Sep 02, 2022

Observations from my recent trip

I was going to write ‘road trip’ but it was a flight to Edmonton. I knew that I needed to see my wonderful chiropractor there. My flight left here at 9AM Tuesday and I was to be home by 7:50PM Wednesday but it was delayed  😡 and I did not land until 9:30PM.

Two posts ago I mentioned that the third time is the charm, that was in response to our RV windshield issues. Well folks it was not the charm. I got a phone call at noon this past Monday to tell me that the RV was ready to pick. I asked if everything was perfect, the owner said “of course”. So off Colin went in the Jeep to Vernon. I have to say that he was shocked to see that the windshield had cracked again – apparently a short time after installation 🙁  You may have missed the post I did yesterday mentioning that we are back to having some fun in our lives.

Because I had flown with Colin to Katie’s memorial service last week I felt that I could handle the flight to Edmonton. It was an hour longer but with a good book to keep my attention I was able to not focus on being claustrophobic.  I really did need to see Dr. Mckenna. I have done two short roundtrip flights this month and I have no desire to fly again for a long while.

First thing I saw once we landed. This was on the inside of the bathroom stall door. Good for the people who installed all the stickers. Hopefully it will help someone.

My view from my hotel window. I have always stayed in the same hotel when I fly in. The last two years we have taken the RV to Edmonton but with fuel prices not to mention the cracked windshield it was not feasible so I flew using up all of our points. I only had to pay for the hotel ( about 75.00 more than a few years ago). $200.00!!! But I feel safe in that hotel plus it is within walking distance to my chiropractor. Unfortunately due to COVID the airpot shuttle has shut down, it was only $36.00 return. I had to pay $44.31 to take an Uber one way on Tuesday. One of my friends drove me back from the hotel to the airport.

One of the first things I did was to do my kinesiology exercises. I used two towels on top of the carpet. I even did them the next morning. Once per day was better nothing. I normally do them twice per day.

A selfie in the elevator.

So my C2 was out as was my left side trapezoid. Also something in the middle of my back. My ribs were slightly twisted to the right. Dr. McKenna explained why I had been in so much pain. The rib cage is bone and then it tapers down to cartilage and where it joins ( somewhere under the breast ) and there is a weakness between the two densities of bone and cartilage. Most of my rib pain was likely because of one or more tears in that area where the two joined. My muscles were very tight which is why I am doing kinesiology.

Often when I come to Edmonton to see my chiropractor I get together for lunch with a bunch of my school friends. Of course we are all the same age and have been friends from grade 7 to grade 12. Gisele on the left studied nursing with me. Carol on the right was a school teacher but retired once Covid hit. I had not seen them for a few years. Sadly not too many were free at the last moment for this dinner.

Moi, the nurse on the left and Renee on the right was a school teacher. We went to a  bilingual school and of course French was what was usually spoken at home. However my father did not speak French but he still helped us with our homework. Renee drove me to the airport on Wednesday and I was surprised to hear a French radio station playing in the car. Carol’s husband in not French so they speak English at home.

We enjoyed a wonderful almost three hours at my favourite restaurant in the area, Chianti. We could have kept visiting for many many more hours.

A new off leash dog park in the area. I took this because of the doxie on the left. Edmonton was in the middle of a two day heat wave and it was very muggy. There was no shade and the grass was dry. Yet about four dogs were playing with the smallest being in charge.

This ceiling is in the lobby of the Varscona Hotel is stunning.

The next morning I enjoyed the complimentary full breakfast at the hotel. Then it was time to do my exercises followed by checking out, a long walk and then my second chiropractic appointment. When I am there I want to see him twice, just on case and he did more adjustments that day. As mentioned Renee most kindly drove me to the airport. I was early for my flight but there has been a great deal of problems due to a shortage of airport security screening staff so I did not want to miss my flight. There was an incident last Sunday in Vancouver where passengers had to wait over three hours to be processed. My Scotia Visa card provides me with six premium airport lounge passes annually. I set myself up in a corner, enjoyed some wine and snacks and read to pass the time. It was relaxing. The lounge closed at 6:3PM which is when I had to leave to catch my flight.

I was able to take this photo though a double set of windows spaced seven feet apart.

Turns our that our flight kept being delayed and then delayed and then again a delay. The reason was due to gate construction and my flight was going out of this gate for the first time. So glad that I was not sitting inside the arriving aircraft waiting for them to figure out how to attach a ramp that fit, etc. This was the one they ended up using. It was still difficult for me to spend 2 hours and 45 minuets sitting at the gate waiting to board wearing a mask  knowing that I had another 90 minutes of time within the aircraft. I have to say that I was surprised that many were not wearing masks within in the airport which is mandatory.

So happy to land in Kelowna. Colin brought the girls to the airport when he picked me up. We were all so happy to see each other. I was so tired but here I am a few days later back to almost normal. Not sure that I even have a normal 😉




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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    That stained-glass in incredible! I am so glad that we do not have any flights in our future. It sounds like it is a nightmare everywhere!

  2. SandyM says:

    Oh dear, flying is not fun anymore but to get long distance that is what we may need to do to get there. Long distance driving is in our past sad as I am to say that. Hope you are feeling much better after having two treatments and will be ready to get on the road next month. Wishing you well in every way. Isn’t it great to connect with old friends!

  3. I can’t believe that RV windshield cracked again. Hope they figure out why it is happening and also that your insurance doesn’t have to pay for it. Looks like your Edmonton trip did you some good. Physically and mentally seeing your friends. Flying has always been stressful to me as I had to do so much of it internationally and I don’t like it.

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