Jan 11, 2018

Credit card fraud

Did not post yesterday due to being very busy between trying to feed our girl, having a massage and attending a celebration of life ceremony.

It was suggested by long time blog reader Don that I call our beach dog “Princess” alluding to some wording I used in describing her behavior.  Usually I just call her honey but I will try out Princess.  I did not see her at all on Tuesday and not until end of day yesterday, Wednesday.  Details  and photos soon.  Also saw her this afternoon.

We were in town today visiting with  friends and doing some errands including getting my iPhone set up with a Mexican Telcel SIM card.  There were several issues with getting it set up so in the end we had to spend 180 pesos ( $11.67 CAD ) to go the the Telcel office via taxis ( round trip ) and get it sorted out.  What I thought was the package I was getting turned out to be no longer available so I had to start all over at the beginning.  So once again I am behind on emails and blog posts.  I did learn that the unlimited calls within the US and Canada only lasted for 30 days once we actually left Mexico and could only be restarted once back in Mexico.  So I now have unlimited calls to and from Mexico, US and Canada including texts, messenger etc and 1500mb of data for 300 pesos/$19.44CAD/$15.54USD for 30days.  After thirty days I will downgrade to 200 pesos per month which only includes 1000mb as well as unlimited everything else, but is good for 33 days 🙄

Just about sunset tonight I realized that I really needed to track my banking as I had made three ATM withdrawals that I had not added to my cheque book.  That led me to paying some credit card bills and discovering that our CIBC Visa had been compromised with a $338.25 charge to our credit card in Calgary, Alberta on January 3rd  for a car rental while we were here in Mazatlan at the time.  I was on the phone for close to 90 minutes  ( yeah for the free phone call on a good connection as opposed to using Magicjack on the RV park internet ) getting it sorted out.  It may take up to 60 days before that amount is refunded to us.

It is now 9:25PM and we have yet to have dinner.  I have also been doing some nursing activities these past 10 days.  One person paid me, as a thank you, 200 pesos to use for dog food 😀

A very quick snapshot of the sunset tonight.

Hope to get caught up soon, as we are leaving on a road trip January 22nd.  Just might have to do more than one post per day to catch up.  Meanwhile between doing my nursing thing, finding and feeding the dog or just leaving food out for her along the beach, visiting with friends ( and more visits to come ), walking the beach every day and trying to keep my garden alive I am rather busy.  Haven’t had time to read a book in over a week but I am not complaining ( Colin does find time to play his guitar each day and helps me as much as he can but I am the one dealing with the minute details, etc ).  Plus I haven’t even started researching our trip to Europe in May.  Life is invigorating rather than dull and repetitive.  We had to turn down two dinner invitations tonight.  Mind you those come along very very rarely but we can only manage one outing per day.  We had a great time with friends today and a post is coming on that as well as more on our girl.  She is amazingly smart.

By the way I am looking for someone to water our garden two or three times while we are away 😎


Jan 09, 2018

Chance encounter

We had seen a certain dog on the beach since just before Christmas.  It was apparent that she was weak and hungry.  The two times that we saw her she was so far away from the RV parks that there was nothing we could do for her as we had no food nor water.  Once she came out of the coconut plantation in the middle of nowhere and she tried to follow us but was so weak that she had to stop every 15 steps of so and lay down to rest.  Hours later I saw her begging for food from the tourists at the restaurant next to us, a very long walk for her.  I felt so very bad for her.  Then we never saw her for almost 10 days.  Hard to say the exact dates as I was not noting the amount of time passing.

It was obvious that she was either pregnant or had recently given birth.  I was too upset the first few times I saw her to really check her out. Perhaps she had been pregnant then.  I was overwhelmed with how weak she was but what could I do.  I am not sure but now suspect that perhaps in the time we had not seen her that she had given birth.

So just a few days ago, Sunday the 7th, we happened to meet up with friends and walked the beach together.  On the way back we saw the dog.  They had seen her a few times also.  So we were almost back to where we lived when we saw her and she was ahead of us and looking for a handout at the restaurant but they had no clients yet.  We talked about getting her something to eat as she walked off towards RV2 where it looked like she entered the park in search of food.  We had no dog food but Grant suggested even just feeding her tortillas would be good as it would give her calories.  So Colin headed home to get those and some water.  Our friends carried on back to their place and said they would pick up some dog food for another day.  Meanwhile I followed Colin home and we came back to the beach to find her.  Turns out that she was approaching RV1.  We beckoned to her and she willingly followed us.

There are many many beach dogs and many are homeless.  Many RVers do not like them coming around and chase them off, sometimes very aggressively.  They don’t want dogs coming in and marking their furniture or doing their business in their sites.  I understand all that but this one is special.  She is a starving mother.  But I am not allowed to help her here or keep food out for her.

