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May 29, 2020

Not quite the day we planned

It was supposed to be a sunny and 29C/84.2F day and we had an appointment in Vernon to see our chiropractor.  The rest of the day was ours.  Well that did not happen.  First of all the clouds came in and we only got up to 27c/80.6F with the humidex but it was plenty warm […]


May 28, 2020

The garden is growing

We had our first warm – almost hot day today and it was great to get outside.  The flea beetle is still infesting the gardens but the soap and water spray is helping a bit.  


May 27, 2020

Before and after – finally

Today was our big day seeing my hair dresser. I last saw one in Mazatlan on February 12th but this is Colin’s first visit since mid October, 2019.  He has been growing his hair out due to a horrific hair cut in March of 2019 back in Mazatlan. On the way home we stopped at […]


May 26, 2020

It was a pretty good day

As many of you know I have still have had some issues with my right knee since my January 3rd surgery.  The past four days have brought a different type of pain.  I woke up with it one morning and wondered if I had done something to it during the night while asleep. Fortunately physiotherapists […]


May 25, 2020

Que pasa

Well first of all I have been devastated as my blog would not come up at all on any of our Mac devices.  I finally checked in with my computer guru who said that the something was down.  However I have lost all of my info on the laptop which was my go to as […]


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