Jan 16, 2022

I was taking a wee break due to lack of energy

We are enjoying large and small oriole visits throughout the day as well as our assorted hummingbirds.

I appreciate those of you who emailed or commented to find out what is going on.  Not an electrical nor internet issue this time.

It is a different year and we are happy to be here. We knew that we would be isolating from others and that we would not be going into Mazatlan nor going to restaurants. Still it is difficult to isolate from others. We have quick conversations in passing with some here in the park and are careful with whom we spend time with.  Most are carrying on as if there was no pandemic and we have no desire to spend time with those who eat out constantly, shop till they drop, go to casinos and love to enjoy a shoulder to shoulder happy hour night after night. Just being surrounded by all of this is difficult and I have fallen into a bit of a slump. I had no energy to sit and write the blog.

Large tree in a pot.

Hopefully my new plant will grow as large in the years to come.

However we are all doing very well, are being safe and would rather be here than anywhere else. We spend a good deal of time working with the girls everyday and it is showing. They are improving daily. I have begun to read and just don’t want to stop and work on the blog. It takes a good deal of energy to get dinner prepared. I am just going through a phase I guess. However we have continued to take photo after photo and I plan to post them all.  Don’t give up on me, it will all come together. My big joy in life  ( other than wonderful walks on the beach ) is driving off the peninsula and driving to a large grocery store on the highway. We have done this twice since December 4th. Colin has also made two early morning treks via the launcha and his feet into Mazatlan for essential groceries. As you can see only four outings since we arrived.

We are eating well. So very fortunate to have shrimp, dorado, bass and red snapper delivered to our door once per week.

Colin says that this is the best meal I have ever made. Marinated shrimp in orange and other ingredients. It really was very good. Served with a baked potato and coleslaw was all we needed.

We are now wearing our KN95 masks that I ordered direct from China in June of 2020 when they could not be found at home. Our next level of protection will be double masking plus we each have a heavy duty face shield. Cases are slowly rising here in the city of Mazatlan. On January 4th there were 103 new cases per day and yesterday we were up to 652 cases.

The girls are always finding new activities to occupy them. They never play with their toys.

Ciela is having fun digging holes around one of the palms. They are so very cute.

Life is good. Plus we have more wine then we can possibly drink before we leave. For some reason I have slowed my wine consumption, just not interested. I am still dreaming about my first margarita. I know which restaurant I will get it at and figured where to sit, well away from others. However I just am not ready yet. Before you suggest it, I do not want to start making my own margaritas. I have done so in the past and end up consuming too many, best not to have the ingredients in the house. We have friends here on the Isla who would like to make me one but they like us are being very careful. We still have 9.5 weeks left here before we start to drive north 🙁  Never enough time.

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21 Responses to “I was taking a wee break due to lack of energy”

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    I’m so happy that you’re good 🙂
    I can’t believe that, that tree is inside that size of pot; whoa ;-0
    9.5 weeks is going to fly by. Keep enjoying every minute!
    Those shrimp look yummy.
    Looking forward to more pictures!

    Hugs, wishing you mental strength 🙂

  2. Sandie says:

    I totally understand your being so careful. Jim and I also go nowhere and don’t socialize. We also wear N95 masks when we do have to go somewhere. They (whoever that is) say that the Omicron should peak here in the next week and start declining in infection numbers. We can only hope. But I’m glad you have the pups to keep you entertained.

  3. Lucy says:

    Hola, es bueno y lindo oir de ustedes, glad everything is ok in paradise. Yep, taking care of our health is @ must. Love your pot flowers, did U know Epson Salts are excellent for vegetarian life ? U may want to once a month irrigate them with a tablespoon of said Magnesium Sulfate in a gallon of H2O. Big & beautiful furry children U have, congratulations !

    My regards: Lucy.

  4. Ken B says:

    Buck up Contessa, at least you have Colin and the girls to keep you company. I have only Hilde and she has turned mopey. Don’t know why. It is lonely alone and I have been this way for more than 12 months but life goes on as it should. Count your blessings, absorb the warm sun and walk the inviting beach. Better than minus 10 and still snow on the ground.
    So, buck up, Contessa and live life to the full. K

  5. Sue says:

    Ha! I love a good margarita but can’t (don’t) make them at home either. Well….I can make them and they’re excellent, but I can’t stop at just one and then the trouble starts! Better to have one at a restaurant and enjoy it there…

  6. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    So glad to hear you two are being so safe which is very important. For everyone this Covid plague is really hard on not only our physical well being but also our mental outlook. Loved the sunglass picture and am sure the girls are helping you through everything. What only 9.5 week till you head north – where has the time gone. Keep smiling and know all your readers are wishing you the very best.

    • contessa says:

      I know that time is passing quickly, likely because we were stuck in Canada so long and don’t have our normal time here. That you for commenting and cheering me up. FYI just found out today that someone in RV2 test positive for Covid yesterday. Happy that we are staying safe.

