Jan 25, 2022

A few more Isla photos

This is the new hotel on the Isla.  It is on the malecon and we see the sunset over it.  Not open yet. So many solar panels on the roof. This side faces the shipping channel and Mazatlan, the other side looks over the ocean as we do.

These two keep popping up in photos.  Look at those relaxed hind legs. This has become their morning routine sitting in the sun at the back of the RV.

Our weekly outing is to drop off our laundry and to pick up the clean stuff. We used to go into Mazatlan about twice per week and once weekly to a restaurant here on the Isla. So now we take different roads ( well, really  dirt roads ) to see the local sights. I am now going to start taking a few photos to show you how the locals live.

This is a very small home on a large lot.

Some places are tidier than others.  It is their way of life.

Fancy gate.

Relaxing on the dash.

Ciela has a special friend she likes to cuddle. When she is really tired she will tuck her head in.

Taken last Saturday.

An interesting change of colour over a short period of time. We do have sunsets that are not worth taking a photo of.  Life is not perfect. But I love sunsets like this.

I know that this applies to many of you. Feel free to fly down for a visit.

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  1. Catheline McNeil says:

    Love seeing photos of your puppies, they have grown so much. The sunsets are glorious!
    Thanks for taking the time to post. You know we all love reading your blog!

    Continue to have a wonderful time.

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