Jun 20, 2022

Que pasa

Photo taken by Pauline over the May long.

My surprise birthday orchid.

So beautiful. I hope that they last for a very long time. Different colours because of the light.

Left over photo from the garage sale. This pup can’t get out but figured out a way to watch the world pass by. It does look like it would rather be going for a walk.

We have the girls on a pumpkin type supplement to help fully express their anal glands. Much cheaper than a monthly vet visit. They each split one chew per day. It was time to order the next batch. I decided to check the pricing from the company in the US versus ordering off Amazon.ca ( .com is for the US ). By ordering direct from the US manufacturer, I got the next four months of chews for $43.20 USD/$56.00 CAD less, including free shipping from the US. Checking around does pay off.

Two painted turtles sitting on a submerged log. We used to see the entire log very easily.

No more as the lake keeps rising. If it is windy we can see a tiny bit of the log between the waves.

So much under water. It is now up to our third step.

A few days ago I looked at our TV line up and what we were paying for it. I dropped two packages that we never watch. The only thing we did watch was CNN and I can watch that on the computer. So now our monthly cost is $33.00 plus applicable taxes, a savings of  $215.04 annually. Not a lot but it all adds up. A few years back we were paying $110.0 per month. Why? We never watched 80% of the packages we were paying for.

So between the savings of the anal gland chews for a year, $168.00 plus the $215.04 saved on TV programming for a year, we are ahead $383.04.  If you multiply that by five years we will have saved $1915.20.

These savings will help pay for our next micro irrigation repair bill. The hard water in our park tends to clog the lines.

The girls insist on supervising whether from close up or from afar. Then once again we had so much rain that we had to shut the irrigation off.

Another May long photo by Pauline, our one lovely sunny warm day on May 22nd. We have since had a few half days of sunshine but with little heat. The next photo was also taken by Pauline on their visit.

Our lovely Carlie.

For the most part this is our view. Dark rain clouds. We are hopeful that the worst is almost past. We had a warm enough day today but still had showers a few hours ago. And the heavy dark clouds are building again.

Taken yesterday, June 19th. Yes we are still running the fireplace for warmth. The girls moved too fast for me to capture them, they were off on another wrestle bout.

Then there are those who are traveling by air within the US. These were texted to me in the last three weeks. I don’t think we are ready to start traveling  by air just yet. US pricing.

Finally another rare sunset for us. Enjoy.




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6 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Kay says:

    I went to Costco a couple of days ago. I bought the “normal” things I buy, instead of paying the “normal” price of $390, I had to pay $534. I am slowly moving towards juicing, again. This time not only for health reasons but for financial reasons too. I can no longer afford to feed myself here in the US. PLUS, I can no longer afford to go buy the supplies. Sprouts are 1/8th of a mile from me, and I can just walk there to get my fruits and veggies. I know we have about 2 more years of these inflated prices, so while the fresh produce is high, but not completely out of my reach, I have purchased glass mason jars and am busy making lots of different super healthy juices and putting them in the freezer where I can keep them for about 16 to 18 months. I figure by the time we get rid of the OBiden admin, I’ll have my 3 deep freezers empty and be down to the last leg of the juices. The USA is certainly in a world of hurt and as long as I keep away from people we should fair pretty good. In the end, perhaps our health will be much improved!!! My dear mom loves the BEET Juice and the GREEN juice too.

    • Lucy says:

      Kay, U’r talking about 2 years of this situation, U’r been optimistic…this mess has only just began, lots of people can barely afford nourishment, rents are astronomical & homelessness is increasing as we speak ?

      • contessa says:

        Lucy I have forwarded your comment to Kay. I can’t say if it will be two years, more or less but I agree that things are going downhill fast and yes this is a huge mess. Hopefully the world will correct itself. Meanwhile you need to do what you can to keep you and your family going and safe.

    • contessa says:

      Kay great what you are doing. I am trying to buy more that I need if it is a very good sale price with a long expiry date. However I had no idea that you can freeze juiced veggies and not breakdown the nutrients. Not only the US but the entire world in hurting.. I love beet juice. My beets are not grown so far. I replanted a few days ago. Hang in there and many hugs.

  2. Lucy says:

    Hi Contessa, lovely posting & pictures.

    Traveling in the USA has become a hassle, not only because the prices of tickets & items, but mainly because very often we become stranded at airports due flights cancellations which are hundreds of them in a day.Flying lately has become nightmarish ??.

    My regards: Lucy

    • contessa says:

      Yes everything is changing. There is mp way I would fly anywhere right now. Glad we have the RV, BUT the cost of fuel is off the charts.

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