Jan 14, 2017

Doing some catch up

We have been without internet for about 2.5 days over the last week.  So frustrating to not be able to be online.  I knew that the first day that it went out that I should have booted up my hot spot device but I didn’t because I thought that it was a one time thing.  Fortunately a fellow RVer allowed me to use his device late last evening to get my device working again which involved putting money on it and activating it online and then of course we got the park internet back late morning today.  It was well worth the $20.00 I spent and I have that time good till February 12th so all is well.

Carmeh is up and down these past few days.  We are trying to decide if we should take a new approach with her food but since about 10PM last night she has once again improved.  She has however developed an aversion to the beach these past four days and shakes and wants to head straight back home which she did yesterday.  Today she was a bit better and walked with us but with her tail between her legs.  Once we turn to head back home  ( each of these past 4 days ) she runs like the wind, wags her tail and is happy.   Some days she is in pain and others not and some days she eats and she can’t eat other days.  We can only take it one day at a time.

Carmeh is getting constant attention and poor Caeli is feeling left out and tends to sit under the table and the chairs to be out of our way.

January weather is upon us complete with daily morning fog which quickly burns off and cool nights which are great for sleeping.  That doesn’t stop this fellow from bringing his horses down the beach each morning.

The latest foal bringing up the rear.  Due to the high tide and waves the beach is sloping down to the ocean.

This was taken this past Tuesday, January 10th.

The next morning I spotted this fellow way out swimming on his back bring in his net during a very high tide. It was a struggle to get that net onto the beach.  If you look closely you can see a fish in caught in the net just above his right foot.  For all the work he did, he only caught six fish.

Colin was out at an appointment that morning for a few hours and Carmeh on one of her not so good days stayed up on the back of the sofa so that she could watch for his return. She is most happy when she is with Colin 24/7.  Needless to say that once he started to back the car in on his return, she was barking and most excited.

Caeli meanwhile just patiently hung out on the dash.

Another great sunset this last Wednesday.

Thanks for checking in and special hugs to those that emailed their concerns.  As long as we have internet I have lots of photos to share so be sure to stay tuned 😉





Jan 11, 2017

Life is full of contrasts

This photo is of our home in Kelowna, taken today when the temperature was -24C/-11.2F and with the windchill that made it -31C/-23.8F.  In a word COLD.  Thanks to our neighbor and friend Rosalie who took the photo.

Much as we love our summer home we especially love our winter home here on the Isla in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Here in January we are dealing with cooler temperatures on average of 27C/80.6F not to mention the golden sunsets each evening.


Jan 10, 2017

Stealth camping on the Isla

I had noticed this mother and son mainly because on their first day they were wearing matching T shirts.  They spent the day on the beach and every now and they they would take the ATV up and down the beach.  But they mostly spent the day out of the sun under their umbrella just enjoying the beach.

During the holiday season the Marines patrol the beach.

One of my new blooms.

I began to notice the mother and son on the beach each morning.   After a few days I mentioned them to other RVers.  It seems that I am behind the times.  Everyone knew that they were camping on the road right beside our RV site.  It is obvious that I don’t get out much much.  Well not true as we walk the beach each day but don’t head out to the back of the RV park often.

The moisture on the flower and leaves is from our high humidity.

The Mom and son had their pickup truck parked on the road just outside the RV park down the road to the beach.  The green tarp is over a tent set up on the back of the truck.  Those bougainvillea to the middle left of the photo are from my garden.  Nice to see my flowers flowing over to the road to the beach.

The mother and son camped on the road to the beach for four nights that I was aware of.  They were quiet and it was apparent that they were here for the beach and nature.  We never heard any noise from them.  Suddenly they appeared about 9AM each morning and were gone at sunset.  Then last Saturday about 4PM they were gone for good.  The license plate read Durango.

I can only hope that the son will have wonderful memories of the time his Mom took to bring him here to the beach here on the Isla over the holidays for four nights.  I will never forget it.  She would dress every day to the nines including a boardroom executive pink pantsuit complete with matching sun hat and shoes and sit under their umbrella as the son played or walked the beach.  On very few occasions she would mount the ATV behind him and go for a ride but they were ever so quiet compared to the other ATV’s  on the beach.  I wish that I had taken more photos but honestly it was my privilege to observe them simply enjoying the Isla day after day.  I so enjoyed their visit here to the Isla.



Jan 09, 2017

Would you like a pass to see Canada’s Parks for free?

2017 is the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation and Canadian Parks. The passes are normally charged for, but this year they are free! You may order your free annual park pass at the Parks Canada website by clicking here.  As Canada’s gift to you, the 2017 Discovery Pass will provide free admission for the entire year to Parks Canada places from coast-to-coast to coast!  This is open to everyone everywhere.  Perhaps this will be the year that you travel to Canada to do some site-seeing.  Please click here to get to the home page that will explain what the National Parks are all about and where they are located. For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across the country!


Just as the sun went behind El Faro.

Hopefully these two will catch some fish tonight.


Special thanks to Living Rich on the Cheap for posting about this first.




Jan 08, 2017

Not a great day at all

Sadly Carmeh woke up this morning with a full pancreatic attack.  She was also in pain for which I gave her Tramadol.  We did take her out for our beach water about noonish and of course she traveled in style in her buggy.  By the end of the day she was doing a bit better and even played for a few moments before bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better for her.  I so hate to see her in pain.

Oh the positive side I felt no ill effects from my Saturday massage so will give it another shot next Saturday.

As Carmeh just wanted to rest this morning, we used that time to finally take Christmas down and tidy up the inside of the RV.

Sunset this evening.

Hopefully tomorrow I will find the time to do a proper post.  Thanks for all your comments and questions yesterday.  They have been answered if you want to go back and check. For those of you still waiting for a reply to your email, I will get back to you eventually. In addition to my dealing with Carmeh there are a few others things out there that I am have to spend time sorting out.

Thanks for checking in.

Such color in the sky.


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