Jan 03, 2022

The final photos taken in 2021

This is yesterdays post which did not go out because we had no internet last night evening.  So I am backdating this to yesterday, January 3rd.

Sadly there was a tragedy on December 28th here on Isla de la Piedra just out front of our site.  A young Mexican from Chihuahua died as a result of a banana boat ride gone wrong. A 15 year old had a permanent tracheotomy and wanted to ride the banana boat.  For some reason his parents allowed him to do so. They apparently had not observed how the boat operated and how often it tipped far out in the ocean nor how it also tipped as they came back to the beach. The boat did tip and he fell into the ocean and water infiltrated his lungs. He was brought back to shore in the lancha and given CPR.

It took over 2o minutes for the police to arrive. The life guards were on site but there was not much else they could do. The boy was put onto a backboard and they lifted him into the back of the police truck for the long ride up the beach to the Playa Sur Embarcadero. He did not survive. Such a tragedy.

We had visitors arrive shortly after, it was a sad time for us. Not sure which pup this was but she has perfected her view of the beach.

We had a long and lovely happy hour with Nancy and Randy whom we have known since 2009. They were Rvers here for several years and now rent a place here on the Isla for the winter. They like us, stay away from others so it was a safe and enjoyable visit.

There was more wave action the next day.

It was cool but I did sit out for the afternoon and to watch the sunset.

I have already posted my sunset photos from December 31st but these are a few of Colin’s. On the right at the top of El Faro is a lighthouse which many hike up to during the day to see some wonderful views.

Colin zoomed in on the colour of the sky.

Of course it was just the two of us on New Years Eve. Unlike other years where we dressed up and dined at the Plazuela Machado and brought in the New Year we were on our own.  Lovely champagne from France which I picked up at Trader Joe’s. La Burgondie. We actually did stay up until midnight and were treated to a lovely display of fireworks from the Malecon.

Going back a day, I discovered that I had not published the wonderful sunset from December 30th. So here goes…

Such a subtle change in colour.

We don’t have a magnificent sunset every night but when we do the colours are incredible.

Stay tuned for a very special January 4th post, coming sooner that later 😆



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3 Responses to “The final photos taken in 2021”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    How tragic and sad 🙁

  2. Shirley says:

    You will be glad to be in Maz this winter instead of Kelowna!
    It is super cold! And lots of snow!
    This is our first winter here in Penticton, having moved here in March last year. From Tsawwassen.
    We travelled back and forth a lot October-February, always watching the weather and road reports.
    It was not very cold and very little snow. Roads were good.
    Then this summer we had the heat dome, 40C +.
    And the fall floods, which blocked all the highways to the Lower Mainland,
    This winter is a real surprise, but it is cold everywhere!
    Three weather surprises in one year!

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