Mar 13, 2019

Yesterday turned out to be a stunning day

Monday evening we had an unexpected visitor.  King David, a successful business man here in Mazatlan and one of the owners of this RV park dropped by to ask Colin a favor. He is doing a new brochure and wants photos.  Umm we are leaving in a week.  No he said, just stay longer at no charge.  Sorry but we can’t as we have obligations elsewhere.  Colin could not say no and here he is first thing Tuesday morning heading off to work.  He had no idea what the day would involve.

He was everywhere, doing a few days work in one day. He came home for 40 minutes to have lunch and was picked up in an ATV and off he went. Once he has some photos ready I will share them with you.  I meanwhile was preparing for our trip North.  I have to order some items from Amazon, etc.  We only have one more shopping day in Mazatlan and I did not want to forget anything.  And of course I was still dealing with a few computer issues.

As the day drew to a close the weather became cloudy and cool.

A few folks had organized a farewell happy hour complete with appies and a chili dinner as a send-off for all of us.  The wind continued thru the happy hour and we wondered if we would be rained out.  Of course we had our palapa to fall back on if needed.  Don’t you love my new glass.

Mother Nature decided to give us a spectacular farewell.

There were three chilis to enjoy as well as salads and garlic bread. We all contributed.  This was taken with my iPhone.

And this one with my camera.

The changing colors of the sky were our entertainment.  All the sunset shots were taken with my iPhone.

Someone, I believe it was Audrey, said that this was the best sunset since Christmas.

It did not want to end.  How fortunate we all are to be here on the Isla, to enjoy each others company and to be so close to the beauty of nature.

The evening ended with a bonfire.

We did not attend. I was extremely tired. In fact we were both in bed by 9:30PM and I slept until 7:30this morning.  I really needed that rest.




Mar 12, 2019

The last week

This is a bit of what Colin and I have been doing over the past several days when not with Rae.  FYI Colin’s little incident happened last Wednesday and he was fine the next day ( after sleeping for almost 20 hours ).

Colin washed the car and very carefully we got it moved under the palapa out of the sun.  He then spent a full day waxing it.

He later did a very thorough interior clean.

Wouldn’t you love to be sitting there watching the waves?

Sundays we get a lot of motorbikes visiting from other villages.

Late Sunday afternoon we were invited to a presentation of Bob & Marjorie’s 21 day trip to Vietnam last November.  Very informative.

Carefully backing the car out Monday morning. Colin was on his way to pick up Sofia, my masseuse.  Only one more massage to go.  Last one until November.

Our bougainvilleas are getting so large and almost taking over the yard.  When I planted those eight years ago they were only two to three feet tall.

We spent a few hours yesterday cutting them back and down.  Some were over the top of the palapa and  others were very close to the RV.  So major surgery was involved.

An iPhone sunset last night.


Mar 11, 2019

A very special visit from my computer guru

With full disclosure I am admitting to editing these photos in iPhoto.  I have made an executive decision, and why the heck not, as this is my blog, that I will be using iPhoto until we get back from Europe the end of June.  I have enough new computer things to get used without adding that headache.  I will endeavour to figure Photos out over the summer.  Each photo edit is a huge learning curve and I simply don’t have the time right now nor will I when in Europe.  So to keep myself and you happy ( as in getting photos with each  blog post ) I will continue to use what I have been using for the past nine years.

I met Rae online several years ago and she became interested in the Isla. We emailed back and forth, I helped find her her home here, explained how to get water, veggies, etc and maps were sent.  Once here we visited back and forth and because we both used Apple products and she knew what she was doing as opposed to me it evolved that Rae began to help me when I was in trouble.  Over the years we have remained friends as well as had a working relationship.  I do mean a working relationship.  She worked and we paid, just so you know that you can’t take advantage of her.  Her trip here evolved for a number of reasons and it just happened to work out that this was the time for my big ( to me ) computer change.  Rae told me years ago that I needed to do this but I was not open to change at the time.  I have to give her huge kudos for sticking with me. So I was  elated to realize that we would have a chance to meet, have some fun and do the nasty computer switches.

We met with Rae the day after she landed here in Mazatlan. Colin and I were doing our weekly shopping at the mercado when he began to be dizzy and felt faint.  A first in our  over 30 years of marriage.  I sent him out to the fresh air while I paid for my last purchase.  Colin had found a chair at this woman’s table. He was cold and clammy to the touch.  I had him put his head between his knees.  Meanwhile I texted Rae and she met us.

The original plan was for the three of us to have a shrimp burger at Tony’s.

Colin sat outside as he was still faint and nauseous.  Rae and I throughly enjoyed our  shrimp burger.  I should have taken Colin back to the Isla right away but I thought that it would pass and he would eat with us.  However once home, he slept for the next 24 hours and woke up feeling just fine.  I will say that I was most concerned that perhaps he had dengue or??

Lovely sunset last Wednesday.

Rae came over last Thursday and did her magic over a large part of the day.  I however did not have the right potion to keep up and my eyes and brain glazed over.  I have to say that I did come up with a new great shrimp quesadilla meal that kept her happy.  I spent all of the next day working with what I was supposed to know and made copious notes including pages of questions. You need to know that until a year ago I only had a desktop computer and a laptop for travel.  Then I got the iPhone.  Less than month ago I was the owner of a new iPad.  Then all four devices where changed.  Mind boggling for me.

