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May 31, 2022

May calendar photo

We have been doing calendars with our dog photos since 1998. We would send them out as a Christmas gift to our parents and Gramma Katie ( and Louie ) as well as a few select friends in various years. Every month was a photo taken during the previous year.  We had no doxies between […]


May 30, 2022

Que Pasa

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. A special welcome to the comment section of my blog to Patrick. I could be wrong but I believe this is your first time commenting. Really funny comment ( I loved it ) but I only turned 69 – I thought it was 70 but I was wrong. […]


May 29, 2022

Sunday May 22nd and Birthday #2

Next stop was Gray Monk Winery. After we parked we sent Pauline & Josh inside for the tasting while we sat on a bench outside with the three girls, in the shade. Today was our very first almost hot day this year. We got up to 22C/71.6F on May 22nd. I was familiar with this […]


May 28, 2022

Birthday #1

Josh, Pauline and of course Sequoia left Edmonton on Thursday May 19th.  A long day indeed and we first saw them on Friday May 20th – as per yesterday’s blog post.  They were staying about 25 minutes away in an Airbnb. I suggested that they start the day without us which they did with a […]


May 26, 2022

It was a whirlwind weekend…

..that includes two birthdays but more on that in the next posts. In very early May I received an email that Sequoia, the third sister/triplet and her parents were coming for a visit arriving May 19th. They would be staying at an Airbnb and visiting with us during the day. Click here for link to […]


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