  7. Hey, no need to apologize. The blog should not be a “must do” chore and we appreciate your postings when they appear. Always nice to see photos of the dogs and the colourful flowers surrounding your RV place. Of course the sunsets are not to be forgotten looking over the water. Here in our RV Park the sun sets behind other RVs or trees, so no photos of it here. Take it easy, enjoy your stay and relax, that it why you travelled all those miles!

    • contessa says:

      Lovely comment, thank you, yes that is why we travelled all these miles. One winter we were on the Costa Esmeralda ( East cost of Mexico near Veracruz ) and the sun rose over the water and set over the land, it was very strange.

  8. Christine G says:

    Hello Contessa I used to get an email directing me to your blog but the last one was 12-06-21. Don’t know what happened. I’m not a techie at all. Any suggestions?

  9. Maxx Trails says:

    Hang in there Contessa, enjoy your flowers, the beach, and the warmth 🙂 We passed on the Horse Races this year, which is our favourite event in the park, because we didn’t feel safe sitting and eating dinner with a bunch of people we don’t know. We will all just have to hope and pray that next year things go back to what we are used to.

  10. Cindy says:

    Glad to hear all is ok…COVID weary you are…aren’t we all! Do what is right for you…enjoy the warm weather, the dogs and Colin…it’s your new normal. Everyone chooses things differently …is it different yes but you are in a gorgeous place! As to the blog…maybe just do a weekly update for now! ?????

    • contessa says:

      A weekly update gives me stress as I always have so many photos but I am almost caught up. I like to write it all down as I will be reading this when I am older, very old and I will be able to relive all the experiences. As to Covid we just discovered today that four friends not in the park have had Covid, no wonder we haven’t seen them on the beach. And then this afternoon someone in RV2 is positive yet those in RV1 are partying with those from here who just partied with the positive fellow the night prior.

      • Cindy says:

        Well I love your weekly updates and all your pictures! The girls are just so damn cute! And the sunsets! Oh my so gorgeous! So thanks for doing it! ?

        Alas Covid is everywhere and those who still party lots and get together will soon learn and get it lol

        Keep doing what your doing and enjoying your time!
        Love and hugs

  11. Catheline McNeil says:

    So glad to see everything is ok with you two, I was beginning to worry. The puppies seem to be loving Mexico.
    I do believe everyone is feeling the blues right now but you are in paradise so you have a foot up.
    Jim and I live in Ontario and we just got dumped on by a snowstorm. stay safe and keep on smiling.
    I love reading your blog!
    Thank you!

    • contessa says:

      I aways love your comments. Yes we are in paradise and are thankful to be here but we can’t let our guard down. Wish you could meet the girls.

  12. Kay says:

    PLEASE continue to isolate yourself from others. Covid is nasty and REAL. My whole household had it and a week ago yesterday, my oldest daughter died in Montana from Covid. She was only 43. Also, my mother’s symptoms were the first headache as in pain shooting up her right side of the head with pain in the ear. It copied pain like TMJ. My disabled son woke up with one eye red and puffy. Within 2 hours there was a red one-inch mark growing across his forehead and it moved into his right eye. I rushed him to the doc who didn’t know what it was at the time had never seen anything like it but gave him an antibiotic with predinose drops for it and within an hour or so it began to clear up. The next week, I came down with a sore throat and headache then quickly the cough and I rushed in for testing and 5 days later had all of us getting the antibodies infusions which began improving all of us. My daughter was not so lucky. Nowadays, N95 made in the USA remains in place on all of us, and I do not allow us visitors, or trips to town. When I do have to go out for staples, I am masked and face protected and wear gloves too. And, when I see ANYONE enter a building/store which has signs up “MASK REQUIRED” enter without a mask I yell at the fools and believe me I am not very nice. I make it known they DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO ATTEMPT TO MURDER ME OR MY FAMILY. Photos are taken, licenses plates are recorded with photos even if I have to sit and wait for them to exit the stores. If I or my family members get this nasty crap again, I am going to file a lawsuit against those who are attempting to murder me and my family. This crap is serious stuff and those people who do not believe that need to start paying the price of death for others. We may not be able to sue our Federal Gov for this crap but we can sue the individual people who think they are smarter than the scientists and go maskless.

    • contessa says:

      My heart breaks for you. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am sending healing thoughts your way and as many hugs as you will accept.

      We are in RV1 and then there is RV2 which is a larger park. Just found out today that someone there has tested positive for Covid yesterday. Apparently the night prior they had a happy hour going away party for him and everyone was shoulder to shoulder so most are now sort of isolating. My massage therapist goes to that park several times per week. I have just canceled all future appointments with him. Which is timely as I just tried a new person and she has already helped me after one session. So those from this park who attended that going away party ( why did he need a party as he was leaving his wife and RV here – just an excuse to get together I guess ) are having a happy hour here tonight with no distancing. They are so stupid. How do they know they are not infecting others.

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