May 15, 2019

Brief update

Our long haul overseas flight was from Montreal to Istanbul. We just boarded and were given a juice of made with fresh fruit.  This was raspberry.

It was a good flight with wonderful food.  Colin slept well on the lie flat seat.  I managed a solid 2 hours, up to the bathroom and then another 90 minutes.  They served breakfast as it was 7AM Montreal time but 2PM Istanbul time.   I can’t see myself eating for a few days 🙄

We were delayed 45 minutes as the plane circled and circled and circled.  I was getting nauseous.  Finally the wheels descended and we were going in for our landing but it was aborted 😯  Scary.  The captain said something about another plane being on the runway.  As I said, frightening.  Enough to rethink your life and flying.

The new Istanbul airport has a reputation for long walks from point A to B.  Sadly we landed at the furthest gate and we are taking off from the next gate which means another thirty minute walk.

It also means that between the delay landing and the long walk to the transfer area and security check, we have only had one hour here in the fabulous Turkish Airlines lounge instead of just over three hours. No time for a regular blog post as we have to start walking in a few moments.

We are about to start the fourth leg of this trip.  Once we land the first part of our vacation starts.  Feel free to guess where our first stop is.  Those of you who know where we are stopping tonight please hold back.

Not bad for a selfie after a 9.5 hour flight.

No worries I will do a proper catch up post tomorrow once I have a proper sleep.


May 14, 2019

A long day thus far

Thanks for the ride to the airport Inger. No problems checking in.  I had to laugh when the agent said he was suprised that we were traveling so light for the trip we were doing.  The two red suitcases were checked thru to our destination and we each had a personal item along with Colin’s mini guitar.  I am having trouble ( maybe I am tired and the lighting is low ) but using this laptop is an issue.  Please forgive any errors.

It was while we were waiting  for our flight to Vancouver that I checked all of our boarding passes and discovered that we had the wrong seats assigned to us for the overseas portion.  Air Canada could/would not help us.  I called the other airline but had to hang up as we had to board the flight.  Just a wee bit of stress.

We are supposed to be in 2JK but the boarding pass showed us in 3DE.  Not the end of the world but still not what I booked last July.  This is likely the last trip we fly business class ( the end of our points ) and I wanted it to be perfect.  We are only 45 minutes from boarding this flight and still don’t know for certain where we will be sitting.

Unexpectedly we arrived in Vancouver to rain and we had to walk off the flight and to the terminal though the rain.  My hair is somewhat flat but still presentable.

Next leg, Vancouver to Montreal.  We are each in our own pods with lie flat seats.

Business class was full.

We were 50 minutes late leaving because the crew had a tight connection.  We only arrived 25 minutes late. The service started with a beverage and a bowl of nuts.

First course was seared ahi tuna with black bean salad.  The tuna was melt in your mouth perfect.  Served with a lovely Italian wine.

Colin checked out the 20 plus latest movie releases while I decided to read.

My meal was cheese manicotti with Nicoise sauce and mozzarella.

I think that Colin’s choice was the best.

The oka, cheddar and brie cheese plate was perfect.

The warm cookie with a rich ice cream along with the rest of the porto served with the cheese plate was the end of the meal service, thank goodness.  Not quite.  They came along with chocolate bars, packages to chips, etc.  Anyone not in business class had to purchase any food or beverages on this flight.  That will be us next year.

We got to the Air Canada Maple Lounge only to be told that they were closing in 45 minutes but that we could go to the International Lounge.  As you can see it is very small but it was lovely to have a quiet place to sit and sip a glass of wine and charge our electronics.

I am surprised that we are so tired at it is only 6:30PM at home.  We are boarding the next flight in 45 minutes.  Where to you ask?  Be sure to check in tomorrow.  Please be kind re my grammar and spelling errors.  I am working fast so that I can have a bit of down time before we board and have to eat meal again  🙄






May 13, 2019

We are ready….

….and very excited for our flight in the morning.

We have been crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s and it looks like we are ready to fly off.  Gosh I even had my first manicure and pedicure in 15 years and it was a wonderful experience and I feel very pampered.  Maybe I will make it a just a before we go away thing.

Colin joined me today at my hairdressers.

So happy to be back with my regular lady.  My hair colour is what it should be, not to mention the cut.

We had a bit of drama last evening when this wee one hit the window. Colin picked it up and set it in a plant pot and it did eventually fly away.

The other bit of drama is that I couldn’t find the battery charger for my new camera.  I was looking everywhere and was getting upset when Colin finally just took the charger out of my hand, what I thought was the old one, and the battery and easily put them together  😯  In my rush, I had neglected to notice that I had flipped the battery which is why it did not fit 🙄

Here we are leaving and I have an early tomato growing in one of my pots.

