of a banana boat ride gone wrong. A 15 year old had a permanent tracheotomy and wanted to ride the banana boat.  For some reason his parents allowed him to do so. They apparently had not observed how the boat operated and how often it tipped far out in the ocean nor how it also tipped as they came back to the beach. The boat did tip and he fell into the ocean and water infiltrated his lungs. He was brought back to shore in the lancha and given CPR.

It took over 2o minutes for the police to arrive. The life guards were on site but there was not much else they could do. The boy was put onto a backboard and they lifted him into the back of the police truck for the long ride up the beach to the Playa Sur Embarcadero. He did not survive. Such a tragedy.

We had visitors arrive shortly after, it was a sad time for us. Not sure which pup this was but she has perfected her view of the beach.

We had a long and lovely happy hour with Nancy and Randy whom we have known since 2009. They were Rvers here for several years and now rent a place here on the Isla for the winter. They like us, stay away from others so it was a safe and enjoyable visit.

There was more wave action the next day.

It was cool but I did sit out for the afternoon and to watch the sunset.

I have already posted my sunset photos from December 31st but these are a few of Colin’s. On the right at the top of El Faro is a lighthouse which many hike up to during the day to see some wonderful views.

Colin zoomed in on the colour of the sky.

Of course it was just the two of us on New Years Eve. Unlike other years where we dressed up and dined at the Plazuela Machado and brought in the New Year we were on our own.  Lovely champagne from France which I picked up at Trader Joe’s. La Burgondie. We actually did stay up until midnight and were treated to a lovely display of fireworks from the Malecon.

Going back a day, I discovered that I had not published the wonderful sunset from December 30th. So here goes…

Such a subtle change in colour.

We don’t have a magnificent sunset every night but when we do the colours are incredible.

Stay tuned for a very special January 4th post, coming sooner that later 😆




Jan 02, 2022

Catching up

I discovered the other day that we have photos that were missed what with Christmas and all. This post will be part one of catching up on our 2021 photos.

This is a desert rose, I have had it since it was only a foot high. All the flowers and leaves were destroyed by the hurricane. But it is coming back. It can grow up to nine feet high.

Click here to read about it and see more photos. I just now learned that it is a poisonous plant. Good thing I looked this up for this post. The girls will be kept well away from my two plants.

Adenium obesum produces a sap in its roots and stems that contains cardiac glycosides. This sap is used as arrow poison for hunting large game throughout much of Africa[5] and as a fish toxin.[6]


A new plant I purchased three weeks ago. I used to have one but it was in a small pot and eventually died. I do not yet know its name but I saw it just the other day as a full grown beautiful tree. Thankfully I planted this one in a large pot.

It has this tiny yellow star like bud/stamen? that I have only seen few times. Next thing I know there are more flowers coming.

This is where the girls wait for us if either one of us leaves the yard for something. Even if I am here and Colin leaves for 5 – 10 minutes  they will sit and wait. I hope that this is good training for them being left alone. To the right is my second small desert rose. The branch would have to be broken open for the poison to some out.

More beach training.

Usually we eat dinner and watch an hour or two of taped TV. This is Carlie who was under the blanket and then did a full stretch on her back. For the last three nights she has left the living room area and headed to her crate to rest.  Ciela stays with us.

I guess that as we have the wine and are not going out because of the frightful virus that we might as well let the wine flow.



Jan 01, 2022

Feliz Año Nuevo


We spent a quiet day watching the locals and visiting Nationals enjoy the beach.  It was a lovely day to just sit and relax and think about the Que Pasa in our lives  and our future.

Last sunset of 2021.

First sunset of 2022.


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