Feb 16, 2021

Que pasa

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. You have made us even more excited. How many toys should they have?  I don’t think we have enough.  Today, at six weeks plus one day they were checked by a vet and got their first shots and deworming. They are ready for their first road trip 😆

Starting off with just another 30 second video.  This was taken just a few days ago when they were first allowed to explore. That is their mom Cleo, barking in the background. I am quite pleased that they each went their own way to explore.  The darker one, Carlie, seems to be a bit of a whiner. I’m sure she just needs more time to adjust to new things. They look so very long, even to us.

Ciela is a Spanish name which means sky or heaven. Hyphenation: ciè -la. The proper pronunciation is found by clicking this link and then clicking the tiny green arrow just behind the name Ciela.

I was told that some of you were not able to make the video in yesterdays post work, it has been repaired so you can go back and watch the video and listen to the sweet puppy sounds. Don’t worry this blog won’t always be about the twins.  Well maybe for just the first few weeks 😳  Please do feel free to comment or email me when you have had enough 😉 I promise to cut down.

We had snow fall on the 14th & 15th and just a bit this morning. All of a sudden we are having three kinds of tracks on our patio. Do you think these might be a raccoon?  So hard to tell.

Yesterday this guy used his leaf blower to move the snow.

Colin did it the old fashioned way. Hmm looks like I have dust spots on my lens.  Dang!!!!

I was shocked to see this guy skating with a flashlight last evening.

My first sighting of a cross country skier this morning.

Why would anyone ride their bike on a frozen lake? I guess to just say that they did. He was even wearing a helmet.

More ice sculpting.

Late this afternoon as the sun went behind the hills, another first. Someone had brought a snowmobile to the lake to take his kids out on a toboggan. I am sure that they all had a grand time. We are still seeing new things every day.

It is up to each one of us. Yes we are all tired of lockdown but if we want to be free again to hug and enjoy freedom, please do the right thing.







Feb 15, 2021

We got two chocolates for Valentines Day

Actually milk chocolate and dark chocolate mixed with tan.

We just want to let you know that Colin and I had twins, born on January 4th. It was not planned 😳 We had spoken with our breeder sometime in November and discovered that there was a two year waitlist for new puppies. We were still not ready to make to make a commitment. So decided to wait and see how Covid was expressing itself by March or April before we made a decision to put our name on the list. We received a phone call on January 8th. Cindy’s personal dachshund had just had three female pups and she was offering us two, the pick of the litter. We were very surprised and it took a while to wrap our heads around it. We were not expected to make a decision until their eyes opened which gave us a bit more time to think it through.

We lost Carmeh and Caeli the end of March 2017. We couldn’t bring ourselves to get the same colour as the last four doxies and with the offer of chocolate and tan pups, our hearts opened. When these two get home it will be just four weeks and five days short of being without a dog for four years.  A very long time.  But we are ready.  Covid has shown us that time is short and it is unlikely that we will be returning to Europe for a few years.

As we had given everything dog related away to either the Animal Shelter in Mazatlan or to the SPCA here in Kelowna, we needed to start from scratch. So what did we do first, go shopping of course. I kept saying, that if we don’t get the twins that we can always take everything back. Of course deep down we knew that we would take them. They are not in our home yet and already they are very spoiled. They are already enrolled in puppy training classes 😎

This photo was taken at five days old on January 9th. Eyes are closed and you can see the umbilical cord.

Click on this link for a short video ( less than a minute ) taken at two weeks. Turn up your sound.

This is Ciela at three weeks.

This is Ciela at three weeks.

This is Carlie at three weeks on January 19th.

And at four weeks.

Ciela taken today @ six weeks.

And Carlie.


Feb 14, 2021

This past Friday ( the 12th )was another one of those days

On the 4th of February I was to take my computer in for repairs but the fellow had to postpone to Friday the 12th. He was supposed to call us when the parts were in.  We never heard from him all of last week despite leaving texts, voicemails and emails. We also did not have his address as he was working from home during Covid. The appointment was at 10AM. So I simply put his name in Google to try and find an address and was quite surprised at what I found. He has had several reports to the Better Business Bureau as well as many news articles. Turns out that he is shyster and is well know for not returning calls for months and months. Even worse if he has your computer, folks have waited over a year to get it back. He was in trouble for using the funds of a Go Fund Me that he did for friends. 10K simply gone. Allegedly the CRA ( Canada taxes ) took half of it due to an outstanding account. Remember the 2018 Humboldt Broncos crash. He started to sell T shirts on line to collect funds for the team. People sent in their money but never got the shirts.