So last Sunday she quietly followed me to a table in front of the restaurant away from the RV park and near the beach. No one else was around.  We had water and tortillas.  I fed her small pieces of tortillas all the while wishing I had something more nourishing.

She ate like a princess, so very polite and dainty.

She patiently waited as I prepared the next piece. Her eyes never left my hands.  She had 3 small bites then drank a lot of water, then back to eating.  She was starving but so very polite.

A beautiful dog.  Clean, no smell, no bugs or ticks and the whitest teeth.  Grant thought that she wasn’t more than a year old.  Likely the male beach dogs got her at her first heat.  She isn’t more than a pup herself.

About 6 or 7 bites in, I petted her head and she immediately stopped chewing and closed her eyes and almost sighed.  She was craving love and attention.  I continued to give her pets and rubs.  It was almost like she had an owner or perhaps she still does.  Perhaps they do not have the money to feed her.  She seemed to be used to people who cared about her.  Did she belong to someone long ago?  Was she lost?  My mind never stopped with the possibilities.

She stood at first to eat but as I kept feeding her and petting her she sat and relaxed.  Remember this dog is emaciated and starving but would stop eating just to get some love.  Despite being so very hungry she remained polite and waited for me to offer her a bite.  She never ever tried to grab the food.

I flipped up my hat so I could see her better.  At this point her tail never stopped wagging.

She decided that she had had enough to eat.  It took 5.5 tortillas and all the water we had.  She then lay down and totally relaxed.  Then after two or three minutes she simply got up and trotted away.

Later that evening…

My thoughts were on the dog the rest of the day.  I hoped that she had had enough food to feed her and her babies.

Indeed a different day on the Isla.

There is more to the story of this lovely sweet girl.  And no we are not going to adopt her.  She is a free spirit of the beach and this is where she belongs as she likely was born on this beach as were her pups. We will do the best we can for her over the next while.  Stay tuned…….



Jan 08, 2018

Spur of the moment walk down the beach

We had already done our 7000 step beach walk but I felt like another walk, so Saturday afternoon we decided to head up the beach toward the restaurants for a walk and perhaps a margarita for me.  We ended up at El Velero, our favorite beach hangout.

One margarita turned into two and then we decided to order coconut shrimp. The shrimp were huge and the mango sauce was the perfect accompaniment.  The veggies were nicely steamed and very tasty with just a hint of butter.  Just love the veggies here in Mexico not to mention the fish.

Towards the end of our meal a beach entertainer whom we have never seen before started to do an elaborate set up.

With a great deal of drama he broke all the bottles and here he is walking barefoot on the glass.

He then juggled oranges, cracked a whip a few times, did a few other odd things and suddenly began to juggle batons with fire on the one end. At the end of the performance he passed a cup for donations but did not come up into the restaurant where we were.

A different end to an impromptu beach walk.  So passes another day on the Isla.




Jan 07, 2018

The Jeep went shopping

I don’t think that I have mentioned that we had a leak in the front left tire of the Jeep. We tried a local tire guy here on the Isla but he told us that he could not repair it and that we needed a new tire.  We used the spare as shown above for a few weeks but did not go far at all, mostly just to drop off and pick up laundry and to the embarcadero.

So we waited until Christmas and New Years was over and that I was finally feeling normal again before we did anything about it.  There is only one advertised tire shop in Mazatlan that deals with Goodyear tires and that is where we went last Thursday.

Right on the street corner next to the tire place were some street performers. Boundless energy.  You might say that they had a captive audience.  Just as the traffic light changes they pass a hat for coins.

So what seems to be the problem?

Bottom line we needed a new tire. So Colin decided that we would get two new tires so that they would be balanced.  It did appear that the other front tire might only be good for another 5 – 8 thousand miles so it made sense to do it now.

They just so happened to have four of the exact tires that we needed in stock. Lucky us.  The installed price was 4211 pesos each.  A cost of $2.92 USD to install and balance ( which they did properly with with weights ) per tire.  However the overall cost per tire was approximately $29.00 more per tire that it would have cost us to buy the same tire in the US not including installation and balancing.  I think we did very well overall.  So glad we decided to get two now and not wait until we got back home.  Time saved 🙂

Friday we finished that game of Mexican Train. Guess who won? Colin got 206, the rest of us checked out at 325, 396 ( me ) and 448.

Then we just had to play a few games of Jenga. Guess who won yet again?

Life is good here on the Isla.



Jan 06, 2018

January calendar girls

Where they dreaming of a nap after their beach walk?  I have no idea.  They sure did love a good snuggle with us.  Or are they dreaming about walking the beach?


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