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Jun 27, 2022

Huge improvement in the weather

Today, day three of our lovely heat wave, I had to go out. I needed to make eight stops. Once I left the last stop and headed home I realized that the car was not cooling down. It was 93F and the Lexus A/C was not working 😯 . My water bottles were as warm […]


Jun 24, 2022

Seems like we are always doing something



Jun 21, 2022

I had no idea….

…. but it seems to be everywhere.


Jun 20, 2022

Que pasa

We have the girls on a pumpkin type supplement to help fully express their anal glands. Much cheaper than a monthly vet visit. They each split one chew per day. It was time to order the next batch. I decided to check the pricing from the company in the US versus ordering off ( […]


Jun 18, 2022

June Calendar Photo

This photo was taken June 22nd, 2021, almost a full year ago. The girls turned six months on July 4th.  Click here to read about the walk in the photo. We had travelled to the area so that Colin could do some aerial photography for the City of Vancouver. It was the first time in […]


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