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Apr 30, 2022

Where did April go?

It wasn’t until I started editing photos for this post that I realized how very busy we have been. We only got home on the 10th of April and of course that meant unloading, laundry, etc. The RV was towed to Kamloops on the 14th and as far as we know no one has looked […]


Apr 27, 2022

April Calendar Girls

It has been a difficult month but we are almost through it.  We hope to have things turned around within two weeks. Meanwhile all is well, we just seem to run out of time everyday. The girls are happy and doing well. They continue to stick together most of the time and are still as […]


Apr 21, 2022

Que pasa

I am still working on the year end. I had hoped to be finished today but spent hours on the phone this morning sorting out billing issues.  I am close to getting $1700.00 back in wrong billing with four different companies. Example, our roaming in the US was free but they charged us big time. […]


Apr 19, 2022

New activity for the girls

Here in Kelowna we have a dachshund club which can be found by clicking here. I became aware of it just before we left last fall. I made a few posts over the winter, the girls with their Santa hats and photos and one video of them running on the beach. When we got home […]


Apr 18, 2022

Good news…

…our fence is finally completed. Our materials were delivered the end of March 2021. But we waited like good neighbours to do the install of our section as this is the side we share. We wanted them to have a say in colour and in height. They originally wanted white and if they went with […]


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