The 5C’s otherwise know as Colin, Contessa, Carmeh & Caeli, our two fur kids and finally Cheikka – our feather baby!  We moved to Kelowna in 2003 to get away from the fast pace of life and to take the time to smell the roses.  We discovered that the hectic pace had followed us to the Okanagan so we developed a compromise.  Six 1/2 months of the year we work a lot and play very little in Kelowna while the other 5 1/2 months of the year are spent mostly relaxing in Mexico while living in our 40′ DP RV. Due to being either really busy or extremely laid back it is often difficult to keep in touch as we would like to so this blog was born.  This will keep you informed on the que pasa in the life of the 5C’s.


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