Last Friday evening Colin and I headed into Mazatlan to meet Rae.  She had been enjoying Art Walk to the fullest.  We got there early and stopped for a drink.  Here we are trying to do a selfie. Obviously I have no idea where to look at the iPhone camera.

Unlike the previous Friday when we were there with Laura and Alan and were the only foreigners,  this time the Plazuela was mostly full of Americans and Canadians.

The three of us dined at Gaia and there was an excellent Mexican group playing.  Their music was perfect for the diners and many of the Mexicans spent the night on the dance floor.

We shared a lovely appetizer, breaded zucchini with a fabulous dip.

So much to catch  up on.

Colin and I did get in a dance or two. Thank you Rae for taking this video.

All of our meals were excellent. It was a great evening.

Rae cracking up after sharing a personal thought/joke with the pulmonia driver.

Colin and I arrived at the embarcadero only to hear a plaintive cry from a wee kitty.  The lady whose feet are to the right of me threw out a taco chip to the cat.  The cat was unable to break it into tiny pieces so I went over to do  that.  I realized that the chip was full of salt and said in Spanish that it was too salty for the gato.

The woman reached into her grocery bag and brought out a stack of tortillas wrapped in paper and offered me one. I fed the cat piece by tiny piece until the entire large tortilla was gone.  So sweet to feel the nibble of tiny teeth against my fingers once again.

Eventually the launcha  arrived and we had to depart towards the Isla.  I watched as the kitten/cat poked its small head out to see where I had gone.  Yes I had a lump in my throat.  I thanked the woman yet again for the food for the gato.

Arriving home yet again.

Rae came and worked on all my questions and concerns for a good part of  Saturday.  I kept her fed with more shrimp and some wine with her meal.   After all that is the civilized French way to dine.

Saturday’s sunset

Rae was meeting another friend on the Isla Sunday and dropped by afterwards.  We spent a couple of hours dealing with the rest of my questions.  Other than Photos I was good to go and I think that Rae thought so as well.

Another great sunset  Sunday.

It was sad to say adios after seeing each other for five days.  I so appreciated Rae’s visit and all her wisdom.  She is off in the morning, anxious to reunite with her beloved Bonita.




Mar 10, 2019

Our RV repairs are finally complete

I previously mention that the generator was complete, except for the radiator cap.  The muffler has been repositioned.  So the being things are done but there were several some small things still remaining and we got those completed this last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Replacing the broken skylight over the bathroom. A very kind RVer brought it down for us mid February.

There was a problem with one of our ceiling lights. All it needed was the be taken apart and to have the corroded contacts cleaned.

Above my head when we are driving is a cupboard that I call my book cupboard.  A few years ago we noticed that it was sagging and Erik fortified it.  The current problem is a very unpleasant noise.  Colin traced it down to the end of a screw hitting the window.  But how to fix it.

First I had to empty the contents. Way way too many books. So I looked at them all and chose the ones that I was least interested in reading. I gave 36 of them away.  I still have over 30 books up there.

How empty and stripped cupboard.  Erik located the screw, cut it off and added four others to reinforce the area.

So much stuff up there behind those panels.

Next up was our non electric fan vent.

I knew this side was splitting.

But the other side was worse.  The plastic was so brittle that it likely would not have made it back to the US where we planned to get a new one.  Erik just happened to have the part.  Wonderful.

For many many years I have been putting my feet up against the dash in front of me and it has started to wear very badly. It did not look nice.  Colin had purchased the right color material to create a cover but had no idea how to proceed.  The amazing Erik came up with an easy solution that involved two anchor straps, placing the vents within the fabric and adding a few buttons to hold it into place.  The left side was simply tucked between the two sections of the dash.

Isn’t that simply brilliant?

Some roof caulking and around the newly painted mirrors.

I even got my broken shoe drawer glide fixed.

Putting in our new slide curtains. Two of the four has fallen apart so we had all four redone but with a snap on system.

The old ones used to roll in with the slide but this looks just fine.

I did not catch all the little repairs done but we are so happy that this is all over with.  Well for this season at least.  It started with our roof AC units being replaced which you can read about here.  Certainly lots of repairs this year.  Hopefully we will get a break next season.


Mar 09, 2019

My brains are being fried

I have a visitor here who is helping me with some major computer changes.  I am not computer literate so this is extremely difficult for me.  I almost lost it after she left Thursday.  It is difficult to cope with so many changes at once.  One of the changes is a switch from Firefox to Safari.  All of the changes have to implemented in my four Apple devices, the desktop, laptop, new iPad which I am still trying to figure out and the iPhone.

We saw many termite wings on the beach yesterday.

Today was yet another marathon session and I am now supposed to be using Photos instead of iPhoto.  Well guess what?  I refuse to, well at least for tonight 😯  I am done.  No little grey cells left.

Can you spot the three birds in this photo?  No don’t count the dust spots:). We never had a walk today and I can hardly wait to get out there again tomorrow.

The main reason for this post is that I am unable to make comments on other posts.  It was fixed for a short period of time earlier today but it is not working again.  Please know that I am reading your posts but unable to comment.

Session three is tomorrow.  The timing is a bit off as we are leaving here in only eleven sleeps including tonight.  The season is coming to an end and I already have had to decline two invitations.  We only have so many hours left 😕  Is my research done for Europe?  No, still at least two full days left.  Oh well, poco a poco.  These computer updates are a necessity, it’s just that I don’t have much left in me to absorb more knowledge.

Earlier tonight. Taken with my iPhone but transferred to iPhoto, not Photo. I will get to that eventually but I can only do so much in one day.



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