As I was learning of this Colin received a text saying that he would have to cancel for yet another week. Phew!  Saved from a serious problem. We had already decided to not use him. Colin had taken on the chore of finding a repair place and had found this guy and it all appeared to check out on the surface. There are only a few choices here in Kelowna for computer repairs and my best solution was to go with Simply Computing who are still closed due to smoke damage from a fire. I can’t wait until sometime in March. So I Googled “repairs for Apple products in Kelowna” and came up with the perfect company. They have been in business since 2011, have a proper office, an outstanding website and are so very organized. We spoke on the phone for thirty minutes and this tech totally understood my needs and will simply clone my old hard drive onto the new one. He only charged a $70.00 diagnostic fee as a deposit which will go towards the entire repair. The final price is within a few dollars of the first quote. He is an authorized Apple technician. Gosh, I wish we had found him years ago. While I was still on the phone with him I got a receipt for the fee and a second email with a proper ticket number. He will do the repair on the same day. They are on the second floor and he offered to come down and carry the computer upstairs for us. Really nice guy. He has the SSD in stock but needs to order the RAM and Monday is a holiday here in our province and hopefully the Ram will come in on Tuesday. So it sounds like it will all work out.

I had a chiropractic appointment in Vernon at 11:30AM which we both forgot about as we chatted about the new tech. So suddenly it was rush rush rush to get out of the house. Something was wrong with the car.  The air ride suspension would not work and we were riding on the suspension. Rather bumpy. As we drove I called the Jeep dealership in Vernon and was told that likely the line was frozen due to the cold temperatures we have been having and we should put the car in a warm garage.  Sorry but we don’t have a garage.  He said not to drive it much as it might damage the suspension. We kept driving but carefully. The car did thaw out and started to work by the time we were ready to drive back to Kelowna. However we had the same problem when we went out on Saturday so the car will be going in Thursday morning.  There is a possibility of condensation being in the lines. The following photos are not directly related to my writing.

The edges of both Wood and Kalamalka lakes were frozen. I was on the phone with the Jeep dealership when I saw strange white wispy clouds hovering over Kalamalka. Wish I was better able to see it and get more shots. Must be something to do with the cold air hitting the lake. The chiropractor asked if we had seen it driving in.  She describes it as so beautiful that it brought tears to her eyes.

We had errands that needed to be done before we drove home. Colin made a point of putting the front of the car in the sun each time we stopped. At our first stop I discovered that I had left Fridays list at home and taken Saturdays list in error. So I sat and did my best to try and recreate the list. We forget a few minor items that we picked up Saturday. We had to pick something up at Canadian Tire and it turns out the item had gone up $10.00 as the sale ended Thursday. I even had the price on my iPhone but no go. So we left. While sitting in the car Colin decided to go back in to customer service and buy it anyway. The lovely lady said that she would honour the sale price 😀  Our last stop was to pick up dinner, I had forgotten but not Colin. We really enjoy Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake pizza. They had a 20% off promotion for the Valentine weekend. Another savings. I like to add more cheese and it is a tasty meal. Sadly the franchise here is no longer operating so we only can get it when we are in Vernon.

Skaters going down the lake in the midst of snow flurries this morning. We could barely see them.

Finally we were on the highway headed for home, the sun was shining and the car was working properly. There was a large semi in the right lane slowly going up a hill.  We were already in the left lane when I screamed but Colin was already correcting. Thank goodness he is a two foot driver. Those extra seconds to move his foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal might have been too late. There was a young lady driving a tiny blue car directly  behind the semi. I guess she was impatient with her slowed speed and she made a quick turn of the wheel towards our lane.  She never even shoulder checked  but just headed right towards us. Colin did what he had to do.  She must have been shaken as she pulled back in behind the semi. As we passed she was smiling and her male passenger was laughing.

Later this Valentine morning the snow changed to lovely fat flakes.

It took a few moments for me to settle. Colin is such a good driver. He is always watching and is prepared. We had to drop my books off at the library and finally got home. I was too worn out to post about the day.  Even posting about it now I am emotionally worn out. Yes Friday was certainly one of those days. To be honest I really did not want to go out again on Saturday but we have a few deadlines that we have to meet by next week end.

