Sep 03, 2022

Getting smoked in

For first time that I can remember ( many many years ) we have had a smoke free summer except for the odd day here and there. Yesterday that all changed.

Taken by my good friend Cindy who was at the beach with friends.

Taken not too long before the previous photo. Cindy was the photographer as well as for the next two.

The smoke suddenly appeared. It just swooped in. Apparently most of this smoke is drifting north from the White River and Irving Peak Fires that are burning in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. We have a very few local fires that have been burning off and on and have produced little to no smoke.

I took this one from our patio as soon as I saw the colour of the sky changing.

Colin took this one at exactly the right moment.

This morning we woke up to smoke filled sky and a faint smell of smoke.

Taken a few days ago on the Isla. Simply stunning and overwhelming.


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One Response to “Getting smoked in”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    The smoke was almost non existent at the park yesterday but this morning it was thick when I went out at 5:30 this morning. You are right, we have had a great summer in terms of smoke, it was nice!

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