May 18, 2017

Evacuation order rescinded

Late yesterday, probably the same time that I was doing yesterday’s two photo posts, our evacuation order was rescinded.  The flood evacuation was over but we were cautioned to be aware of increasing lake levels due to the impeding snow melt.  That snow melt by the way is 147% above the normal 100%.  We had been officially evacuated for ten nights and late yesterday we were expected to go home.

Every year by mid to end of June our lake rises at least half way up to our patio or more, often closer to the patio level.  This is the natural spring run off which has not even commenced yet.  We are in no hurry to rush home.  I have no intention of being evacuated twice.

Colin was off this morning to Vancouver for two days work so I decided to head back home to evaluate the situation.  We had heard that the lake had been slowly receding.  Most folks are encouraged but we are realistic.  Besides once Colin gets back from Vancouver he has a full day shoot at Silver Star on Sunday and yet another full day shoot in Kelowna on Tuesday.  We really don’t have time to pack up, head home and take two days to unload.

The forecast for the next several days is heat which means melting.  We are being cautioned to be on alert in case of rising water.  Much better for us to remain where we are for another week and to assess the situation day by day and then decide when or if  to move back.

The only road to our park is now heavily sandbagged but I noticed that the lake was level to the road with just a tiny bit of water seeping under the sand bags.

On the bulletin board just as you enter our park.

A sign at the entrance to our street. When we left I had asked for some sort of restriction of traffic as the lookyloos were causing huge waves which were going under our home.

Apparently as I walked into our yard I frightened a pair of ducks and a pair of geese off our site.  The amount of their poop on our lawn and patio would fill a huge pail.

So yes the water has receded at least for now, but what a mess.

We even have large logs left on our site.

I took photos from a few angles and focused on various locations so that we could monitor the decline or rise of the water.

Yes that is an egg on our patio.

It appears to be a goose egg from what I gather.

The debris is made up of many different materials.

Bit by bit over the past few days the water has been receding.  As of today the lake level is lower than the patio by perhaps three inches.

Yesterday I did post the worst photos of the flood.  I had heard that the lake was receding but wanted a record here in my blog of what had happened and how high it had risen.

What a mess!  The lawn is also strewn with the poop of many fowl.

I think that we shall go back again on Saturday to further evaluate the situation.

As well we shall note whether the lake has risen or fallen.

I did not check under the house as I wanted Colin to be there for that moment. So right now we have no idea if we have any damage although it appears unlikely.

This was taped to the front of our door, a welcome home of sorts but really more of a warning in my opinion.  Boil drinking water, don’t move your sandbags  and if you don’t have any, get some, get an electrician to turn on your electricity.  It appears that ours was never shut off.

So when we do decide to return home we have a huge amount of work ahead of us.  First we have to unload the entire RV which includes our full office.  We of course have to clean off the lawn and patio.  Likely the basement will require power washing from one end to the other.

Then we have to go through all of the bins that Colin brought up from the basement, these are about half of what is in the house at the moment.  No sense putting them all back under the house if many of them are garbage.

So it is a big job to head back home and we refuse to do it if we decide that it is not safe.  Whether we return sooner or later, either way we have a good deal of work ahead of us.



May 17, 2017

Flood photos, part 2

There was serious concern that the only road to the RV park would be washed away as the water was coming up and over the embankment at the culvert.  Sand was quickly  being pushed into place and later layer after layer of sand bags were placed.

It is Monday, May 8th, evacuation day and the water continues to rise.

This is the level of the water on the street in front of our home just before Colin parked the RV in front.

Colin inverted some rolling trolleys that we use to put things under the basement to create a plank to walk onto to load the RV without getting too wet.

We did not evacuate Monday evening as we were having problems with the batteries which were arcing.  No one wants to move an RV sitting with four wheels in water with shooting sparks of electricity.  I did post about this earlier and an RV Tech resolved the situation at 8AM the next morning.

One of the first things I saw Tuesday morning, the 9th, were these geese floating just off our patio on this enormous log.

Quite the sight so early in morning.

I also noticed that our entire patio as well as our lawn was now underwater.

The hoops in the dog fence tell the story.  The lake was still rising.  The police who had come by Monday evening accepted that we could not move the RV but this morning it was time to move once the RV tech did his thing.

Facing the lake this was our neighbor to the left.  Did I tell you that I had to go buy some rubber boots the day prior ( Monday ), Colin already had some?

However, this day, Tuesday the 9th, as we left, I still got a boot full of lake water.

As you can see we really do live on Lake Lane.



May 17, 2017

Flood photos, part 1

I have been under the weather for past two days.  The stress finally got to me and I have dealing with a cold, the first in a very very long while.  Meanwhile I have finally been able to put together a photo time line of the rising water.

Way back to Friday May 5th we noted that the water was rising quickly.  Just over two weeks earlier when we got back to Canada we had beach, which is about five feet lower.

Our dog fence which is set over the declining slope of the rocks of our shoreline was showing the level of the rising lake.

The water was full of debris.