Earlier this afternoon we moved the tomato plants and one cucumber plant over to a friends house and she will water them for us.  When we get back we will then replant them in our garden.  The turtle pot holds my portulaca blooms.  I plan to repaint those faded colors on my Mexican turtle pot when I get back.  You should see my to do list for when we return:)

Late last evening but before dusk as we were having dinner, we had company.  Two geese came over from the site to our right and started walking towards our grass area.  They stopped in their tracks once they spotted Charlie and ever so quickly bounded down the rocks to the lake.  Hopefully Charlie will continue to keep them off our patio.

So the suitcases are mostly packed.  We won’t close them until the morning.  I tried the rolling thing and also using cubes.  Problem was that I couldn’t close my suitcase.  So I only used the one large cube and stuffed small things into corners and tried to gently fold my cotton and rayon pieces on top.  It is going to be very hot as in 93F in some areas and I need to have cooler clothing.  I have the small carry on size piece of luggage and Colin has the next size up.  So I transferred a few things to his 3/4 full piece of luggage.  We will see how it goes.  My largest items are shoes.  I have six pair in addition to the pair I am wearing onto the plane. My feet do get sore with extensive walking and I need to wear two to three pair within a day, which means wearing one pair and carrying another with us as we sightsee.  We are checking both suitcases and each have a personal item plus the Guitalelei in a carryon bag.  Colin doesn’t want to be six weeks without a guitar.

Colin decided to store the Jeep in the storage lot, in front of the RV.  He left the Jeep car cover in Mexico and doesn’t not want bird poop sitting on the paint for six weeks.  There are fewer birds in the storage area.

Colin covered my car and put the golf cart on the driveway so that others will not use it for guest parking.

Time for my bath and our final non restaurant meal ( 😛 ) in six weeks.  See you at the airport in the morning 😆


May 12, 2019

Spring has arrived for our two trees

Our Amercian Mountain Ash starts with tiny tight buds.

Which slowly grow and begin to open ever so slightly.

And grow even more.

Until we see individual leaves.

Since I took this photo, the leaves are triple the size shown here.  The branches with nothing on them are not dead but have the very tiniest bits of green showing.

The Sunburst Thornless Honeylocust is a very late starter.

Once the tree buds up and they all open, it will be very full.

They both have small flowers in late spring which we will miss.  However I know that they will look very majestic when we return.  Both trees have been stopping places for many song birds thus far this spring.  I often pause what I am doing to simply listen to their song.  Such a great addition to our yard.


May 11, 2019

Golf course & goose control update

There have been trucks going back and forth to the golf course everyday.  Things are happening.  Likely folks will be playing on it before we get back in June.

The course is getting laid out.  I don’t know if it will be the same as before the flood.

Each tee and hole are being set out.  It will be interesting to see how the artificial turf is going to look.  Certainly at lot more eco friendly and less labour intensive for the volunteers.

The rail trail crosses over the creek next to the golf course.  That is why the fencing has been put in, to prevent people and their dogs from coming onto our property.

The creek has been re directed from when the flooding had it running right thru the middle of the course.

First we put up the red & silver foil ribbon to dissuade the geese from coming up onto the patio.  We have used this in the past but it only lasts so long before the wind breaks the ribbon.


Colin did more research and found this 3-D Coyote Predator Replica Canada Goose Repellent Coyote Decoy.  We were fortunate to actually find one here in Kelowna, otherwise we would have had to order it online and it would not have got here before we leave on Tuesday.

This Wind Movement 3-D Coyote Replica is a full-size, life-like replica of a menacing predator. It helps rid your property of Canadian geese, birds, and other small animals. It works without chemicals for a safe, humane and effective deterrent, and its 3-dimensional design provides 360-degree coverage that is visible from any angle.  So says the literature.  Hopefully we won’t be coming back to a patio full of you know what.  This critter who has been named Charlie the Coyote is very ferocious looking with a real looking ‘fur’ tail.  It has been windy this afternoon and Charlie moves from side to side ever so slightly.  Hopefully to a goose it looks like a real predator.

I finally got laundry done today.  Our water was been suddenly cut off both Thursday and Friday.  The first day, the paving crew broke the main water line, not sure what the reason was yesterday.  Fortunately we were able to use a bucket of lake water to flush the toilet as needed.  Even more fortunate I wasn’t in the shower washing my hair nor had I started the laundry.

Today has been a perfect day, with a high of 85F/30C and just enough wind to not have to turn on the A/C.  Hopefully we will have wonderful weather on on trip compared to the cold and rain we had last year.


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