I hope that you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day. We were pleasantly surprised by some falling snow. So pretty to watch it fall. The temps rose a bit today and so it did eventually melt. Funny how after the arctic air, we now consider -8C/18F warm. The geese are just coming in now for the evening. We never saw them when it was so cold.

-47C is -52.6F.

Some fun thoughts for my American readers.


Feb 13, 2021

A busy day on the ice

I have skipped over yesterdays ( Friday ) events.  Mostly because I still have not recovered from the day. Don’t worry, you will be getting the full story 😯  Today was another busy day for us. I can’t remember the last time we went out to do errands two days in a row.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. We were both so happy to be heading home.

As we neared home we could not believe how many cars were parked along the side of the road. Then we noticed the number of skaters.  I  guess folks are feeling confident that the ice is thick enough to use. Where else can they skate during Covid?  See that tree in the middle of the photo. Our home is to the left of the trunk, along the edge of the ice and the bottom of the hills.

From home and by zooming in quite a bit I was able to capture a few of them.

I saw smoke further back to our left and able to zoom in on this! I assumed that they were ice fishing.

Meanwhile the kids and grandkids of a couple who live here in that park were also taking advantage of a skate day. We are still very cold, 14F / -10C, but much warmer than the past several arctic like days we have been enduring.

Shortly after we finished disinfecting our groceries and putting them away I caught movement on the ice. An ATV with a snow plow in front towing a toboggan with what looked like a fire pit. I  hope that they were not dumping the wood or whatever they were burning into their ice fishing hole.

Innovative way to walk your dog. He glided along and the dog ran fast.

I am Sexy Heart Throb and Colin is Sexy Sweet Heart. Feel free to share your Cupid name.

Oh, yes that was me front left of the photo last post, wearing the white pantsuit.  I have no recollection of owning that outfit. I couldn’t have been more than nineteen.


Feb 11, 2021

Moving along

It has been so cold that at times we can hear the lake ice expanding and contracting. We finally figured out what that odd sound we kept hearing was. It is our house expanding and contracting. The noise starts just as the sun is setting and the temps get even colder. It certainly looks like a beautiful day out there until one opens the door. I haven’t been outside all week. I saw someone walking today, she was fighting the wind and had  her head totally wrapped up with only her eyes peeking out. She did not look like she was enjoying her walk. I also saw a couple give their wee dog a walk, they were bundled up but the pup did not even have a sweater on 😥 We remain cold, very cold. Yesterday they even shut down some chairlifts at Big White because is was too cold.

Someone is attempting to organize a 50th high school reunion in Edmonton for May 1st. I know that I won’t be there.  Can you find me in this photo?

Of course I had more computer challenges.  Turns out that one problem that I have been working on for a few weeks is not fixable. I would have to delete Safari and all of my passwords in order to repair the problem. I have decided to just live with the problem. Not sure that I can recall all the passwords that are stored in this computer. Not worth the risk. It took 50 minutes to sort out my Fitbit problem. Basically I had to reinstall Fitbit Connect and start over. In the back of my mind I vaguely recall that one of the Apple techs had me shut down that app. Well at least I am once again functioning in that department.

Someone here in the park actually went outside ( unlike myself ) and got some good photos of the Rescue training exercises.

Before Christmas I had made my favourite shortbread cookie recipe which we really enjoyed. However I got confused and purchased ingredients for an English shortbread cookie that uses pastry flour and icing sugar. Not wanting to waste the ingredients we decided to make the English shortbread yesterday. Even though the recipe is hand-written I am not certain that I ever made it before. It calls for 3 to 4 cups of flour and talks about the dough being like pie pastry consistency but not dry. By the time I had put in 3 cups I could barely stir the mix any more so decided that was enough floor. I was mixing everything by hand.  So we started to bake the cookies but they all came out rather flat.  I don’t think that is how they were suppose to look.  I kept making larger dough balls to put on the cookie sheet but in the end they all flattened out. No matter how they look they are very very tasty. I guess I should have used more flour.

February 9th, 2020. I am doing ever so much better a year later in every which way.

February 23rd, 2020.

Hopefully now in 2021 we will have light at the end of the tunnel.


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