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Mar 30, 2022

Broken down & day 4 and super frustrated

To answer a question. We broke down north of Quartzsite on Sunday and waited most of the day for a tow truck. We were towed to a facility in Ehrenburg, Arizona that said they could help us, they were unable to and we never should have been directed there. Monday we were towed to Blythe, […]


Mar 29, 2022

Day 3 and still broken down

The RV was in the shop from 7:30 AM till 3;30PM.  They ‘think’ they know what the problem is, based on the codes from the computer. Once we got it back it took us 2.5 hours to clean the extra dirt brought in by the mechanics. In the end we dusted, vacuumed and just made […]


Mar 28, 2022

Break down – day 2!

What can I say?  We are still broken down. It all started at 10:00AM Sunday and ended Sunday at 7:45PM when the tow truck driver, Gary, left us. We set up our home on wheels once again, fed and walked the girls.  They have been so good through all of this. They deserve more. A […]


Mar 27, 2022

Breaking News !

The problem started the day we left the Isla about 4:45PM ( Wednesday the 23rd ).  We had already dealt with the tire issue. We only had one hour to go to reach our first overnight stop ( KM 75 ). Suddenly the RV lost power and Colin was able to glide to the edge […]


Mar 24, 2022

Something is not working in computer land

However we are fine, drove 312 miles today and are spending the night in a Fletcha gas station near San Carlos.  Dry camping and 90F out so Colin hauled out the generator and soon we were cool.  Girls are doing well but are missing space to run and chase each other. We are being ever […]


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