Sep 08, 2022

It has been the best day of their lives

Colin worked again today ( 3rd day in a row ) but he did not have time to walk them before he left. But they settled after breakfast and suddenly about 9:45AM started shrieking. I have never heard those sounds before from any of our doxies. I thought that perhaps one of them was in horrible pain and the other was calling for help. I ran to them and saw that they were both running and screaming at something in the corner between the printer and lower kitchen cabinet. I did not see anything. They would not let up and were going in circles and back and forth to the white leather sofa. Then they started to try and bite the bottom edge of the  sofa trying to get under it. All I could think about was that they had seen a mouse or a rat. I tried to pick them up to calm them but they were all muscle and stronger then me struggling to be put down.

As I took no photos today I am sharing other photos. Ciela a few weeks  ago decided that she needed a special snug time with me every morning.

I was unable to take any photos nor a video, everything was happening much too fast.

She likes to put her body directly against my throat.

Their screaming never stopped. I was fully expecting security to arrive at my door any moment about noise complaints. I shut the windows. The girls never let up, running all around and the constant noise. I finally called Colin who could not believe the sounds they were making. They did not stop for four hours.

Sometimes is is difficult to breathe. Not to mention the nose kissing.

Finally Colin came home and the first thing he did was pull the teak credenza away from the back of the sofa. The girls were seriously trying to get under the sofa. I had got on my hands and knees with a flashlight and could see nothing. As soon as he moved that piece of furniture we all saw a creature run away. I thought it was a huge rat but I only saw the rear end. The girls were off in the attack mode. We leave our patio door open a few inches for the girls to come and go.  Looks like we had a visitor of some sort. Suddenly it ran ( so quickly that it was a blur ) under my exercise machine. Then back to under the sofa and then back to under the sauna. I finally was able to get a glimpse of a critter with a tail. It was a tiny chipmunk like squirrel.

It was the one closest to you in this photo, a chipmunk. Ahh poor thing. I can’t image how it felt, the girls noise was driving me insane.

Colin got it out from under the sauna and it ran into the kitchen. The girls cornered it the the left to the sink and then to the right of it. I tried to throw a towel over it. This wee thing was moving at the speed of light. And then we lost it. Turns out that it had run outside the front door next to my desk. We carefully checked that it was not inside. The girls had stopped screaming. Colin and the twins went outside. Colin spotted it behind the tomatoes pots and then it ran behind the shed and back and forth with the twins in pursuit Finally it made a run for the rocks lakeside. Carlie & Ciela had the critter corned. Colin lifted the rock it was hiding under and the chipmunk made a run towards the tree and up it went.

Our girls are certainly hounds.  They used their noses to find out where Chippy had been. The knew that the scent inside the house was not fresh and so they concentrated their efforts outside. It did not take long for them to discover where Chippy the critter had gone. So smart, they kept looking up at the tree.  However they never stopped sniffing and hunting.

It is now 5:42PM, eight hours later, and they are still sniffing every inch of the yard. I am exhausted and I can’t image what they are feeling.  They would not stop to eat, I could not pick them up, they were going crazy but at least the noise had stopped. I was relieved that it was not a mouse nor a rat. I truly felt so sorry for Chippy.

I am almost certain that he came in early this morning. Somehow I know that he will never ever come back into our home.

6:00PM and Colin has forced Ciela to go water the garden with him using the golf cart. Carlie continues to run around the yard sniffing. She is not giving up.

So yes, there is always drama in our lives 🙄 I certainly was not expecting my day to go sideways like this. One thing for certain is that we know that if ever there is a mouse in the RV that we will be alerted.

Aha finally Colin’s turn to be disturbed.


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9 Responses to “It has been the best day of their lives”

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh my…racket day for you amigos, sorry for U all chippy included ! ?

  2. Sandie says:

    That kind of excitement we can do without. We got mice in our heat vents in the house and Scooter drove us crazy running from room to room. We had to get an exterminator to get rid of them and it still took her a week or so to calm down after they were gone. Skittlez was just scared of the mice and of the way Scooter was carrying on. Hope tomorrow is a quieter day for all of you.

    • contessa says:

      The girls did settle down and left very well that night. But they both did a perimeter check both in the house and the yard the next morning.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    That certainly made for an entertaining day! Now what you need to do is get a stuffed toy that looks like a chipmuck, tie a sting to it, hide it under the couch and pull the string!

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Well nice to know you are protected against unwanted critters in your home 🙂 And I’m sure Chippy has put out the word to all creatures great and small to stay clear of your house!

  5. Never a dull moment! You should have recorded the screaming; wonder how they would have reacted if you played it back to them 🙂

  6. Heather says:

    What a hilarious, compelling, dramatic story! Gotta love dachsies. Enjoyable xo

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