By the next morning, May 6th the water came up another step.  This is when we started to move the basement up into the house.

Much larger pieces of debris in the lake.  You can still see four fence loops here.

By Sunday, May 7th the critters were looking for higher ground.  In a few days all the earth worms were practically drowning as there was no longer any ground for them to crawl onto.

Today we started to move everything up into the house and to secure the patio furniture.

Early Monday morning, the 8th, we could only see the tops of three fence loops.

Shortly thereafter we spoke with the incident command officer at about 7AM and he advised that he would be issuing an evacuation order for us that day.  First we had to get my final vein treatment, I did have another but delayed that one till September.  As we drove I called RV park after RV park looking for a place to stay before I finally found the one site.  Shortly thereafter Colin called Freightliner and told them that the RV HAD to be ready by 3PM as we were being evacuated.

As we packed and loaded the lake kept rising.

In no time it was coming onto the patio.

Just a few hours later we had a duck floating on our patio.

The water just kept coming.

Soon it was starting to cover the lawn which it did cover within a few hours.

Meanwhile we just kept packing and loading.  Monday the 8th was turning into a very long day.

Part two coming soon.



May 15, 2017


I started the day with my three day check in with the ESS people and got four day vouchers.  Yeah, one more day free of not having to wait in line.

Followed by bloodletting for my annual physical coming up on Friday.

Next came some well deserved retail therapy.   I was in the shop for three hours and tried on almost everything.  Great place called Suzanne’s and I spent big bucks and feel wonderful.  I brought home three full bags.  At one point I wondered what Colin’s response would be re the $$$ but he loved the fashion show and my purchases.  I dislike shopping but today everything just seemed to flow.  It has been a very long time since I splurged, like over twenty years.  Nice to have some new duds that aren’t so old 😀

So now the wine is flowing and I should be thinking about dinner…easy peasy, smoked salmon with creme cheese & sweet onion on croissants.


May 14, 2017

Que Pasa

There is so much happening that I’m not sure where to begin.  We are just moving ahead poco a poco ( bit by bit ).

~ we both visited our chiropractor yesterday and as we suspected we were both way out.  Stress, adrenaline and packing will do that.  Sadly her clinic is under water in Vernon and she treated us at her home.

~ we have had recent rain which apparently has resulted in snow on our ski slopes.  The latest from the Emergency response folks is that this will likely go on until late June as there is much snow to melt, etc.  They say that there are only 400 people on evacuation notice.  Does that mean 400 homes or actual people?  Regardless, it blows my mind away that we are part of those 400.  I miss my house and I really miss my girls.  Sorry but the emotion of it all as we start to settle in is catching up to me.

~ it is very cold here for mid May, 46F at night with at high of 56F during the day.  Our RV only has single pane windows and we really do feel the cold.  Good news is that as I am no longer wearing my compression stockings I can now wear my fleece pants.  I had to wear one of my skorts so that I could keep pulling up my stockings every few minutes.  Between my fleece and my new pink colored toe socks I was warm today.

~ after Colin had a good long chat with Mommio this morning we drove over the the Mission Greenway and did a 3KM walk.  Wonderful to be out walking again.  We could see where the creek had risen a few days ago and now has receded a bit.  Good news as that means that there is a bit of space for the level to rise safely.

~ I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on our business paperwork.  Things like paying bills and Federal taxes and sending out one lonely invoice.

~ my plan today was to post some flood photos but the day had got away from me.  I do want to do this, if only for our personal records.  Perhaps later tonight or tomorrow.  Colin has a photo shoot in the late morning and my job is to check in with ESS.  That takes several hours what with waiting and the convoluted system they  have.  No I do not want to take on the government and sort them out.  Life is too short for that.

~ one of our day/night shades had a string break on the way back from Mexico.  Unlike George we don’t have the savvy to repair it our selves but we know someone locally who can.  We dropped it off yesterday and they returned it today as well as installed it so that the tension was correct.

~ our plan this summer was to do some minor repairs and upgrades on the interior of the RV.  We will proceed as much as we can under the circumstances.

~ sadly we won’t be able to use our free 2017 Canada National Parks Pass.  We really had some plans to do so but we must abide by what Mother Nature has allotted us this season.  So if any of you would like one of our two ( yes we received two in error ) just let me know.

~ our plan tonight was to BBQ some wild salmon. However we forgot our cedar planks at the house. So we are going to try laying the salmon over foil and grill it over our mat and hope that it works. What do you think George? Hmm, guess when you are evacuated you forget to bring along your BBQ tools 👿 as well as other essentials.

~ not much else to share other than I am becoming more and more emotional.  I miss my girls and I am missing my house.  Thinking back to last May when I had my cancer scare, it extends to a very long 12 months of stress and misery.

~ I am not being negative, as we have had many wonderful times over the last year but at this very moment as I type, each word makes me very sad but I think that that is allowed.

~ next post has to be photos or you can fire me 🙄  However I don’t think that I will be posting tonight.  Dinner is almost ready and some very good wine beckons.


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