Sep 02, 2019

A busy few days

Got my hair done Friday.

Looking good. Then we spent two hours grocery shopping.

Lovely reflective sunset the other night.

This is what it looked like to the west where the sun did set.

My pots are still looking nice.

Did some work in our garden on Saturday. Once we had tied up all the tomato plants we were surprised to find all of this.

Funny looking carrot.

Friends Croft and Penny arrived here in the park in their RV yesterday afternoon.  They are here for a week. It was a perfect 30C day to sit out on the lawn enjoying the breeze off the lake.

It was another wonderful happy hour here at our place.  A three hour happy hour!  So much to discuss.  We haven’t seen Croft since December 2012.  We are looking forward to spending more time together over the next week.

Later in the evening Colin and I had dinner. This Greek salad is made with our cucumbers and tomatoes. It was yummy.



Sep 01, 2019

September calendar photo

A collage of our last two girls.  All five of the photos were taken on the Isla.  They loved being there as much as we did.  Licking clean the peanut butter container was always a favourite but I think digging for crabs was a top favourite as was chasing each other on the beach.


Aug 31, 2019

Yoga on a paddle board!

So yesterday just before dusk, Colin was playing his guitar and looking out on the lake when…..

… he saw someone doing yoga way out in the middle of the lake.

She put on quite the performance.

There is always room for another first in your life.

But then she got a call on her cell phone and things came to a halt for a while.

Earlier in the afternoon we saw someone being taught how to waterski.

He did manage to get moving a little.

Once the yoga gal got done we had a sunset of note.




Aug 29, 2019

A fall and other things

We did a few errands in town on Tuesday and the last one was at Costco.  We were almost done, I parked the buggy to the side and turned to my left and started to walk forward.  Next thing I knew I was on the ground on my right side.  There was nothing for me to trip over except my own feet/shoes.  I was totally stunned and the first thing I said was ” how did I get here?” We checked out and I made it to the car which was just outside the door.  Literally.  A first for us in all our years shopping there but just what I needed.  Colin unpacked once we got home.  I took a double dose of ibuprofen, 800mg.  That is a good thing to do when you have trauma as it starts working right away to get the inflammation down but then you have to go back down to 400mg, three times per day.  My right knee, wrist, shoulder and neck were very sore.  I could hardly move.  However here I am 48 hours later, pretty much fine.  I was very lucky that I did not break anything.

At 5:20AM Wednesday we picked up my friend Inger and her grandson Thomas and drove them to the airport to catch a flight to Ottawa.  Well Colin drove, I was along for the ride.  I pretty much rested for the rest of yesterday.

I  can’t recall if I ever mentioned getting a tricycle.  Most of you know that I am too scared to ride a regular bicycle due to the fear of falling and re injuring my hips.  Someone mentioned to me that there are now e – tricycles which would be perfect for me.  I really want to get out and ride along the rail trail which would be ever so much easier with some electrical assistance.  It would be much more difficult with a regular tricycle. I had just begun researching which one to purchase.  So you can imagine my dismay when I read on Tuesday that our province has added an e – bike policy effective  August 2019.

“BC Parks is implementing an e-bike policy to help protect sensitive wildlife, ecosystems and cultural values, the province said in a release Tuesday.

Following the e-bikes classification system already being used by industry and other government bodies, the new policy allows e-bikes in certain areas, depending on the classification.”

I had no idea that there were any classifications on e – bikes.  Have a look here to read to full article describing how it has been determined how these bicycles may affect the environment by putting “increased pressure on sensitive wildlife and ecosystems”.  Within that article is a link to biking within BC Parks and further down is an explanation on the classes of e – bikes.

This is a quick explanation as to the differences in classes.  More details are to be found in the article highlighted above.

Well I am totally deflated.  I finally found a way to get back out biking and now fall flat on my face. Figuratively speaking this time.

Is anyone else noticing the changes in weather?  A few trees here and there starting to turn yellow. Getting dark slightly earlier.  Cool temperatures at night.  We are having a bit of a heat wave this week, 31C/88F during the day but dipping down to 11C/51F at night.  I almost put the furnace on this morning but just added a sweater instead and the let the sun warm the inside of the house.  Of course  if we closed the windows at bedtime it wouldn’t be so cool in the morning.  But oh those low temps are great for sleeping.  Yet by 3PM we have to turn the A/C on.  We didn’t yesterday and regretted it, it is on right now.

There is one other thing that I would like to mention.  Have you ever heard of..

The following is only a few paragraphs of a short article, found here.  I urge you to read this and think seriously about this.  Would you want one of your loved ones to suffer needlessly?  What if it were you?

If you would like to make your voice heard, it can be done very easily with less than 2 minutes of your time required.  Click here and that page will bring you to the article mentioned above. To the right of the page is a form you can fill out.  By adding your name, email address, phone number and postal code and then clicking send your message at the bottom, a letter will be sent on your behalf, to your Federal member of parliament here in Canada.  I did and shortly thereafter received a letter from my MP.  In that letter was a very detailed explanation of where the Dying with Dignity is at this moment within the government.  It also gives you links as to how to send a few more emails which will help the cause.  If you only do this first step, it will make a huge difference.  The politicians will have to notice and do something.  It rests on our shoulders.

I thank my dear friend Libby for bringing this to my attention.  You have seen her photos in my blog over the years as we visit her in Lake Havasu twice per year, ( she is a Canadian but winters there for medical reasons ).   One day in the future but perhaps even sooner, no one knows, Libby will want to have that choice.  However the law today here in Canada does not work in her favour.  She or you or your loved one must be in their right mind to say that now is the time that they want to die.  That is the main obstacle of the current law which does not give an individual the right to have an advanced directive prepared. You currently can’t say that you want to die once you reach a certain stage of your illness.  Instead you have to make that decision when you are fully aware mentally.  You may still have precious days or even weeks to live before you become that unconscious bundle of humanity laying curled up in a ball.  The way the law reads now, you have no choice but to choose to end your life sooner than need be.  Please take a moment and fill in that form.  You may be the one laying on your deathbed wishing that you had made that effort today.  There are many US states that allow assisted death.

Taken April 8th, 2018.

This is an election year and now is the time to wake up the politicians to change the current law so that individuals have the right to have an advanced directive. You might ask why I am talking about this on my blog.  I remember first my mother who was in horrific pain, the medication could not control the level of her pain.  She wanted to die, the doctors said that she just had to live with her situation.  She was drowning from the fluid in her lungs.  A few years later I had to listen to my father repeatedly asking to die.  He also died a painful death.  The choice is ours.  We have no idea what the future holds for us but perhaps we can take a moment now to make a difference.

Please take a moment to share this with your families and friends.

I just want to lighten the mood with a gift that Mother Nature shared last evening.





Aug 26, 2019

Pat on my back!

It really should have been more but I am happy with this…..


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