Sep 18, 2022

Saturday play date!

There was a dachshund meet up at a local off leash dog park yesterday. Sadly both Colin and I were too busy to take the girls. However Shawnessey ( mostly called Shawney ) and her mom Heather dropped by for a visit afterwards.

The three pups/toddlers are very close in age, build and their expressions and vocalizations. They only differ in playing with a ball. Shawney has become obsessed with her balls or any ball for that matter. She really is sweet about it all, however she doesn’t know when to stop. Unfortunately my two led her into the house when they arrived and a few balls were found. I am still trying to teach our girls the art of bringing a ball back. Shawney just wanted to play on her own and was not sharing the her balls. Eventually her mom, Heather, hid the balls and soon Miss S was onto other adventures.

Usually when Miss S visits the three of them do a lot of running, not so much yesterday.

A bit of a stand off under the chairs.

Water break.

Double love, Shawney and Ciela, the black girl and the chocolate one.

Colin came home and created bit of a diversion with a frisbee. Shawney looking on on the left. That is not a ball she said.

I was surprised at how my girls interacted with the frisbee.

Heather did a video from her phone died before it died but I did make it the video 😎  I would say that we all had a fun afternoon.

@shawnesseythedachshund? original sound – Shawnessey the Dachshund



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2 Responses to “Saturday play date!”

  1. Heather says:

    Such a fun and afternoon, thanks for the visit! Love your girls and your friendship.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like everyone had a good time. Zoey is very possessive of her toys as well!

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